–Oleg Kovizhkin – UK

The safari, climb, and Zanzibar were great! I was the only passenger on my safari trip which was nice. I think staying at lodge is a better option than staying in a tent especially at the rim of NgoroNgoro. I have seen all the animals and visited a massai village. About the climb the service was good I still remember our lunch on the first day and all other climbers were envious to us as well as our celebration lunch on the last day with live music (guitar). The guides were helpful (in getting extra equipment and giving advise on the summit day), the food was great (I have never expected that such food could be cooked on the mountain). All four of us have made to the the top. Zanzibar: it is a very quiet and relaxing resort. The ocean was warm. Because of low tide one can swim in the ocean before 10am and after 3pm otherwise enjoy strolling along the shore looking for shells.
Oleg Lava Tower