–Christine Gerolamo – US

YAY!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO excited I made it to the summit, although I have to tell you, after experiencing all that I did on the mountain…… the summit, was not the be all and all. It was the journey of those 8 days, and the people, that made my experience, one that I will cherish forever.Goodluck, G Love and Romli were BEYOND Fantastic! I feel so blessed that these individuals were chosen to be with us. And I don’t think it was coincidence.. I believe God made this all happen for a reason. Each of these men had a terrific attitude and I loved their vibe. Sometimes certain people just click with each other and that is how I felt about Romli. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I spent the most amount of time with him, or perhaps we just jived as individuals.Mr. Delicious (David) cooked a MAD meal on the mountain. That man could make pure delicious meals! My belly was always satisfied and I definitely felt hydrated.We also had the experience of being with Joaquin, whom we nicknamed, Babyface. That man has a heart of gold. I loved waking up to his voice and morning tea each day! What a treat!All of our porters, whom we became friends with, were wonderful. After dinner each night, when Anne, Suzanne and Chris went to bed, Peter, Lisa and I would go into the kitchen tent to hang out with the crew. It was such a delight to get to know them as people… even though they took care of us.All of our guys told us that you take such good care of them and that they truly love working with you. That warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. I have never traveled to Africa. Upon my arrival to Tanzania and the drive from the SG Resort (which was fabulous.. THANK YOU) to the mountain, my eyes had never seen ANY of that before. What an eye opening and humbling experience.All in all, what I remember most about the mountain was: • Babyface waking us up each morning • Snoopy hanging out in the kitchen tent and preparing our water • Our guides, walking with us, each day • Sharing stories of our lives with our guides • My guides taking care of me when the Diamox made me sick (I ended up not taking it because I suffered serious side effects on Day 2) • Saying “Jambo” and “Mambo poa” to all the porters passing us on each day’s journey • Romli and Goodluck helping me on the Baranco wall • Singing and dancing with Goodluck and G Love on summit night, while we were waiting for Chris, in order to keep warm (one of my absolute favorite memories!) • Goodluck patiently guiding me on Summit night • Goodluck and Romli taking me and my sister down from the summit (I was weak and tired at that point) • The songs our crew sang to us on our last morning • Abeaudi playing guitar for us on our way home I can sit here and right all day and night, however my experience is one that can only be seen with my eyes and felt with my heart. I’m sure you have had similar experiences and I love that you have. I feel sooooo very grateful that this whole experience happened! THANK YOU for having this company, for hiring these people, for sending out the daily reports because my family truly loved and appreciated it and THANK YOU for corresponding with my father personally when he needed a bit more assurance. That was awesome of you!