Bob Corscadden–US

Great 8 days of trekking with Climb Kili. Definitely a trip of a lifetime. Our Guides (James, Good luck and Rueben) and the entire staff were knowledgable and very attentive to the needs of our 7 person group. If you want a safe and well run adventure, then Climb Kili is your best bet. Take the Lemosho route to help with the acclimatization process. An extra day makes a big difference! Summit day can be hard, especially going down. That's where the Guides make a big difference. You need a team that really is monitoring the group and providing aid when needed. One thing I did not count on was the fact that the protein bars I carried become hard as bricks the higher we went. Wish I had brought GU along. Great experience with a great group of people! Enjoy and do something amazing in 2016!
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