–Sue Hudson – Australia

We made it! We have been back in Oz for a few days ..what a great place Africa is! I have attached a photo of us at the top. I must say, we thought we were pretty fit, but we definitely needed the support of Raymond, Jackson and the crew to get there. What an amazing group of people they are! I don’t know that you could get better than someone like Raymond to lead a group. I would highly recommend ClimbKili to anyone who planned to climb the mountain. We were so impressed with EVERYTHING! If I was silly enough to climb it again, I would definitely go with you guys .. but I don’t think I am that silly .. not sure that I need to put my body through that again! However, I am glad that I did it, and am VERY glad to have chosen ClimbKili! Thanks for all your help with organising it. All the best to you and everyone at ClimbKili.