Panita Thanatharn–UAE

A group of friends and I did the 8 day lemosho route with climb Kili on Nov 21st-28th and what an memorable experience we all had. I did A LOT of research before the trip on what company to book with and all the climb Kili reviews had nothing but good things to say about this tour operator. Tiffany answered every single question and email we had promptly and also was very easy to chat with on the phone as well. Originally we had a private group for the 5 of us, but Tiffany asked if two more could join our group and I am glad they did. The other two who also didn't know each other were wonderful additions to our group and they both were recommended by their friends to use climb Kili and to have Seraphine as their guide. Sera and his team was amazing. I have recommended to my friends to plan to climb Kili to use this operator and request Seraphine. For a group of 7 climbers, we had a total of 29 staff members making the climb successful for us all. The 3 guides, Sera, Johnny, and Paul were all so patient and wanted to make sure all of us were comfortable and having a great time. Our group took pole pole term to a whole new meaning but we had an amazing time during the trek. From all the porters, chef, waiter Arwale who also summit with us had positive energy and was always smiling and singing and genuinely looked like they all really love what they do and enjoyed their jobs! We asked how they liked working for climb Kili and they all loved the company. This operator does things the right way. On day 5, another company had a porter who was sick and they just left him and told him to just make it to next camp. It was his first time on the mountain and they didn't train him or give him any medication. One of our assistant guides, Paul gave him some medicine and waited with him to make sure he was ok. Paul also left earlier from day 2-8 with one of the members in our group who was at a slower pace then the rest of the group and helped carry his pack and Paul never rushed him or anything and was as patient as can be to make sure he felt comfortable and was successful. I was fine the entire trek until summit night of course when the altitude sickness hit me hard. Sera, Johnny, and Arwale were always at my side the second I needed a breather or needed to vomit. = (. As sick as I got, I had no doubt in my mind I was still going to reach the rooftop of Africa...the guides were amazing and made sure each member was as comfortable as we could be. Sera's nickname in Swahili is translated to 100% and the Priest and let's just say he's still at 100% success rate getting his climbers to the top! As another reviewer had mentioned, the recommend tipping is $250-$300 a person but each of our group members tipped at least $400 plus some gave individuals a little extra to some of the staff members. We felt the staff and porters and team worked extremely hard and went beyond what was necessary for our entire group and another $100 added to the trip meant a whole lot more to them than to us. I can write a novel about how great climb Kili is but go ahead and experience it yourself. Our group aged range from 22-63 and vary from very active fitness people to your casual weekend warrior to your office worker who doesn't work out who maybe did a couple short hikes before the trip to "train" but all had a trip of a lifetime and we were all able to check this off our bucket list!
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