There and Back….

Our greatest compliments come from those who have taken the journey with us. If you would like to share your comments, photos, and video please email If you would like to contact past clients directly, please Contact Us for a list of References.

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Dan Journey–US

Had a great time there.  Guides and porters were outstanding and very professional. This is one vacation I will never forget!


Jenna Iaizzo–US

It was such an incredible experience! One that I still can’t put into words.
The staff was great. I am so thankful to have chosen Climb Kili. I will and have be recommending you to everyone. Attached are some photos/videos.
Thanks again for all your help and ensuring a successful adventure.
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Jonas Cittadino–Germany

We really did like the Climb Kili experience and we do not have any advice just as keep doing it the same way! Please tell the whole Crew a big ‘Thank You’ from all of us-
The picture is probably our best (and funniest) summit picture but unfortunately it does not show all of us.
 Many greetings,

Bob Kranz–US

I have done this sort of thing a few times around the world…often without a guide…but at times one must use a guide, as on Kili. The guide Gaston was fantastic! Incredibly professional !
He could get anyone up that mountain.  You would be wise to use him as often as possible.
His assistant, Deo, who I am told is also a guide ,was also very good.

Bob Kranz

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Natalie Barron–UK

I’d like to say, on behalf of Abi, Robin, and myself, that the Climb Kili staff were brilliant during our climb. They were supportive, easy to talk with, and made our experience all the more incredible. We had such a brilliant time in Tanzania, and loved every moment. If the offer of giving you a photo for the hall of fame is still up, I’d like to submit the following attachment.
Thank you very much for everything!
Kind regards,
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Patrick Ballou–US

It was a trip of lifetime with a great group.  Manny and the rest of the crew made it so memorable great people!  I think this was the best photo but the group shared many great photos on OneDrive. I really didn’t want to leave the people of Arusha and Tanzania were so friendly and fun. Hoping to do a teahouse trek somewhere in Nepal next year.    
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Saloni Kishinani–UK

I attach a photo of the group. Pri may have others for you. We had a fantastic experience with brilliant guides and porters. Many thanks for all your help. Best wishes for the holidays. Saloni

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Troy Osinoff–US

The team was great and very knowledgeable. We couldn’t have had a better team helping us up the mountain.
Here is a picture of our group
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Tom Barber–Australia

I would like to thank ClimbKili for an amazing trip!! Particular thanks goes to Gaston for his leadership on the summit day. His guidance through heavy fresh snow showcased his experience and it never felt like the summit was in doubt. All the support staff were very friendly and professional with great cooking from Peter! I would highly recommend the company and all the staff involved during the trek. The subsequent Safari through Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Crater was a very special experience like nowhere else in the world with great guidance and wildlife spotting from Boneface! Thanks ClimbKili!!

Tom Barber – Australia

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Panita Thanatharn–UAE

A group of friends and I did the 8 day lemosho route with climb Kili on Nov 21st-28th and what an memorable experience we all had. I did A LOT of research before the trip on what company to book with and all the climb Kili reviews had nothing but good things to say about this tour operator. Tiffany answered every single question and email we had promptly and also was very easy to chat with on the phone as well. Originally we had a private group for the 5 of us, but Tiffany asked if two more could join our group and I am glad they did. The other two who also didn’t know each other were wonderful additions to our group and they both were recommended by their friends to use climb Kili and to have Seraphine as their guide. Sera and his team was amazing. I have recommended to my friends to plan to climb Kili to use this operator and request Seraphine. For a group of 7 climbers, we had a total of 29 staff members making the climb successful for us all. The 3 guides, Sera, Johnny, and Paul were all so patient and wanted to make sure all of us were comfortable and having a great time. Our group took pole pole term to a whole new meaning but we had an amazing time during the trek. From all the porters, chef, waiter Arwale who also summit with us had positive energy and was always smiling and singing and genuinely looked like they all really love what they do and enjoyed their jobs! We asked how they liked working for climb Kili and they all loved the company. This operator does things the right way. On day 5, another company had a porter who was sick and they just left him and told him to just make it to next camp. It was his first time on the mountain and they didn’t train him or give him any medication. One of our assistant guides, Paul gave him some medicine and waited with him to make sure he was ok. Paul also left earlier from day 2-8 with one of the members in our group who was at a slower pace then the rest of the group and helped carry his pack and Paul never rushed him or anything and was as patient as can be to make sure he felt comfortable and was successful. I was fine the entire trek until summit night of course when the altitude sickness hit me hard. Sera, Johnny, and Arwale were always at my side the second I needed a breather or needed to vomit. = (. As sick as I got, I had no doubt in my mind I was still going to reach the rooftop of Africa…the guides were amazing and made sure each member was as comfortable as we could be. Sera’s nickname in Swahili is translated to 100% and the Priest and let’s just say he’s still at 100% success rate getting his climbers to the top! As another reviewer had mentioned, the recommend tipping is $250-$300 a person but each of our group members tipped at least $400 plus some gave individuals a little extra to some of the staff members. We felt the staff and porters and team worked extremely hard and went beyond what was necessary for our entire group and another $100 added to the trip meant a whole lot more to them than to us. I can write a novel about how great climb Kili is but go ahead and experience it yourself. Our group aged range from 22-63 and vary from very active fitness people to your casual weekend warrior to your office worker who doesn’t work out who maybe did a couple short hikes before the trip to “train” but all had a trip of a lifetime and we were all able to check this off our bucket list!

