–Roxanne Markovina– UK

Back in the reality of freezing cold London and I just wanted to take the opportunity to drop you a line in relation to the recent Kilimanjaro climb Bana and I went on with Goodluck. I have to say, it was the most incredible experience I have had (and one of the toughest!) and I would say the climb and being in Tanzania really was life changing. Firstly, you matched us with an amazing group of other climbers. Definitely friends for life and some of us have plans to meet up again for future travels. I have attached a photo of the group before we hit the mountain! And then there was GoodLuck and his team. They were all so fantastic! I would climb Kili again and would definitely want the same group of guides. Anyone who gets to go with this team led by Goodluck is guaranteed to have an amazing time and make it to the top! We all made it, safe and well with really little effects from the altitude overall. Personally, I have a bit of a fear of falling when it comes to large rocks and snow/ice (it snowed the evening we summited so a bit of an extra challenge for our group!) and the guides were amazing and I had complete trust in them the whole time. Goodluck had us all at ease the moment we met him (Hakunamatata), always telling us not to worry, and concentrate on one day at a time. He had everyone in his team so organised and treated us and his team so well. I did also want to make special mention of one of his Assistant Guides – Francis. This man was the best! He made my journey up the mountain so much easier especially summit day and going down the mountain. It is difficult to find a way to thank people like this who really help make such an incredible experience even more so. I am not sure if they realise how big a role they play! Apart from the guides themselves the chefs, porters, water guy, everyone, were so brilliant. Always a smile, nothing ever too hard, we loved them all and knew we would miss them. Our entire group felt this way! And of course Tiffany, so helpful with all of the information provided pre-climb to make sure we were organised and also for being patient when at one stage it was looking like just myself joining the group. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ClimbKili to my friends wanting to climb, and when I eventually do it again myself I wouldn’t even consider any other company. Sorry, I should also mention the Safari with John was great too. Bana and I enjoyed our time with him, very lovely man!Warm regards