Jeremy Andrew – New Zealand

Ive attached a very treasured group shot, we have other group shots but this also includes James and Reuben and for good reason - they were absolutely awesome along with Frederic and the team plus porters, these guys just simply made our trip and I couldnt speak highly enough of them. The fact you can barely see Reuben under his hood sums up just how cold it was, James estimated it to be minus 25 not taking into account windchill... From right to left you have Rueben, Jeremy, Michele, Jordanna, Carme, Jo and James. Dan who made up the sixth member of our group made it about an hour later with Frederic who did such an awesome job to see Dan got there. All in all 10 out of 10 for the Climb Kili Tanzanian crew. Thanks for your help & information, and your emails were gratefully received by Meesh's parents and my sister & brother. Cheers, Jeremy
Andrew (2)