James Antonangel–US

From the time the ClimbKili rep met us at the airport until the time they dropped us off, everything was like a finely tuned machine! We went to hike Mount Kilimanjaro! We met our lead guide "Goodluck" and he explained what we should expect from our expedition. He remained a phenomenal guide the entire 8 days of hiking. We met our crew on the mountain. They made sure our packs weighed 30 pounds because each porter was "only" allowed to carry 45 total pounds up the mountain. Imagine that? The most amazing part was how those porters lugged all our living quarters, food, gear and whatever else we needed up that mountain. That feeling alone realizing we were in such capable hands put everyone's mind at ease. We had such fantastic weather the entire trip and the crew was always so happy to help us no matter what our request. The food they provided to us on the mountain was not only fulfilling but tasty! Finally we summited! In such capable hands, our guides led us up the mountain. They were as happy as us to get there! Sure it was such an emotional feat to get to the top of the largest free standing mountain in the world, but what goes up, must go down! I stopped reading about what to expect once I got to the top. However, you must prepare yourself to descend 17,000 feet in a day and a half! I don't care what training you have done, that is going to make you sore! Getting to the exit gate, all the porters and guides were singing and dancing for us and with us. We had a little banquet and had a Kilimanjaro beer to celebrate! The price was certainly affordable and including tips was more than worth it. The gear list ClimbKili gave us was accurate as to exactly what we needed. Tanzanian people are really welcoming so I would recommend a longer stay in country so you can experience some local color. I can only hope this review was as exciting as my trek. This was a once in a life time experience and ClimbKili made it worth it.
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