-Clark Woodcox –US

I was fortunate enough to have Climb Kili as my outfitter for my Mount Kilimanjaro adventure. I had done a lot of research about all of the different companies providing packages for the climb and am so grateful to have selected Climb Kili. One of the primary reasons I chose to go with Climb Kili was the small group size. I wanted to enjoy the adventure without feeling like I was in a herd. Climb Kili did not disappoint. Our group was comprised of four and with the small size we were able to take our time to appreciate the scenery and really get to know each other and support one another during the trek. Our guide Good Luck was AMAZING!!! I cannot speak highly enough about this man. He was knowledgeable, HILARIOUS, always concerned about our health, and a joy to be with. On our summit night he was so aware of how each of us was faring and went out of his way to make sure we were all doing well and that we all had the best chance of making the summit (I did summit!!) If you are thinking about traveling to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro call Tiffany and her team at Climb Kili. From the time you contact them until the day you sadly leave Tanzania you will be blown away about the way the experience.
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