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Rachel Gray–US

I climbed Kili Dec 1-7 2016 using Climb Kili as the operator. Not enough can be said about what a fantastic crew Climb Kili is. From working with Tiffany on logistics to the actual climb with our guide Joseph (who I recommend), I had an amazing time from start to finish. The climb itself is easy (assuming you’re acclimated and experienced) but if you happen to struggle, the guides are exceptionally skilled at keeping you going. Some people in my group struggled tremendously to summit and the guides practically carried them up and down the mountain. Their genuine concern for us was touching! I also really appreciated the guides letting me move forward and allowing me to move at my pace instead of having to wait on others.

I really have no complaints about Climb Kili and feel fortunate that they were my operator. However, a word to the wise: don’t hesitate to contact Tiffany and ask her about the other individuals in your group. Whether you’re an experienced or inexperienced climber, be sure to find out (if you can) what skill level the other people in your group are! Hopefully, you will be able to join a group that is right for you. This is a lesson I have learned from my recent trip with Climb Kili and I wish I had thought of it before scheduling my trip.

If you’re curious about tipping: the recommendation given to me was between $250-$300 dollars and I followed that advice. However, if I could have given more I gladly would have.

Should I decide to summit Kili again via another route, I’ll be sure to contact Climb KilI!

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Dean West–South Africa

Apologies for the delayed response.  Thanks!  The whole experience – from your prompt responses to all the friendly porters – was fantastic.  Please find our summit picture attached.
Raja - Copy

Vyjayanthi Raja–US

My husband and I just finished a truly marvelous trip in Tanzania and have ClimbKili to thank for all of it!

Preparing for the trip

Tiffany was organized, super responsive and patient. We would email her almost weekly with some silly question or the other and within 24 hours, we’d have our answer. And all of her arrangements worked like clockwork – from the moment ClimbKili picked us up at the bus stop to the day we were dropped back there, our trip was smooth and hassle free.

Kilimanjaro climb

Herment Mosha and team helped us navigate the Machame route up Mt Kilimanjaro and they were FANTASTIC from start to finish. Quite apart from being indispensable to the success of our Kili journey, the entire team went above and beyond to make us feel welcome, comfortable and entertained during the trip. Herment was an excellent lead guide – friendly, organized, vastly knowledgeable – and Serafin (assistant guide) was wonderful as well. They set us up on a brisk yet comfortable pace from day 1 and were quick to assist anytime we had difficulties – they had to help me out a lot with the slippery downhill portions and were always so patient and motivating! Early on we discovered that Herment is also really well versed in the flora and fauna on Kili and we plagued him with requests to identify flowers, trees, critters, rocks, anything we encountered on the mountain – he happily obliged every time. The food we had each day was outstanding! Anthony was cooking better meals at 14000ft than I’m capable of making at my sea-level home! We also got so used to waking up to Augustino’s friendly “Hello!” each morning as he gave us our morning beverages that we really missed it for the first couple of days off the mountain! We grew to deeply admire each one of our porters – they would leave camp at least a half hour after us each morning but always overtake us on the way and reach the next camp in plenty of time to set everything up before we arrived. And in spite of all the work they did, they still had the energy to laugh and joke around – it was wonderful! One of our favourite memories of the trip has to be of the entire team singing the mountain songs for us – we tried our best to learn the lyrics and join in.

Getting to Uhuru Peak, grueling as it was, was a moment in our lives we will never forget! Equally unforgettable, however, was the experience of a 7 day climb with the nicest, most supportive team we could have asked for.

Safari to Tarangire National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area

We did the 2 day safari with Laurence and it was a mind blowing experience! I have never seen so much diverse wildlife in such a short span of time! Laurence was a wonderful safari guide. He had a surreal knack for spotting wildlife that we had a hard time noticing even after he pointed them out – from rock hyraxes that looked exactly like the rocks they were sitting on to lions that were perfectly camouflaged by similarly colored grass to an owl completely obscured in the foliage of a tree – we were truly impressed. What was even cooler was the way he had the name of every single bird/animal we encountered right at his fingertips, along with a couple of facts about them. He showed us the various books he consulted for identification and we actually bought one of his recommendations later on, to help us sort through our photos. And the best part was how patient he was – even when we spent over half an hour at the Hippo pool, trying to photograph every last bird and critter we could find.

I would highly recommend ClimbKili to anyone considering a Kilimanjaro climb or Tanzanian safari! Attached are a few photos from our trip.

