Bryan Labadie–US

I have wanted to climb to the "Roof of Africa" for some time now, and carefully screened many qualified climbing/tour companies before I decided to go with Climb-Kili. Wow, did I make the right call! My booking agent (Tiffany) took care of everything pre-climb, and provided accurate, concise information about arrival and lodging. My guide was like family to me....he cared very much about both my health and safety, but showed me how to progress, and adjusted our pace so that I would have the best chance to reach the summit. All of the porters were caring, friendly, and hard-working to make life as comfortable as possible during the climb...and comfort is hard to come by at extreme altitude and environments. The food was good and plentiful, the tents set up ahead of us, and the friendships made with fellow climbers will last a lifetime. Everyone in my group reached the summit, I doubt this would be the case had we had a different group of professionals leading the way. Thank you, Climb-Kili! Byron Labadie Tulsa, Oklahoma
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