Allison Bentley – Australia

We will never forget our time on the mountain - Doug and I have travelled extensively around the world, but both said afterwards that this was by far and away the most rewarding and amazing thing we have ever done in our lives. So thank you! What an amazing experience we had! I cannot say a bad word about Climb Kili - everything was wonderful from the first time I emailed you. And I have so much respect and thanks for the porters and guides who made the trek with us - they were unbelievable. The entire Lemosho track was amazing - the way the scenery changed each day kept us motivated and excited. And I have never before stayed in campsites with such incredible backdrops and views! Below is our favourite photo from the summit. I have one with our guides also, that I love too, but it was still dark when we reached the top so it didn't come out as well. This one was taken after we waited 10 mins or so for the sun to rise.
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