Best regards,
Vyjayanthi Raja

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Marissa Monaco–US

From the start organizing with Tiffany everything was seamless and she patiently put up with our group all coming in different directions and asking different (and sometimes the same) questions.
We climbed with Good Luck, Francis, and Amani as our lead and assistant guides and I cannot say enough about their kindness, professionalism, friendship, humor, and respect. These guys and the rest of the team, Junior, Georgie, Michael and all – went above and beyond to make us feel welcome and help provide the experience of a lifetime.
I also want to let you know that during our last night on the mountain another climber in a separate group had a medical emergency and Good Luck and Francis were at the center of it, leading the charge and directing everyone on what to do. They handled the situation so calmly, but clearly knew what needed to happen and were the utmost professionals in ensuring it got done. I swelled with pride knowing they were my guides, and I slept soundly knowing they were the ones looking out for me and my friends on that mountain.
The trip, the trek, and the summit were all a part of an experience of a lifetime, but Good Luck, Francis, Amani and all the others were the key to making it an experience I will always remember with a smile.
From the mountain we went on safari with Aladdin who was the most personable, knowledgeable and humorous guide! We had an amazing time driving through the Serengeti with him as well as sharing meals and stories with him. Aladdin kept us laughing and learning for 3 great days.
Thanks again to the entire climb kili team – it was an experience none of us shall soon forget!
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Paul Clothier–Australia

I got back to Australia on Friday after what was an absolutely wonderful experience thanks to your fantastic team under the leadership of Herment. I had some expectations of what the trek would be like but those expectations were massively exceeded. The whole team worked tirelessly to ensure that we never wanted for anything.  Organisation was spot on from initial pick up at Kilimanjaro International to the drop off for my flight back. Not only did the whole team work extremely hard but they always did so with a smile and a laugh.  To begin each day with a wonderful breakfast and end it with an amazing dinner was incredible given the limited facilities the chef had at his disposal. Herment and his fellow guides, right from day one, set a pace that would ensure our best chance of reaching the summit and it is a testament to their professionalism that all 8 in the party reached the summit. The guides took great care to ensure that every member of the team was looked after. The team songs and dance to us trekkers at the beginning and end of the climb were an experience that I will long cherish. I am in absolute awe of the porters ability to carrying the loads they do and still have the energy to set up camp for us each day. Climb Kili can be rightfully proud of the service you provide to aspiring Kili climbers and there is no better example of that service than Herment and his team who took us to the top and back safely. I will certainly be recommending Climb Kili to anyone who might be thinking of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and if they are so lucky to have Herment and his team they will indeed  be ensured of a fantastic experience. Many thanks  to you all

Kind regards


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Kristin Johson–US

We had an absolutely fantastic experience with the safari, Kilimanjaro, and Zanzibar. Our guides were amazing – James, Danny, and Doug. We have both shared our story and highly recommend Climb Kili to anyone who expresses interest in climbing. I’ll write a testimonial for your website soon.
Thank you for all of your help and organization along the way!
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John and Kimberly Colombero–US

We wanted to offer the following review of our recent trip for your
records. Our Climb Kili experience surpassed our expectations. In
particular, we want to underscore the exceptional level of leadership,
competence, care and kindness shown to us by our lead guide Herment,
as well as the members of his team.  As a United States Marine with
over 24 years of service,  it was a pleasure to watch the members of
the Climb Kili team execute tasks with such precision   Every member
of Herment’s team worked tirelessly to ensure that our every need was
met. Each passing day cemented our perceptions that we were supported
by an exceptional group of individuals.

I also wanted to extend a special thanks to the assistant guides, who
also deserve the highest recognition for their professionalism and
stewardship.  Every member of our group made it to the top of the
mountain due to their support.  Others would include the head and
assistant chefs, who ensured we were well-fed and healthy from start
to finish.  The porters were tireless workers, and belong in a league
of their own. They were superb by any measure.

At any given moment, the Climb Kili team was ready to adjust to our
every need.  Herment and his team successfully kept our group informed
and prepared for every event. Everyone within the Climb Kili team and
our group had a great dynamic from the beginning and had a wonderful
experience.  Simply put, there was nothing more we could ask for. We
will gladly recommend Climb Kili and Herment’s team to anyone.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

John & Kimberly Colombero

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Tomasz Kopinski–UK

Thank you very much Climb Kili for organising a trip of a lifetime! We had so much fun climbing the mountain and would like to thank Emanuel, Vedasto and the team for pulling us to the summit. We really couldn’t have done it without them, their positivity gave us the energy to keep on going. Amazing experience!
Kind Regards
Tomasz and Louise
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Bill Harmer–US

It was a great experience — we really enjoyed our guides, Emanuel and Godlove, and the rest of the crew were terrific.  I’ll be posting a good review on TripAdvisor shortly (it’s taking me a while to get to all these post-trip tasks).  We were glad your trip information recommended bringing some reading material since there was a fair amount of downtime in camp.  Also appreciated the recommendation of a light weight pair of shoes for wearing in camp.  Peggy had the great idea of bringing a pair of slip-on shoes (Crocs) which were easier for getting on and off for those frequent trips to the latrine tent at night.  We were glad to have an extra day in Arusha before starting the climb to see some of the area and get accustomed to the time zone.  
 Thanks again for all your help.
 Bill Hammer
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Mark Spaloss–US

Our experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro was truly unbelievable, and we couldn’t be happier with Climb Kili! Our guides—Saidi and Roman—were unforgettable. They made us feel comfortable, always reassured us that we would make it to the summit, and were constantly making us laugh. We had so many great conversations throughout our hike. It really felt like we became family in those 8 days on the mountain. We’re truly going to miss Saidi and Roman, but maybe one day we’ll get the chance to see each other again! Our porters were unbelievable, and we can’t thank them enough for their hard work. The friendships we made will always be remembered. Hassan, our server, who did his best to teach us some Swahili, despite our lack of skill in pronunciation; our cook, who, judging by how good the food he made on a mountain was, could probably open a 5-star restaurant in Arusha; Augustino and Mohamed, who we got to know pretty well on our hike; the list goes on…Our safari was a perfect end to our adventure. Our guide, Livingston, was very friendly and informative. The wildlife and nature in Tarangire National Park, and especially Ngorongoro Crater, was breathtaking. We’ll be sure to recommend ClimKili, and Saidi and Roman, to anyone looking to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Thank you for providing us with an adventure of a lifetime! We’ll never forget our adventure in Tanzania, and all of the people who made that happen! We’d also like to thank you Tiffany for answering all of our questions and helping us prepare for our trip!

