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The Rooftop of Africa

Uhuru Peak 19,340'~5,892m

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#1 Rated Kilimanjaro Company by TripAdvisor

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NFL & Wounded Warriors Project

Former NFL's Tedy Bruschi, Chad Lewis, Jeff Fisher top Kilimanjaro with our crew.

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The Journey of a thousand steps…

In Swahili, Safari literally means Journey. Take your first step toward your journey of a lifetim...

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Before Everest...

blind adventurer Eric Weihenmayer climbed Kili with us

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A Welcoming Environment

With Climb Kili, you're not just climbing with a company, you're climbing with

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As Wide as the World,

great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun" The Snows of Kilimanjaro -Ernest Hemingway

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Hang Out

A Climb Kili safari makes a relaxing addition to any climb.

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Mission Accomplished

Kyle Maynard and the Wounded Warriors from MissionKilimanajro.com summit with our staff

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Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Climb Kili is the premier trekking company for climbing Kilimanjaro and Tanzania safaris. Our Kilimanjaro guides have been assisting adventures from all over the world climb Kilimanjaro for nearly three decades. At Climb Kili, we pride ourselves in providing the safest Mt Kilmanjaro treks with our certified equipment and professional Mt Kilmanjaro Guides. Make your reservation for a Kilmanjaro tour today!
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Standing at 19,340’~5,895 m, Mount Kilimanjaro is the African continents’ tallest peak, and the worlds highest freestanding mountain. The structure is composed of 3 volcanoes: Kibo (19,340 feet), Mawenzi (16,896’~5,149 m), and Shira (13,000’~3,962 m). Through Climb Kili’s routes, trekkers pass through five major ecological zones: Rain forest, Heath, Moorland, Alpine Desert, and Arctic Glaciers. Trekking from the monkey filled rainforest’s to the glacier packed Summit rim is only a part of the lure.

With the exception of the summit zone, wildlife is potentially encountered throughout the lower parts of the climb. You may see elephants, buffalo, and eland on the northern slopes; black & white colobus monkeys, Sykes monkeys, and tropical boubou in the forest belt; and birds such as sun birds, augur buzzard, mountain hawk eagle, lammergeier and white-naped ravens.

The common meaning for KILMANJARO is “shining mountain” in Swahili. From the first summits recorded in 1889 to today, thousands of adventurers attempt to climb Kilimanjaro each year, as a spiritual journey, a personal challenge or many other great causes. Whatever may draw you to The Mountain, take your first step on this incredible journey by contacting us today.

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  • ScreenHunter_10-Apr.-15-15.57
    Everyone on our trip was fantastic! It was beyond what we expected! We even had some issues and delays with our flights and it didn’t seem to even phase the drivers and Lillian that there was a new pick up time, with only a few hours warning we had... -Karla and Steve Hall – Canada
  • ScreenHunter_10-Apr.-13-15.01
    I just climbed mount Kiliamjaro, we summit on March 22nd. Climb Kili did an extraordinary work on this journey. We did the 7 days Machame route. It´s an incredible scenery route, everyday with a different view. Great food! great tents! great staff! ... –Alejandra Loa – Mexico
  • ScreenHunter_10-Apr.-11-12.47
    I recently organized a large group of 36 climbers for a Mt Kilimanjaro climb to raise money for a nonprofit called Radiating Hope, a charity with an aim of improving access to cancer care around the globe. I chose ClimbKili as our service provider a... –Larry Daughtery – US
  • ScreenHunter_10-Mar.-11-16.04
    ClimbKili team, I just wanted to say what a great experience we had climbing Kili with your team and going on the safari afterwards. We absolutely enjoyed everything and felt like our mission was very successful. Our disabled vets really felt like t... –Steve Connolly – US
  • ScreenHunter_10-Mar.-12-21.45
    Climbing Kilimanjaro was a great experience, a childhood dream come true, an item on my bucket list fulfilled. Your outfit, Climb Kili, was excellent, right from the start email’s were answered quickly and to the point, your prices are fair, your ... –Rami Amir – Canada
  • ScreenHunter_10-Mar.-24-16.17
    Our trip was wonderful and the staff certainly made it that way. All the guides, porters, cooks, etc. were wonderful. Frederick and Eli were great; we can’t imagine having better guides. I’ve attached a couple of our favorite pictures. –Brandon and Kathryn Guinn – US
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How to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing to the top of Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro is quite an accomplishment and can be achieved a lot easier if you are properly prepared for the trek. This means you need to take along the right clothing and equipment and be prepared for the altitude adjustment. The mountain, which sits in Tanzania, is just over Read More