–Christian Kraabel – Norway

Back from Kilimanjaro, and exceeded all my expectations – an unforgettable experience, not only due to the physical magnitude of the mountain and the trek, but also due to the kindness and friendliness of the people who made it possible. The employees and Didas, our guide, were more than just helpful and fun to travel with, they were invaluable, and it has been a pleasure getting to know them. As a vegetarian, I was a little worried about the food I would be eating during the ascent, but my worries were quickly put to rest, and I ate great food for the 6 days we were on the mountain. Didas was instrumental in setting the pace for our group, and seemed to know exactly how best to handle every leg of the journey accordingly, whether we be tired, feeling the affects of the altitude, or ready to push on despite reaching a camp. During the ascent, when some of us had trouble making it to the top, he was infinitely helpful and caring, and in the end we all made it to the summit and down again in good health. The porters were awesome – caring, careful, and friendly, and it was great to arrive at a camp every evening and have a tent set up for us – they work harder than most people I have ever met. Amazing! I can’t do anything else but recommend them to the fullest extent – and hope I can revisit the mountain someday and ascend with them again.