We’ve also attached our favorite photo from the trip—our summit photo!

Hopefully someday we may have the chance to return to Tanzania.

Asante sana,
Mark & Nick

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Erin Buerger–UK

That summit day is no joke, and there were certainly points in time I did not think I was going to make it, but we did!
The staff was wonderful. They went above and beyond in every way possible, and I cannot recommend them enough. All three of our guides truly cared about us and about our success. I had heard that some guides don’t actually try to get their groups to the top because they don’t get paid any more to do so, but I felt it was the complete opposite with ours—they pushed us and helped us take our time and were patient with us so that we could make it to the top. Seraphine was with Tim, Emma, Ben and I most of the time on summit day, and he made sure we were drinking water, he checked on us to make sure we looked ok, and he encouraged us to keep going when we all wanted to stop at Stella Point. The guides also knew we couldn’t make it down to the last camp on summit day, so they changed camp sites so we could sleep a little bit because they knew how exhausted we were—they changed plans after evaluating us, and I think that shows how much they monitored us. I think it took a few days for the group (guides, porters, and hikers) to warm up to one another, but I think that was due mostly in part to the language barrier, although I was very impressed with the language proficiency of our guides and even a good amount of porters. We interacted with Douglas the most, and he was wonderful. He took great care of us and never complained when we forgot to give him a water bottle to fill or when we weren’t quite ready for our coffee in the morning when he was. I hope one day he becomes a guide because he would be great at it. The hotel staff in Arusha was wonderful, especially Stella. We also loved all the hotels we stayed in, although Acacia Farm Lodge was by far the favorite. Benny was also great on the safari. He found lots of animals for us and had a good network of associates with whom he could get information about other animal sitings, allowing us to see even more. I did feel like we left a little early some days, but I also understand there are constraints with the national parks.
Overall this was an amazing experience, and I am so grateful I was able to go.
ScreenHunter_75 Nov. 16 09.06

Aditee Dabholkar–US

I had a great time on this trip! I appreciated the small size of our group. Our guides and porters were professional and they took great care of us. They also did a good job of accommodating the different hiking abilities in our group. I would highly recommend ClimbKili to friends who want to do this trek.
ScreenHunter_76 Nov. 16 09.09

Todd Blank–US

It was a spectacular trip and all of the Climb Kili staff were great!  Aaron our safari guide, our guides Raymond, Dotson (sp?), and Innocent, cook Simon, server Nestor, George our head camp guy, and all of the hard working porters were all so nice and exceeded expectations.  It was a pleasure and I would highly recommend it to others.

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Abigail Gwynn–UK

Thank you! It was an amazing experience and everything to do with Climb Kili was great and very well organised. Your guides and porters were brilliant and extremely nice people, I couldn’t have done it without them! Natalie, Robin and I would love to be in the Hall of Fame, I’ve attached a photo of us at the summit. Thank you again for an amazing adventure! Best wishes, Abigail

ScreenHunter_68 Oct. 18 08.50

Charisse Oraa–US

I wanted to drop a note to say how much I enjoyed my climb and safari.
I did the Kilimanjaro trek with Herment Mosha, and he and his team were EXCELLENT. I’ve been on many hiking trips, and none were as well organized and positive as this one. Herment in particular was a really great guide (breaking down each leg into manageable pieces) and fantastic leader. His team of assistant guides and porters were all incredibly helpful and supportive, and I know for sure that I could not have reached the peak without them.
As for the safari, Lawrence was really knowledgeable and also respectful of the animals and environment (after sharing stories with other safari-goers, I realize that’s not always the case). He also kept a good attitude and tried to keep us informed about permit issues and delays, which seemed to occur all throughout the trip. He had a great eye, which led to some really special moments on the trip.
Bottom line, I was extremely impressed by the professionalism and expertise of my Climb Kili guides (esp. Herment!), and I’m happy to recommend the company to several friends who are interested in future trips.

