–Scott Pierce- Australia

We had the most amazing experience over there! Jeff our safari guide is an absolute legend and has the best eyes in Tanzania!! We called him the eye spy world champ haha. Just a great bloke too and made the experience a lot of fun.On the climb Goodluck, Armani and Evansie we brilliant also. Very supporting and made it fun as well. Not to mention our waiter, cook and porters who all got involved as well making it a very inclusive comforting experience. We spoke to a lot of other people using other companies and they never even met their porters and they were very jealous of our service level. We ended up having jerseys made for the whole team which they wore with pride every day and made it an awesome site to see over 20 of us all trekking up the mountain dressed as a team.Thank you again for all your hard work in the lead up to the trip and I have to say we definitely feel like we were with the best and most organised company on the mountain and when we were seen by and spoken to by other climbers and porters we were envied. We had a great time and managed to keep high spirits through singing and interacting with our team all the way to the summit. Thank you,