Mark Zheng–US

I had a great experience with Climb Kili. The staff was very friendly and took good care of us, both on the mountain and back in Arusha. Our mountain guide Frederick in particular was attentive and knowledgeable; I felt like we were always in good hands. Frederick motivated us and kept us confident, but was also very tolerant of how slowly we went and was flexible about the itinerary in order to adapt to how we were feeling. Everyone in our group made it to the top despite varying levels of fitness, and were in good enough shape to enjoy it while we were up there. The ceremony the staff put on when we came back down to Mweka Gate was a nice touch too. Our safari guide and airport driver, Emmanuel Duttu, was also wonderful. We had a very engaging conversation the whole way from the airport about Tanzania. During the safari, he knew what he was doing and made a good effort to show us the best scenes. For example, at Ngorongoro Crater, even though we were a bit rushed for time, he took us to a remote part of the park where we saw a herd of water buffalo chase some lions for a memorable end to our safari. And on our last day in Arusha, we met someone who turned out to be a former Climb Kili porter who was now studying rural development. He guessed that we were with Climb Kili, had a great impression of the company, and gave us an unexpected city tour to end our trip with. I've attached my favorite picture from our Summit Day.