–Nikolay Bogdanov – Bulgaria

We are not only happy with the ClimbKili team but we are extremely satisfied by the job they did. First of all I would like to thank you for the preparation work. Based on your recommendation for the equipment required and the individual fitness program we were able to prepare ourselves well in advance not only physically but most important mentally. We understood above 4000m how important were every single detail from the trekking equipment. The guide Dustan and assistant guide Netody did great job with their recommendations during the trek, with the motivation that they gave us and with the quiet atmosphere they created around whole group ( 6 tourists and 25 local staff ). I am strongly recommending ClimbKili around all my friends in Bulgaria and Central Eastern Europe who are mountain lovers and may consider Kilimanjaro challenge. Whish you all the best and keep managing same perfect operation. Thanks again
Climb Kili Review