–Anne Crawford – US

Oh my goodness, BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Derek and I are still trying to put into words how incredible you, your staff in Tanzania, Saraphine, Aladin, and the whole ClimbKili crew are! The whole trip still seems like a dream. We have to look at pictures to believe that it was real!Kilima Valley was exceptional. Anderson, Lucas and the entire staff were wonderful! The accommodations were truly remarkable, and one of the best showers we had the entire trip! The experience of sitting by a fire just outside the gates of the Serengeti seeing a zebra and wildebeest migrate in the distance while watching the sun go down all the while being protected by Steven with his bow and arrow is something I will never forget! Thank you thank you for the recommendation! We are so happy to have stayed in a tent lodge and don’t know how any others could be better than Kilima Valley