–Ross and Lorna Uibel – US

I want to thank everyone involved for the fantastic time we had in Tanzania. Words fail to really express what I want to! Everything from the very beginning to the end of this whole experience was top notch. I really appreciate the helpful answers to my many emails full of questions…we were very prepared for the mountain because of the information and all the information in the packet. We had rain every day of the climb, even all day on some days, and snow/hail at Barafu after we had summited, but we still were warm and mostly dry and able to enjoy our experience fully. All of the arrangements: the scheduling, lodgings, drivers, Lillian, Good Luck and his crew…everything and everyone was excellent!I can’t imagine having a better crew to look after us on the mountain. Good Luck did an amazing job in organizing everything and in making sure each of us in our group was taken care of and happy. I am certain that his years of experience were the main factor in our successful summit. Anton and Douglas were our main guides for my husband and I, and I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate them. They were both so attentive to our needs, and always ready to give a hand up, especially Anton on the Barranco Wall when my short legs couldn’t quite make the big step up to the next rock…and the next…and the next! Both Anton and Douglas carried our daypacks much of the time so we could have the energy to climb. Never thought I’d have to use the “old people” card! The Machame route was more difficult than I thought it would be, but because of the attentiveness of our guides, we were able to experience the most scenic of the routes, and enjoy the incredible sense of accomplishment at the end. I have grown very fond of both Anton and Douglas. The most amazing kindness of all was when two of the guys (I didn’t get their names, but Barbara did) carried Barbara piggy-back the last day because her toes were too bruised from the long descent to wear her shoes!! She got to the Mweka Gate two hours before the rest of us did! All of the porters were friendly, helpful, and worked so hard to haul all the “stuff” that made our experience so positive. I so appreciated the porta potty after using a public toilet once! eeeeew When I saw the size of the loads that the porters carry, I was glad I had packed light! The cook, server, water guy, maintenance guy, and every other “guy” did their jobs to perfection, always ready with whatever we needed, often before we knew we needed it! I can’t believe the delicious and varied meals we enjoyed, knowing the food was all carried on someone’s back/head every day, and I only saw one burner on a propane tank. Wow. If I could find the words, I could go on for hours praising these wonderful men.Though the Safari was a totally different type of experience, I have nothing but the best memories and highest praise. Mussa was exceptionally good at finding hundreds of animals for us to see, every day! He was never in a hurry to move on, giving us all the time we wanted to watch and photograph everything in sight. His knowledge of the area and the wildlife is amazing, and his rich baritone voice a pleasure to hear! He took very good care of us: always fresh bottled water at our seat, yummy boxed lunches every day, patiently putting the “lid” of the land cruiser up and down as the weather changed, sometimes several times in the day, and very timely “rest” stops! The whole safari experience was much more than I expected: every animal I ever imagined seeing, and then some, and not just one or two, but several every day. The accommodations were great…the tent camps were something I had never heard of, and were a real treat! The hotels were very, very nice, and not just because we had been in a tent for a week in the rain! Very nice tents, by the way…they stayed dry inside in spite of all the rain and mud. Kudos to ClimbKili for being such a great company! I don’t know how anything could have been better for us. Thank you for making the trip of a lifetime possible! Sincerely,