– Joanne Pembroke – US

We has a fabulous time, it was an amazing experience, although the summit was the most challenging thing we’ve ever done! We ended up in a blizzard snow storm near the top, with gale force winds and pelting snow that felt like needles..it was truly horrendous! We actually wanted to turn back as it was so painful, but our guide pushed us to finish, and in retrospect, I’m glad we did, although there was no beautiful sunrise, or views Everyone on the staff was excellent, from the porters to the guides. Nelson our guide was great, but Larrik the assistant guide was fabulous! Although he was quiet, and didn’t know as much English, he was very kind and patient, and it was him that got us to the top he even carried my backpack when it got really steep, as it was so heavy and was giving me trouble in the pelting snow! We had a little trouble on the descent all the way down due to snow, frozen water, bad knees, but he remained patient and didn’t make us feel like we were holding him up. We will be forever grateful to him for keeping us alive and getting us to the top!!!!! The safari was also great. Nykson was so nice, felt comforting to have him check in with us and give us the plan. Our guide Andrew was also great, fabulous English and found us lots of animals! So, we were very happy with the entire trip, your company from my first e-mail all the way through to completion. So, thank you for everything, we would definitely recommend you to others. Also, it was really helpful in the packet that you gave guidelines for tipping, as we had no idea what was expected and gave us a base with which to start. Thanks again for everything,