–Michael Raab – US

After extensive research, my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and I hired Climb Kili to help us with our Kilimanjaro trek. The three of us made the summit, which we would not have been able to accomplish without the wonderful Climb Kili office staff, guides, and porters. They arranged everything, so we could focus on reaching the summit. Our guide, Emanuel, was thoroughly experienced, briefed us every day on what to expect, and made sure we were in good health. The equipment was superb, the meals fantastic and plentiful, and the entire crew of porters wonderful. Most of the other groups we camped with were jealous!Anyone looking for a Kilimanjaro Guide should ask directly for Emanuel. His knowledge of the mountain, as well as flora and fauna, is excellent! He set a perfect pace, regularly checked our blood oxygen levels and heart rates, and helped as a translator throughout the trek. My team wouldn’t have reached the summit without him!We’re all doing well, and miss Tanzania.
Raab Kili Summit