Margaux Shrader–US

I chose ClimbKili for their summit success rate and their safety measures. Since I was climbing alone, I wanted to be sure I climbed with a reputable company. I chose the 8 day Lemosho route and do not have a single regret. Kili is a challenge, but well worth it. Climbing with the right company is a must, as that can greatly impact your climb. I highly recommend Climb Kili -- prep was thorough, guides and staff are amazing, food was many details that were taken care of. Make sure to bring gear that keeps you dry, and no cotton! Even if you have a camelbak, two water bottles comes in handy, especially at night, when they are returned to you with hot water to keep you warm! Remember to take plenty of pictures -- the mountain is breathtaking! And...though I was a solo climber, I joined a family with teenage boys. If you are thinking of bringing your teenagers, do it -- those kids did great!
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