-Karla and Steve Hall – Canada

Everyone on our trip was fantastic! It was beyond what we expected! We even had some issues and delays with our flights and it didn’t seem to even phase the drivers and Lillian that there was a new pick up time, with only a few hours warning we had a driver at the airport waiting for us! The hike was epic, the guides and the porters were all very nice and friendly. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to camp again we were spoiled so much! :) I had some altitude issues and I never once felt rushed or like I was a bother to the guides. I’ve attached our “Just married and on top of a mountain” picture! The safari was also amazing, the coordination between everyone in Tanzania was brilliant and smooth. We never felt like we didn’t know what was going to happen or where we were to be. Still to this day when we tell people about our honeymoon (now known as our marriage adventure because that was not a honeymoon!) we can’t say enough good things about everyone that was involved. Our guide (Jeff) was fun and full of usefull tidbits! We managed to see EVERYTHING on safari. Our guide kept going on and on about how lucky we were! The accommodations were also amazing! Thanks to Lillian, Goodluck, Francis, Baboo and Jeff, along with all the porters, the cook, our drivers around Arusha for all they did for us! We cannot say enough good things about the whole experience!