Wee-Ling Khoo–New Zealand

We ( Roger and Abigail Khoo , Evelyn and myself) had a fabulous, memorable time. I cannot speak any higher of our team , led by Gaston and Serefin . They were professional and helpful in every way. They knew that mountain on the back of their hands and led us all the way safely,mindful of our abilities and needs. They listened to our suggestions and requests. They were courteous,humorous and friendly without being imposing . We also had Coleman who was carrying Roger's camera equipment. If not for Coleman, I wouldn't have made it to the summit. He was at my side almost all the way helping me get to Uhuru Peak. It was a slow climb for that poor man on Aug 11, 2016!!! We had a porter named Johnny Assey who attended to our meals and daily needs. What an amazing man he is. He went out of his way to make our journey as pleasant as he could, what with the cold temperatures and harsh conditions up in the mountain. He was tolerant to our slowness in getting out of our tents in the mornings, he would replace the warm water he brought for us which would have turned cold by the time we eventually got out. He went way beyond his call of duty many times, for example, like when he helped us out of our day pack, gaiters and boots when we arrived back from the summit. Peter, our cook did a fabulous job too with the meals, even managing to bake a cake for Roger's 60th Mugabe will not be forgotten either for his role. :-) We are in awe of how hard those porters have to work, not just the load they carry but also the service they provide up at the camps, always obliging and with a smile on their face. There are others whose names I have not mentioned. But we have a photo of the whole group of them to remember them by. I wholeheartedly recommend Gaston's team to any climber. I wish them well and hope to keep in touch with them Kind Regards, Wee-Ling Khoo
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