Rachel Strum – US

We all thought the porters did an excellent job! Not only did they actually carry some of the climbers at times, but they stayed with us to make sure we were okay. Joseph, our lead guy, was amazing! During the last few days, he would split us up into two groups, which really helped everyone progress at their own pace. He also moved in between the groups, making sure the people in the front and back were doing okay, he has tons of energy! I was very impressed with him and the other assistant guides and of course the porters as well. Our cook was fabulous, the soup was delicious! I loved the fruit as well and wished we had a little more of it because it was so refreshing. I think my gear really helped me to be comfortable during the cold nights and hot days, so that is definitively something that prospective climbers should take very seriously - especially their sleeping bags. I rented a sleeping bag and it worked out very well.
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