Andrea Brandt–US

I especially found working with you helpful as we planned our trip. You were able to answer questions about packing, timing, medications, routes, etc. Thank you! It gave me the confidence to book the trip and pretty much everything you said was spot on. It was key in helping me to know what I was getting into.
2) The hotel we stayed at in Arusha
a. Nice and felt safe.
b. Staff was very helpful.
c. Restaurant was nice option so we didn’t have to go out at night.
d. Liked the lawn area out front.
e. I was especially grateful that Caroline (from Climb Kili) was present and on site. She was able to help us find something to do with our free day. She lined up a driver for us, too.
f. It was helpful to be able to leave luggage there.
3) Guides and porters on climb were AMAZING.
a. The guides were exceptional! They were very patient with some of us slower folks (me!) on the way down and kindly carried out backpacks when we had hit the wall. I will always be so grateful to them and definitely could not have made it down without them. They went slow on way up and were very positive and patient.
b. 7 days was the right length of time. I felt like those 2-3 days at 13k-15k feet really did help us acclimatize.
c. The porters were friendly and helpful, too. Very impressed by their speed in packing up/carrying items up the trail.
d. Food was really good and we loved our waiter. I will never forget how good the soup and popcorn were. Everything tastes better when camping but that was especially tasty.
e. Portable bathroom – never knew how much I would appreciate that but I did especially in the middle of the night.
f. Tents were nice, poles & gaiters were good too (we rented).
g. Guides really encouraged us to drink water which helped a lot. Again, I was so tired one day and the guide carried my extra water. I was so grateful! I ended up drinking it but he was kind enough to carry it.
4) Safari was great. 3 days was the right length (again, thanks for great suggestion).
a. Flight over Serengeti was super cool.
b. Both tented stay and lodge on the edge of the Crater were fabulous.
c. Our driver was friendly, very patient as we took 100s of photos and he was knowledgeable about animals, history, etc.
d. He was on the radio/walkie talkie w/other drivers – they help each other know where animals are. That’s great. But, he also had 2 cell phones – one of which was a flip phone and he was either scrolling through menus or trying to text while driving (Even on busy road when cars coming from other direction AND people walking on side of road – really not a good idea. Please mention this to drivers).
5) Overall was an exceptional trip. I would totally recommend CLIMB KILI. My son has already rated in on Trip Advisor and I will too (as that’s how I found it). I want other people to know what a great operation you are running.
Caroline and Ben may have more to add – these were just a few things that come to mind. I’ve tried to be honest in hopes of making better trip for future travelers.

Shinal (2)

Shinal Patel–US

From the moment of paying my deposit for the trip to the moment I arrived back from Kilimanjaro, the whole journey was incredible thanks to Climb Kili. It was my first time booking with a tour company and it was the best decision I made to book with your company. Friendly phone calls, fast email responses, and the guides, porters, and the lodge staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. The guides in particular, helped so much during the climb, while I felt sick and they just kept me going with lots of motivation. I will definitely be recommending Climb Kili to everyone!
Thank you so much for making this once-in-a-lifetime spectacular and beyond amazing.


Amy Hoe–Hong Kong

it was an amazing experience . Our total age is 300 yrs and we managed to reach the summit ! And we truly enjoy Climkili ‘s guides, they are amazing. here is the summit picture.


Tracy Mork–US

It was amazing!!!!! Incredible.. Joseph, best guide!!! And his team was awesome, thanks so much!

sandeep (2)

Sandeep Doshi–US

We had a fabulous trip. The staff were all fantastic, particularly our guide James. We will be recommending Climb Kili to our friends and family in the future!
I’ve attached a photo from the summit for your hall of fame.

ScreenHunter_67 Oct. 01 13.53

Wee-Ling Khoo–New Zealand

We ( Roger and Abigail Khoo , Evelyn and myself) had a fabulous, memorable time.
I cannot speak any higher of our team , led by Gaston and Serefin . They were professional and helpful in every way. They knew that mountain on the back of their hands and led us all the way safely,mindful of our abilities and needs. They listened to our suggestions and requests. They were courteous,humorous and friendly without being imposing .
We also had Coleman who was carrying Roger’s camera equipment. If not for Coleman, I wouldn’t have made it to the summit. He was at my side almost all the way helping me get to Uhuru Peak. It was a slow climb for that poor man on Aug 11, 2016!!!
We had a porter named Johnny Assey who attended to our meals and daily needs. What an amazing man he is. He went out of his way to make our journey as pleasant as he could, what with the cold temperatures and harsh conditions up in the mountain. He was tolerant to our slowness in getting out of our tents in the mornings, he would replace the warm water he brought for us which would have turned cold by the time we eventually got out. He went way beyond his call of duty many times, for example, like when he helped us out of our day pack, gaiters and boots when we arrived back from the summit.
Peter, our cook did a fabulous job too with the meals, even managing to bake a cake for Roger’s 60th
Mugabe will not be forgotten either for his role. :-)
We are in awe of how hard those porters have to work, not just the load they carry but also the service they provide up at the camps, always obliging and with a smile on their face. There are others whose names I have not mentioned. But we have a photo of the whole group of them to remember them by.
I wholeheartedly recommend Gaston’s team to any climber. I wish them well and hope to keep in touch with them
Kind Regards,
Wee-Ling Khoo

ScreenHunter_67 Oct. 01 13.54

Lauri Jackson–US

I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for assigning Herment to be our guide. I cannot tell you how much we truly appreciated his help and knowledge in our preparation for climbing to the roof of Africa. He and his team were absolutely wonderful. We could have not done it without them. They truly are a fabulous group of guys. They are great ambassadors of your company and their country. Again, we cannot thank you enough for assigning them to us.

A truly satisfied customer,

Lauri Jackson

ScreenHunter_67 Oct. 01 13.51

Ronak Joshi–US

I completed the 7 day Machame Route with ClimbKili last week, and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life! Much of the credit goes to ClimbKili for making it so memorable. The Tour Guides were outstanding and the support staff were friendly and encouraging. My family had nothing to worry about while I was climbing because ClimbKili would send them detailed messages daily about my adventures on the mountain. I researched many tour companies, and I can say with confidence that I picked the best one when I chose ClimbKili.

ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.19

Justine Cavanagh–New Zealand

A big thank you to Climb Kili for creating an incredible experience in Tanzania. The skills and kindness shown by your guides Seraphine and Paul were key in getting me to the top.
I have attached my favourite shot of the mountain at sunset from Shira 1 camp.
The food was amazing (there was heaps of it!) Awesome chef.
The porters were most hardworking group of young guys I have ever come across.
The people on my contact list were grateful for the updates.
Thank you again for organising an incredible trip

ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.16

Linda Vu–US

We had a great trip. Joseph along with young Joseph and Daido were great. Everyone was so helpful in getting me to the summit. Thank you.
Lyn Irving

ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.20

Brett Shillington–Canada

I have attached my favourite picture from the trip. Both the climb and the safari were awesome. We are all glad that we went with Climb Kili.
I meant to email you about the climb, but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I think that Herment and Freddy both did an excellent job, and that anybody would be lucky to have them as guides. They were really professional and knowledgeable, but were also just great guys to be around. They have a really nice and friendly crew with them too. I know that all 4 of us felt the same way.
Our safari and guide were great as well. Our guide seemed to get us to the best spots first, I’m glad that we got him as our driver.
Thanks again for an unforgettable experience!

ScreenHunter_66 Aug. 31 10.17

Lyn Irving–US

We had a great trip. Joseph along with young Joseph and Daido were great. Everyone was so helpful in getting me to the summit. Thank you.
Lyn Irving

ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 22 15.42

Octavia Willoughby–UK

I’ll definitely recommend Climb Kili. Thanks so much again! Here are my 2 favourite pictures from the climb.
Best wishes,

ScreenHunter_65 Aug. 22 15.42

Kalpana Sabapathi–US

Had a wonderful experience . John my guide was really helpful and supportive . And I am happy to choose the climbkili. The cook, porters and enjoyed the crew they took good care of me. Here is the picture . Thankyou

ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 18 09.47

Tracy Reilly–UK

I just finished a fantastic trek on the Lemosho Route with Climb Kili. This was a trip of a lifetime and this outfitter delivered beyond my expectations. From the moment I arrived at the lodge, (fresh juice and towel awaiting) to the summit, every detail was handled with professionalism and a ready smile. I did the 8 day climb and everyone in our party summited with plenty of energy to spare. Our guides, Joseph and Little Joseph, were wonderful. The entire group of porters celebrated our daily hikes with song and laughter. The food was beyond delicious. I am a vegetarian and they had no problem adapting a menu for me. This is the only trek I have taken where I did not lose weight! The ground crew, Tiffany and company, answered all my questions with professionalism and concern. I have been on a dozen other treks and I can say that this is the best outfitter I have ever used. If climbing Kilimanjaro is on your bucket list, do yourself a favour and use Climb Kili!

ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 18 09.40

Selby Clark–US

Y’all did a great job. My personal particular thanks to Japan. I absolutely would have gone back down the mountain the second day if not for him. He was just really, really patient and insisted I go slower than other folks and not worry about keeping up. Just worry about the next step. One foot in front of the other one. One step at a time. Don’t look up the trail to see how steep or how far it is, just carefully put one foot in front of another. I listened. I followed his example. I stopped panting. In fact even on the top I was never short of breath. Some folks were in much better shape than me. Some folks were more than 40 years younger than me. None of that mattered. Just one foot in front of the other. And, to my complete and utter amazement, I looked up after 5 1/2 days and there I was on the top of the tallest mountain in Africa.
Coming down presented its own challenges. I had used up all my energy to get to the top and coming back down really left me exhausted by the time we reached the previous nights camp again. After lunch I was the last one on the trail again and I hadn’t gone far when I twisted my ankle in the loose gravel. I was even slower after that (being afraid I might have broken it like I had done just a year before) and it was just me and one guide for many, many hours as everyone else was far ahead. Eventually as the sun was setting two porters came back up the trail bringing us head lights so we could continue the last hour into camp. I forget that guides name, (Gordance??) but he and I spent many hours conversing on the way down as I gingerly picked my way. I owe him a sincere thanks as well.
You should know that the food was particularly good under the circumstances and a pleasantly surprising amount of variety. The watermelon was a particular treat knowing how heavy it is and how far it had been carried. There was always a good supply of hot water in the evenings and mornings and plenty of good tasting cold water in the mornings for filling bottles and camel packs.
Camp was always set up when we got there and the porters were well organized, without conflict and always friendly and helpful. The guides managed and treated them well.
The porta potty was a real blessing, well maintained and well used. I knew my daughter would feel it was essential, but I think we all felt that way before the trip was over.
I’m sure others will have other memories and other comments, but that is all from me for now.

ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 18 09.42

Grig Papadourakis–US

I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to touch base with you regarding my experience with the safari, the trek, and the guides that were assigned to us on the trip.
Livingston was our guide on the safari and he was awesome! He was extremely knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater, his English was impeccable, and his personality was just fun to be around. Cameron is a bit of an ornithology buff and Livingston was really helpful with spotting and identifying the various birds we encountered. He also put up with a TON of requests to stop and take pictures (even when it wasn’t all that convenient). I would highly recommend him to anyone going on the safari and I thought the trip itinerary was also really well thought out.
As for the trek, we had Herment Mosha as our main guide, with Anton and God Bless as our assistant guides. First of all let me say I would DEFINITELY recommend Herment and his team to anyone climbing Kilimanjaro, and I have encouraged my friends and colleagues back here in the U.S. to consider it and request his team in particular. The first night on the mountain Matt and I got sick (due to a mixture of medications) to the point that we didn’t know if we could continue on the trek. Anton and Herment carried our bags for us, lifted our spirits, and helped us in every way that they could. It was because of them that I was able to work up the strength to continue. Even when we were finally back to normal they were just fun people to be around and made the experience truly memorable.
I had such a great experience in Tanzania and will definitely be spreading the word about Climb Kili to the people I know. Thanks for all of your help booking and organizing this trip and I wish you the best in the future!
Grig Papadourakis

ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 18 09.38

Luke Smith–US

The climb kili team did an amazing job on the mountain. I especially want to give props to Raymond, Dustin, and the rest of their team. Thank you so much for the experience. A photo is attached.

ScreenHunter_64 Aug. 18 09.37

Daren Wendell–US

In June of 2016 I organized a charity climb for I searched multiple outfitters and ended up choosing Climb Kili and I’m sure glad I did. Everything from picking up all 16 of our climbers at different times of the day, hotel stays, transportation, and safety on the mountain they helped organize. TRUST ME.. it makes a difference on who you choose and you may be able to find a cheaper outfitter but then you actually have to climb with them. There is a lot that can go wrong on the mountain you if/when it does you will be happy you chose Climb Kili. I loved them so much I’m taking another team up in 2017. Thanks Climb Kili for being a part of helping us raise $110,000!

ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 27 19.55

Sky Adams–UK

I am so impressed with Climb Kili. From the first time that I called about information to the last step was taken. The porters, guides, and cooks did an excellent job. Their service was superb, the meals good, and their positive spirits were so encouraging.
Thank you for all your help and a well run company. I am ready to do it again, if their is a zip line for the descent.


ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 27 19.58

Jeff Crider–US

Max and I would like to thank you and that Climb Kili team for an awesome experience, not only climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, but on the safaris to Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Raymond, our guide on the Kilimanjaro climb, was first rate. He is very personable, but also very confident and clearly experienced on the mountain. He has a very calming demeanor, which is important when you have a group of people who are nervous about whether or not they will succeed at climbing to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Max told me after the climb that Raymond helped give him the encouragement he needed when he was feeling sick on the final portion of the climb. The other guides were also wonderful people who made us feel very welcome. We loved hearing them sing their favorite songs in Swahili, especially as we made our final ascent. The safaris were first rate as well and the hotel at Ngorongoro Conservation Area was a welcome surprise. We loved the quality of their food as well as the quality of the accommodations. I hope to make it back there someday.


Jeff Crider

ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 22 08.16

Cordula Winkler–Germany

I would be very happy to share my summit picture with you at your hall of fame. I am attaching our group photo and my individual photo (summit day was July 1). Thank you!
Thank you again for everything – I am so happy Herment was our guide,

ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 18 14.56

Isabel Torres-Padin–US

I wanted to just single out Levi, he really helped me on summit day and I greatly appreciated it. But, all the staff up the mountain was incredible and I really enjoyed all of their company. I have attached my favorite summit photo and it is of me and Levi.


ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 18 14.32

Nick Price–Australia

Thanks so much, it was such a fantastic, important experience to summit Kilimanjaro. Below is my favourite pic, with assistant guide Joseph (Jeremiah) behind me.

He, our guide Joseph (Mapime) and the other assistant, Deo, were absolutely brilliant. They, along with all of the porters and support staff, did an amazing job and took the climb from incredible to unforgettable. Shabani was outstanding as chef as well, made it so much more rewarding to eat the meals he prepared.

The couple honeymooning who I hiked with, Tom and Steph, were fantastic people, it was great to share the week with them. The three of us had dinner back at Safari Summit Hotel on the night we finished, a fitting way to end the week.

Many thanks


ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 18 14.57

Jessie Upfal–US

Thank you, it was such a great experience I can’t stop talking about it! Our guides were great, especially Good Luck he was so helpful every step of the way, I don’t know how his hands didn’t get cold going up to the summit but he helped me get everything I needed from my pack.

Thanks again for organizing everything, it was truly a trip of a lifetime! Attached is my summit photo sporting my college pride :)


ScreenHunter_64 Jul. 13 15.59

James Antonangeli–US

What an amazing time we had!
I am still so high from the trip I don’t ever want to come down.
Of course I will send you a photo, but right now they are pretty much still on snap fish and I have to figure out how to download them for electronic format.
Thank you and I will recommend Climb Kili to everyone!
ScreenHunter_62 Jun. 29 13.55

