-Pam Dowell & Karenne Michaelaides – Australia

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for organising our trip with ClimbKili. Seraphine and his team took amazing care of us on the mountain, especially when my legs gave out on a couple of occasions. I'm sure I wouldn't have made the summit without the assistance of all three guides. The porters also did such an amazing job, they were friendly, helpful, courteous and strong!! Our safari was also fantastic. We loved our overnight stay at Kilima Valley, where Anderson and his team made us feel very welcome. The homemade bread was amazing! And those beds....if there were lions on our doorstep roaring, we didn't hear them! As soon as our heads hit those pillows, we were out to it! The only issue was that our stay was too short. It was such a contrast to the larger Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge. Our safari driver, Aladine, was also very knowledgable. He was also very patient whenever we wanted to stop and take photos. Thanks again for assisting us and making this such a memorable holiday.