Marissa Monaco–US

From the start organizing with Tiffany everything was seamless and she patiently put up with our group all coming in different directions and asking different (and sometimes the same) questions.
We climbed with Good Luck, Francis, and Amani as our lead and assistant guides and I cannot say enough about their kindness, professionalism, friendship, humor, and respect. These guys and the rest of the team, Junior, Georgie, Michael and all - went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and help provide the experience of a lifetime.
I also want to let you know that during our last night on the mountain another climber in a separate group had a medical emergency and Good Luck and Francis were at the center of it, leading the charge and directing everyone on what to do. They handled the situation so calmly, but clearly knew what needed to happen and were the utmost professionals in ensuring it got done. I swelled with pride knowing they were my guides, and I slept soundly knowing they were the ones looking out for me and my friends on that mountain.
The trip, the trek, and the summit were all a part of an experience of a lifetime, but Good Luck, Francis, Amani and all the others were the key to making it an experience I will always remember with a smile.
From the mountain we went on safari with Aladdin who was the most personable, knowledgeable and humorous guide! We had an amazing time driving through the Serengeti with him as well as sharing meals and stories with him. Aladdin kept us laughing and learning for 3 great days.
Thanks again to the entire climb kili team - it was an experience none of us shall soon forget!
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