Grig Papadourakis–US

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to touch base with you regarding my experience with the safari, the trek, and the guides that were assigned to us on the trip. Livingston was our guide on the safari and he was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, his English was impeccable, and his personality was just fun to be around. Cameron is a bit of an ornithology buff and Livingston was really helpful with spotting and identifying the various birds we encountered. He also put up with a TON of requests to stop and take pictures (even when it wasn’t all that convenient). I would highly recommend him to anyone going on the safari and I thought the trip itinerary was also really well thought out. As for the trek, we had Herment Mosha as our main guide, with Anton and God Bless as our assistant guides. First of all let me say I would DEFINITELY recommend Herment and his team to anyone climbing Kilimanjaro, and I have encouraged my friends and colleagues back here in the U.S. to consider it and request his team in particular. The first night on the mountain Matt and I got sick (due to a mixture of medications) to the point that we didn’t know if we could continue on the trek. Anton and Herment carried our bags for us, lifted our spirits, and helped us in every way that they could. It was because of them that I was able to work up the strength to continue. Even when we were finally back to normal they were just fun people to be around and made the experience truly memorable. I had such a great experience in Tanzania and will definitely be spreading the word about Climb Kili to the people I know. Thanks for all of your help booking and organizing this trip and I wish you the best in the future! Warmly, Grig Papadourakis
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