Sean McDermott–Canada

We did a lot of research and we were not willing to cut corners on price as safety was key and making the summit was very important to us. I mean, why travel all that distance and not make it to the top. Our research suggested we take the Lemosho Route and we opted for the extra acclimatization day (total of 8 days) to improve our chances. Climb Kili sent two groups out that day and we were in one (7 people) with age ranges from 59 (me) to 12 (daughter of a couple also climbing). The other group had very keen climbers and trekkers and a few guys near my age. The age range was 25+ to 61. Our guides, Seraphin, Paoli and Japonee (August) had us walking slowly the entire way (pole' pole'). At times it seemed we were too slow and other groups would pass us but by ascent night we were passing all others with our slow and well practised shuffle. The guides were unmatched in their approach to ensuring we were ready for the challenge of summiting. My wife and I can not say enough good about the Climb Kili guides and porters, they are exceptional. All of our two groups made the summit as we had been so well prepared. Thank you Climb Kili, especially the guides, fantastic!
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