–Faye – UK

I am a big fan of Climb Kili!Our trip was planned perfectly with an 8-day Lemosha climb and a 2-day safari and I couldn’t have hand picked a better group of six people to share the journey with! Joachim was the waiter and cook. He brought hot tea to us in the morning and made delicious meals for us. I had a gluten free menu and it was always delicious! Jurnuor was the Tent Coordinator and he would greet us from a long day of hiking and show us to our tent. He treated it as if we were at a five star hotel! We were always so exhausted but he made us smile everyday! It truly was the little extra things the men did that made such a difference in our day! Good Luck was our main guide and he was always so happy and kept everyone motivated. He always knew what was needed and he made sure everyone’s needs were addressed. The guides make it their job to get you to the summit. They are physically and mentally the strongest people I have ever met. Yet they have such big and open hearts. Most of all, they are absolutely selfless! If it weren’t for Amani and Francis, I would still be at Barafu. They did everything to give me comfort summit night. At one point, Francis sat me down and I thought he was going to say I wasn’t going to make and we were going to turn back (at that moment, it sounded like a great idea!) Instead, he pointed to the sunrise and said, “It’s one hour to Stella Point”. I knew I could do that and his encouraging words were exactly what I needed to motivate! Getting to Uruhu with our whole group was amazing! For months I obsessed about getting to the top of the mountain and when I got there I realized this journey was not about the summit but the people you are with and the ones that get you there. I absolutely love all the men from Climb Kili. The porters and the whole team are filled with such joy and kindness! Even the bus ride back to Arusha was so much fun! We were with all the porters and they were no longer working. We were just friends looking at pictures from the week and learning more Swahili. Love you guys! Thank you for the best time ever!
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