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The Rooftop of Africa

Uhuru Peak 19,340'~5,892m

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#1 Rated Kilimanjaro Company by TripAdvisor

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NFL & Wounded Warriors Project

Former NFL's Tedy Bruschi, Chad Lewis, Jeff Fisher top Kilimanjaro with our crew.

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The Journey of a thousand steps…

In Swahili, Safari literally means Journey. Take your first step toward your journey of a lifetim...

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Before Everest...

blind adventurer Eric Weihenmayer climbed Kili with us

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A Welcoming Environment

With Climb Kili, you're not just climbing with a company, you're climbing with

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As Wide as the World,

great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun" The Snows of Kilimanjaro -Ernest Hemingway

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Hang Out

A Climb Kili safari makes a relaxing addition to any climb.

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Mission Accomplished

Kyle Maynard and the Wounded Warriors from MissionKilimanajro.com summit with our staff

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Mount Kilimanjaro Tours

Climb Kili is the premier trekking company for climbing Kilimanjaro and Tanzania safaris. Our Kilimanjaro guides have been assisting adventures from all over the world climb Kilimanjaro for nearly three decades. At Climb Kili, we pride ourselves in providing the safest Mt Kilmanjaro treks with our certified equipment and professional Mt Kilmanjaro Guides. Make your reservation for a Kilmanjaro tour today!
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Mount Kilimanjaro is Africa’s tallest peak standing in at 19,340’~5,895 m which also classifies it as the world’s highest freestanding mountain. Three volcanoes make up the structure of the range: Shira (13,000’~3,962 m), Mawenzi (16,896’~5,149 m), and Kibo (19,340 feet ~5894 m). Through Climb Kili’s routes, trekkers pass through five major ecological zones: Rain forest, Heath, Alpine Desert, Moorland and Arctic Glaciers. Trekking from the monkey filled rainforest’s to the glacier packed Summit rim is only a part of the lure.

Wildlife is not uncommon in the lower portions of the climb. Buffalo, elephants and eland frequently graze the northern slopes, while the forest belt is home to Skyes monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and a variety of birds such as the tropical boubou, augur buzzard, white-naped ravens, mountain hawk eagle, sun birds, and lammergeier.

The common meaning for KILMANJARO is “shining mountain” in Swahili. From the first summits recorded in 1889 to today, thousands of adventurers brave the mountainside climb of Kilimanjaro each year as a difficult personal challenge to overcome, a enlightening spiritual journey or many other great causes. Whatever may draw you to The Mountain, take your first step on this incredible journey by contacting us today.

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  • ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.19
    A big thank you to Climb Kili for creating an incredible experience in Tanzania. The skills and kindness shown by your guides Seraphine and Paul were key in getting me to the top. I have attached my favourite shot of the mountain at sunset from Sh... Justine Cavanagh–New Zealand
  • ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.16
    We had a great trip. Joseph along with young Joseph and Daido were great. Everyone was so helpful in getting me to the summit. Thank you. Lyn Irving Linda Vu–US
  • ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.20
    I have attached my favourite picture from the trip. Both the climb and the safari were awesome. We are all glad that we went with Climb Kili. I meant to email you about the climb, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. I think that Herment and Freddy b... Brett Shillington–Canada
  • ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.17
    We had a great trip. Joseph along with young Joseph and Daido were great. Everyone was so helpful in getting me to the summit. Thank you. Lyn Irving Lyn Irving–US
  • ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 22 15.42
    I'll definitely recommend Climb Kili. Thanks so much again! Here are my 2 favourite pictures from the climb. Best wishes, Octavia. Octavia Willoughby–UK
  • ScreenHunter_65 Aug. 22 15.42
    Had a wonderful experience . John my guide was really helpful and supportive . And I am happy to choose the climbkili. The cook, porters and enjoyed the crew they took good care of me. Here is the picture . Thankyou Kalpana Sabapathi–US
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Kilimanjaro Tours Allow You to Explore the Wonder of Africa

While some people believe Alaska and northern Canada feature some of the last vistas of pristine wilderness, they forget that Africa has its own wondrous areas as well. That is why we at Climb Kili take pride in being a major Kilimanjaro trekking, Safari, and Zanzibar company in Tanzania. Gearing Up for an Adventure Our…