Charisse Oraa–US

I wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed my climb and safari.
I did the Kilimanjaro trek with Herment Mosha, and he and his team were EXCELLENT. I've been on many hiking trips, and none were as well organized and positive as this one. Herment in particular was a really great guide (breaking down each leg into manageable pieces) and fantastic leader. His team of assistant guides and porters were all incredibly helpful and supportive, and I know for sure that I could not have reached the peak without them.
As for the safari, Lawrence was really knowledgeable and also respectful of the animals and environment (after sharing stories with other safari-goers, I realize that's not always the case). He also kept a good attitude and tried to keep us informed about permit issues and delays, which seemed to occur all throughout the trip. He had a great eye, which led to some really special moments on the trip.
Bottom line, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and expertise of my Climb Kili guides (esp. Herment!), and I'm happy to recommend the company to several friends who are interested in future trips.
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