Barry Walcheck–US

I have a lot of great pics, but attached is a summit picture, but I think my favorite is sunset at Shira Camp facing Mt Meru in the distance. Again many thanks to the ClimbKili team. I had a fantastic time on the climb, and I believe I can speak for Jim and Sue as well when I say the experience was epic from planning to summit. Our guide Emanuel and assistant guide Good Love did an outstanding job leading us during the climb and really made the assent possible. There is no doubt that they and the crew went above and beyond the call of duty throughout the seven day trek. We also appreciated Magumbo's mountain culinary talents and Sistis for serving us like a champ. From having hot drinks ready at the tent first thing in the morning to serving our meals, always with a smile, he was the best. We enjoyed the crew immensely and loved interacting with them and they were very good natured as several earned new nick names as we got to know them. I will never forget the crew singing for us and Abeaudi, playing guitar and singing for us before and after the climb. Kudos to ClimbKili! It was an awesome trip and one that I will not soon forget. Barry
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