Andrea Brandt–US

I especially found working with you helpful as we planned our trip. You were able to answer questions about packing, timing, medications, routes, etc. Thank you! It gave me the confidence to book the trip and pretty much everything you said was spot on. It was key in helping me to know what I was getting into. 2) The hotel we stayed at in Arusha a. Nice and felt safe. b. Staff was very helpful. c. Restaurant was nice option so we didn’t have to go out at night. d. Liked the lawn area out front. e. I was especially grateful that Caroline (from Climb Kili) was present and on site. She was able to help us find something to do with our free day. She lined up a driver for us, too. f. It was helpful to be able to leave luggage there. 3) Guides and porters on climb were AMAZING. a. The guides were exceptional! They were very patient with some of us slower folks (me!) on the way down and kindly carried out backpacks when we had hit the wall. I will always be so grateful to them and definitely could not have made it down without them. They went slow on way up and were very positive and patient. b. 7 days was the right length of time. I felt like those 2-3 days at 13k-15k feet really did help us acclimatize. c. The porters were friendly and helpful, too. Very impressed by their speed in packing up/carrying items up the trail. d. Food was really good and we loved our waiter. I will never forget how good the soup and popcorn were. Everything tastes better when camping but that was especially tasty. e. Portable bathroom – never knew how much I would appreciate that but I did especially in the middle of the night. f. Tents were nice, poles & gaiters were good too (we rented). g. Guides really encouraged us to drink water which helped a lot. Again, I was so tired one day and the guide carried my extra water. I was so grateful! I ended up drinking it but he was kind enough to carry it. 4) Safari was great. 3 days was the right length (again, thanks for great suggestion). a. Flight over Serengeti was super cool. b. Both tented stay and lodge on the edge of the Crater were fabulous. c. Our driver was friendly, very patient as we took 100s of photos and he was knowledgeable about animals, history, etc. d. He was on the radio/walkie talkie w/other drivers – they help each other know where animals are. That’s great. But, he also had 2 cell phones – one of which was a flip phone and he was either scrolling through menus or trying to text while driving (Even on busy road when cars coming from other direction AND people walking on side of road – really not a good idea. Please mention this to drivers). 5) Overall was an exceptional trip. I would totally recommend CLIMB KILI. My son has already rated in on Trip Advisor and I will too (as that’s how I found it). I want other people to know what a great operation you are running. Caroline and Ben may have more to add – these were just a few things that come to mind. I’ve tried to be honest in hopes of making better trip for future travelers. Thanks!