–Danny Lucey – US

Recently I returned from my trip to Tanzania, thoroughly enjoying my climb and safari from climb kili. I had outstanding service from start to finish. Good Luck and Francis did an outstanding job helping me and the other couple I joined reaching our goal of making it all the way to the summit. In my case, they went above and beyond considering the only draw back from my entire trip was the fact that the airline (DELTA!!!) lost my luggage on the way to Africa. Luggage which included necessary gear needed for my climb. My luggage showed up the next day at which point the Kili staff, a porter and Good Luck helped get my bags to me. I was geared up and ready by the second camp. By the way, make sure you wear your boots on the plane and carry at least one outfit on your carry-ons. Following the advice of the guides, the outstanding -and plentiful- food, I was able to summit with little to no difficulty. Following the climb I enjoyed a great safari led by an informative and very knowing guide. Saw lots of great animals. All in all, it was a tremendous trip and I am so glad I did it with climb Kili. I would recommend them to anybody and if I were to do it again, I would use them any day of the week.