Bill Harmer–US

It was a great experience -- we really enjoyed our guides, Emanuel and Godlove, and the rest of the crew were terrific.  I’ll be posting a good review on TripAdvisor shortly (it’s taking me a while to get to all these post-trip tasks).  We were glad your trip information recommended bringing some reading material since there was a fair amount of downtime in camp.  Also appreciated the recommendation of a light weight pair of shoes for wearing in camp.  Peggy had the great idea of bringing a pair of slip-on shoes (Crocs) which were easier for getting on and off for those frequent trips to the latrine tent at night.  We were glad to have an extra day in Arusha before starting the climb to see some of the area and get accustomed to the time zone.  
 Thanks again for all your help.
 Bill Hammer
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