-Dennis Phillips –US

Just back from a successful Mt Kili climb to 19,341 ft with my son ! I will tell you this: ClimbKili is the best outfit out there from my view. not only is the trekking team knowledgeable, friendly, and competent, but they actually care about each individual hiker. From the US staff, to the Tanzanian Trekking guide team (Seraphine, "Japan", and Emanuel), we could not have had a better experience. And to boot, the food is surprisingly good too, who would have thought? ! With no hesitation, I recommend ClimbKili if you think you'd like to summit Kili. Take from a group who just did it, they are the best ! And, afterwords we took a 3-day Climbkili safari out to Serengeti and Ngorongoro, also the best !! They took great care to ensure we saw animals galore, and had great company and accommodations too!
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