–Nicole Hoey – Ireland

This was an experience I will never forget and I was anxious to make it to the summit, reading several reviews on altitude sickness. It is purely a stamina, endurance and psychological challenge. I am relatively fit and enjoy long distance events such as 20km runs and 100kms cycles and this benefited me greatly. I chose the Machame route 7 day trek and made it to the summit on the 02nd of October with the support from Good Luck, Francis and Good Love, our enthusiastic guides and with the company of two great new friends, Tony and Sandy, whom I met on joining the Climb Kili trek.Booked the trip from the 26th of September to the 02nd of October. I was expecting the route to be far busier with trekkers but apparently we were lucky and had just missed two very busy weeks with it being rather quiet on ours. I didn’t know what to expect from the weather but we had a great spell of weather with blue clear skies and brilliant views each morning, fog rolling in during the evenings and only one afternoon with rain. The nights did get cold and when the fog rolled in it could get quite cold too but as long as the rain kept away I was a happy camper.I packed plenty of snacks and cereal bars for the trek, too much I found, but I was glad to have the extra snacks to share with our guides throughout the day. They always appreciated being considered when sharing snacks.The food provided by the cook was more than adequate considering the facilities available for storing/cooking food. There was always plenty of hot water for tea/coffee/hot chocolate, hot breakfasts of porridge, scrambled eggs, omelettes, sausages, toast, hot lunches/dinners with soups, chicken, pasta, stews, pies, and the special vegetable sauce which was yummy, and fresh fruit for dessert. There was always a variation in the menu and we were always left pondering over what type of soup we would get with cucumber soup being the first soup dished up to us! If anything, I thought I’d be the first person to come down off Mt Kili with putting weight on!Highlights included: • Reaching the summit • Having great companions, guides and porters • Some spectacular views • Learning bits of Swahili and Kili songs from the guides • Tasting some local dishes such as the Tanzanian porridge and Chai Masala • Meeting and chatting with other trekkers and guides along the way • Climbing the Great Barranco Wall • Looking back down over the city night lights of Moshi during the summit climb • The night sky on the clear nights • Sunrise each morning and watching the sun climb up over KiliAsante sana Francis, Good Luck, Good Love and the Climb Kili team