–Johanna Parkin – UK

It took me ages to decide on which operator to go with and I did tons of research on them all and went with Climb Kili. It was the best choice ever – they tick all the boxes and I can’t speak more highly of all the Guides and lovely Porters for their knowledge, very hard work and upbeat warmth, friendliness and humour. Our group all felt in very safe hands with Emmanuel the lead guide, he is an absolutely brilliant guide and an incredibly nice guy and took our health and safely all very sensibly. The food was exceptional, so nutritional and tasty – apparently you’re supposed to lose your appetite at altitude but I seemed to have the opposite problem with all the delicious and healthy meals! No-one got sick either – and we all ate everything (meats/veges washed in the purified water etc). I really was impressed with the whole Climb Kili outfit – they sent a really detailed and informative Welcome Pack about the mountain and what to expect out beforehand and the ground staff at Arusha (Lilian) was lovely – helping me deal with Ethiopian Airlines after they lost my luggage. Anyway, Climb Kili were a fantastic team (from the guides to the booking team to the ground operators to the friendly transit taxi drivers who collect you). All in all, great operators and if you’re like I was and was spending hours online comparing the pros and cons of each operator, I really can’t see any cons with Climb Kili, they were brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend! I’m only just going through my photos now, but here is a nice one of Emmanuel and ChiChi Baba that I attach.
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