–Katherine Jeter – US

As you assured me it would be all was in good order. We were cared for impeccably on the climb by Emanuel Moshi and his team. Snga and G-love were personal porters for Anne Dignam and Karen Zobro respectively. Both women were delighted and appreciative of their assistance. I was assisted by Daniel Kilango as a favor to our daughter. I can assure you I never would have summited without Daniel and I don’t know what Emanuel and his guides would have done with me without Daniel. Five months after pneumonia requiring a ventilator was a naively short time to take on such a gargantuan adventure.The food on the mountain was excellent. Nickson was a genial host and he gave us a thorough briefing at the SG Resort Hotel before we left. His welcome home celebration on the 20th for all the Climb Kili guests was delightful. The menu and the entertainment were splendid.The safari was everything we could have wanted. All the animals showed up and showed out. Our guides, Jeph and Moses, were knowledgeable, responsible, and fun. The photographers among us were thrilled every day. We all enjoyed our two nights at the Kilima Valley tent camp. So commodious.Thank you for ALL your coordination of our disparate group. You got us off to a good start and the 10 became a tight and cooperative unit in a very short time. It was too bad that altitude prevented Anne Kampf from summiting but she, of all our people, was the best sport about it. The guides gave her great accolades for making it to Stella Point.Like all other climbers, we will be talking about this for the remainder of our days. Hats off to Climb Kili. We would recommend Climb Kili to everyone.Warm regards and thanks to all,