–Mike Ross – US

Dear Climbkili staff, I just finished a trip up to the top of Kilimanjaro with Climbkili. From start to finish, the trip was awesome! Our guide, Damian picked us up from the airport and from that point on I knew the trip was going to be great. From the first day to the last, Damian made sure we were enjoying ourselves. He was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and was very fun to talk to. He was also very concerned with our safety, and made sure my father and I were never put into a dangerous situation. With his expert knowledge of the mountain and how to go about climbing it, we were able to make it to Uhuru Peak without even feeling any signs of altitude sickness. He would always say “We have all day on the mountain, so why should we rush to get anywhere?”. Following Damian’s pace on the mountain, we were able to really enjoy the hikes to each camp, and could really appreciate all the beauty of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Damian was also very concerned with the safety of his staff and always made sure the porters had the correct clothing and weren’t carrying too much. Damian was without a doubt the best guide we could have asked for. We also went on a one day safari to Lake Manyara, and that went just as well as the climb did. We were able to see a ton of animals, and our driver, Abel, was very knowledgeable on all of them. He got us very close to all the animals, and made it so we could get VERY great pictures of all of them. The trip was great! I will definitely recommend Climbkili to anyone looking to climb or go on a safari in Tanzania.
Mike Ross