Scott Hadley–US

The team is back into the thick of life again, but the memory of the climb will never be too far distant. I can speak for the entire team to say that this was an incredible trip. I had done a lot of research on what to expect from the trip, but everything was much higher than my expectations. I will point out a few of the things that Climbkili did that made our trip even better. Gideon was our driver on the first night and he was charismatic and quick. He knew the road like the back of his hand, which speed bumps would rock us awake and which he could take with a bit more speed. He was friendly and carried a conversation the entire time. He was our favorite driver for sure. He also looked the part; we think he was the best dressed driver in Arusha. The Hotel staff was great. The atmosphere was very low on drama and the staff added to the relaxed atmosphere. When they were providing services they were very friendly, but also had a good time with one another when no one required any attention. Raymond was our guide and I am not sure I have met anyone that is more relaxed. He has a dry sense of humor that was perfect for the trail and summit. He was great at assessing the needs of the group and he split the group a couple days into a faster group and slower group and made sure he had adequate coverage for both. He was always positive and helpful in answering the questions, even when some asked the same question over and over (must have been the altitude sickness). One person feared the summit a bit and he walked through exactly what would happen and calmed them down. 100% success rate on our trip; great work Raymond. The assistant guides, Innocene, Dustin, and Jonny (spelling??), were also great. We talked there ears off and they were happy to listen and answer questions, though I am sure they get asked the same questions by every group on the mountain. Gilbert and Filbert - It would not have been a good morning without these two. "Good Morning Brotha" was a welcomed phrase in our tent. Camp sites - I am not sure how they did it but ever camp site we had was in a perfect location, flat as possible and away from the crowds. Great organization on the part of Climbkili, very easy and we knew what to expect from the climb. Just didn't expect the amount of emotion and thought provoking moments, which no company could prepare us for. The Safari was also great and there were two groups from Climbkili and I must say that I am very happy that we got Aladeen (spelling??). He was extremely knowledgeable and his English was great, probably better than mine. He was insightful and got us to some great views quickly if needed. You could tell that he had great rapport with the other drivers and overall one of the friendliest dudes on the trip. Thank you very much for everything. Everyone on the team leaned on you for your knowledge, organization skills, and guidance for the trip. Everyone mentioned you a few times on the trip about getting them organized. Really really great trip and we have already and will continue to make Climbkili the top of our recommendation list. Thank again. Scott
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