Paul Clothier–Australia

I got back to Australia on Friday after what was an absolutely wonderful experience thanks to your fantastic team under the leadership of Herment. I had some expectations of what the trek would be like but those expectations were massively exceeded. The whole team worked tirelessly to ensure that we never wanted for anything.  Organisation was spot on from initial pick up at Kilimanjaro International to the drop off for my flight back. Not only did the whole team work extremely hard but they always did so with a smile and a laugh.  To begin each day with a wonderful breakfast and end it with an amazing dinner was incredible given the limited facilities the chef had at his disposal. Herment and his fellow guides, right from day one, set a pace that would ensure our best chance of reaching the summit and it is a testament to their professionalism that all 8 in the party reached the summit. The guides took great care to ensure that every member of the team was looked after. The team songs and dance to us trekkers at the beginning and end of the climb were an experience that I will long cherish. I am in absolute awe of the porters ability to carrying the loads they do and still have the energy to set up camp for us each day. Climb Kili can be rightfully proud of the service you provide to aspiring Kili climbers and there is no better example of that service than Herment and his team who took us to the top and back safely. I will certainly be recommending Climb Kili to anyone who might be thinking of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and if they are so lucky to have Herment and his team they will indeed  be ensured of a fantastic experience. Many thanks  to you all Kind regards Paul
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