–Brian Braum – US

The guides, Meckson and James, were fantastic. They obviously know what they are doing, but I was impressed with how closely they pay attention to us without being obtrusive. My favorite example being when I commented to my hiking partner at one point about ‘keeping her on her toes’. Meckson, who was listening in, was unfamiliar with the expression and/or didn’t care, stopped and wanted to know if she had blisters on her feet necessitating walking on her toes! The man takes his duties seriously.One difference between Climbkili and many others I saw was the chemical toilet, which is a huge comfort on the trail. I’m a boy-person and tend to be less obsessive about toilet facilities than girl-people, but even so I recognize the importance of it. I was lucky to not have any stomach issues, but cannot imagine how annoying it would have been to suffer diarrhea on the mountain over a drop toilet throughout a cold night (as other groups had). I mention this specifically because I sense the majority of guides and companies are probably quite comparable and this really set you guys apart.It was a great experience, thank you. My only regret is that I couldn’t keep my cigar lit at Uhuru Point!