– Skip O’Neill – US

My daughter and I just completing a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Summit Day 6/30/14). We chose ClimbKili as our trek company and couldn't be happier. In total there were 6 people in our group; 3 groups of two people each. All six of us were able to summit through the 7 - day Machme route. The support we received from Saidi (chief guide) can not be matched and I for one probably would not have made it to the summit without his compassion as well as encouragement during the summit morning/day. In total there were 3 guides and 18/19 porters for the six of us and we were very well taken care of in terms of accommodations. The friendly faces as we entered camp each day helped to take the edge off from the daily grind of the trek. Upon reflecting on the experience, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and I did the Ironman triathlon in my youth and summit day was equally as hard. You can't train for altitude and the guides did a good job of ensuring that we acclimatized during the first 5 days so that we were somewhat ready for the 19,365 feet. You can not go wrong booking your trek with ClimbKili, the preparation materials helped to guide us through a training routine that lead to our successful ascent.