-Tonya Nimlo –US

We climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in September 2012 (Lemosho Route) and again in August 2014 (Machame Route). Both times we used Climbkili.com and both times we had unforgettable experiences. In 2012 my husband and I reached the summit so we decided that we wanted our 15 year son to have the same experience. That's why we did it again in 2014. Choosing Climbkili for the second time was a no brainier. Being able to call and talk with a person was quite refreshing. They put our minds at ease and always answered our MANY questions and always came through with our MANY requests. There are many reviews which outline the various routes and what to expect but I'll simply state that it's an experience of a lifetime! On our second trip we did an eight day Machame trek in which we stayed overnight at Crater Camp. On both trips the guides were first rate and everything went smoothly. Based on our two trips with Climbkili we would not hesitate to recommend them. Put your worries aside and give Climbkili.com a call, and again, they will be there to answer your call.
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