–Brandon Fisher – US

Each day is a different adventure, with five completely different ecosystems there is always a new perspective around each corner. I found each day to be exhilarating and did my best to take in the amazing views– waterfalls, monkeys, senecio trees, “tiger” rocks, fast moving clouds, and of course, the snow capped peak, Uhuru. The sunrise on the summit day was breathtaking– truly a once in a lifetime feeling to experience the euphoria at the top. I worked hard in preparing to climb Kili, and worked even harder on the mountain. I was not prepared for the emotional rush I felt once I reached the top– I was able to truly rejoice with my life, reflecting on my good health, friends, and loved ones at home. I felt a greater depth of happiness in accomplishing a goal that requires a conscious living of life. I highly recommend any who are considering climbing Kili to go for it. It’s a once in a life time experience, and the Climb Kili group helped make it the incredible journey it was. Climb Kili guides: The guides were extremely well organized. Each day flowed seamlessly; the camps were set up each night upon our arrival. The food was delicious– to be eating fried fish and drinking clean water off a tablecloth at 12,000 feet was fantastic. Climb Kili hand picks their guides from those that work best with their clients, building positive, trusting relationships. The Climb Kili guides have the highest success rate of assisting their group to summit– the current success rate is 100%, and the guides are willing to work to best accommodate those needing extra support.