Shelley Reese–US

If you’re considering climbing Kilimanjaro – DO IT. And do it with ClimbKili. We had a private group of 9 women and chose ClimbKili for a few specific reasons: (1) high praise from others, (2) we wanted to do the Machame route, (3) chemical toilets, (4) most importantly – we cared a lot about how porters and guides were treated. Of all the tour operators we researched, ClimbKili surpassed each metric. We were blown away by the attention we were given by our guides and porters. Good Luck was our head guide – his nickname is Mr. 100% and he earned it! If you go, ask for Good Luck and James to be your guides – they really made the experience for us! Many of us experienced effects of altitude throughout the trip (my own symptoms being the worst on summit night) and yet he got all 9 of us to the summit. Everything was taken care of – from the right nutrition to sustain us, to the equipment rentals, to the porters who sang for us every night as we got to camp. I had high expectations of how ClimbKili would rate, and they exceeded those expectations. We also did a short safari in the Serengeti and ClimbKili organized that – again, with each detail attended to. I could not rate the experience on the Mountain, or our gratitude/happiness with ClimbKili any higher. A couple of specifics:
GEAR. Our campsites were all set up each and every day by the time we arrived. The tents were great and kept us warm on cold nights. They were Mountain Hardware tents for three people, but we used them for double occupancy. ClimbKili sent a thorough gear list ahead of time so we were able to prepare for anything that might arise. They even had a deal with Backcountry so we could get a discount on new gear purchases.
ROUTE. Do your research here. ClimbKili offers Machame and Lemosho. I wanted Machame for all of the rave reviews about how scenic it is. And it lived up to that. The 5 days leading up to summit were breathtaking and really beautiful views. We went in early June and it was relatively quiet compared to other times of year and other routes that we saw converging at later camps.
ADVENTURES. While we were tired after the hike, we were glad to spend a few days in the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro crater to see other parts of the beautiful country of Tanzania. There is not much to see/do in Arusha, but ClimbKili offered safaris or trips to Zanzibar as add-ons for the trip. We did the safari and are very glad we did. Had we had more time, we would have likely added on Zanzibar as well. Next time!
PRICE. ClimbKili was on the higher side of the average price that we saw. Given the exceptional service we received, I’d rate it as an EXCELLENT VALUE. We literally had all details accounted for on a 12 day trip. The attention we received before we got to Tanzania as well as once we were in country are impossible to match by others operators.

ScreenHunter_62 Jun. 29 13.54

Peter Theoharidis–US

I just returned from Mount Kilimanjaro climbing the Lemosho route with my close friend, brother-in-law and son. I could not have asked for a better experience. This trip was planned by my friend Mike and we joined in only six weeks before the climb. The folks stateside with Climb Kili were unbelievable in preparing us on such short notice. When we arrived in Africa the team there was accommodating to every need. Caroline, the local Climb Kili rep booked us for a local tour and we met our guide Goodluck for the evening briefing. We quickly learned that we were in very capable hands. Goodluck and James let us head out in front then reined us in and taught us the meaning of “pole pole” . They pointed out the local flora and answered any questions asked. By the time we arrived to the first camp, our guides and porters made us feel like family. After the porters set up camp they came back and met us and offered to take our day packs at the end of each daily trek. On trail we were never rushed. When I stopped to take in all the beauty Goodluck would always chime in, “enjoy kaka(brother) take your time”. The food was plentiful and very tasty. Very appreciative that Climb Kili carries a portable toilet which was cleaned daily and only used by us. We were fortunate to be there in the off season, but I understand in season the public outhouses can get very dirty. Goodluck pointed out that Climb Kili made the decision to provide the portable toilets because they could control the cleanliness for their clients. Every rest stop they would do a wellness check and make sure there were no problems. I felt we were well prepared and summit day went smoothly. Actually the descent was the most difficult aspect for these 56 year old legs. I was nervous about trekking at the end of the rainy season but this turned out to be great. The first three camps we had to ourselves. Then we traveled with two other groups from the Machame route the last three days. There were only seven of us leaving from the three groups from Barafu Camp. We did not have a drop of rain in 8 days. We had a clear view of the summit from day two on(not visible on day one of Lemosho Route). Our crew sang and danced for us on day three camp , base camp arrival and at the final gate. Junior’s voice was incredible and as tired as I was (barely standing) I had to dance with my brothers. I thank and will never forget the entire Climb Kili crew that made this experience so special.

ScreenHunter_61 Jun. 29 13.54

Marwan Sakr–Lebanon

I would just like to congratulate your company on maintaining an outstanding level of proffesionalism and conscientiousness throughrout the entire trekk (Guides, porters, chef, everyone). The services provided made our climb very enjoyable, and our head guide, Seraphine, truly cared about getting us to the summit, which made it so much easier. It was really an unforgettable experience.
Thanks a lot!

ScreenHunter_63 Jun. 29 13.55

James Antonangel–US

From the time the ClimbKili rep met us at the airport until the time they dropped us off, everything was like a finely tuned machine! We went to hike Mount Kilimanjaro! We met our lead guide “Goodluck” and he explained what we should expect from our expedition. He remained a phenomenal guide the entire 8 days of hiking. We met our crew on the mountain. They made sure our packs weighed 30 pounds because each porter was “only” allowed to carry 45 total pounds up the mountain. Imagine that? The most amazing part was how those porters lugged all our living quarters, food, gear and whatever else we needed up that mountain. That feeling alone realizing we were in such capable hands put everyone’s mind at ease. We had such fantastic weather the entire trip and the crew was always so happy to help us no matter what our request. The food they provided to us on the mountain was not only fulfilling but tasty!
Finally we summited! In such capable hands, our guides led us up the mountain. They were as happy as us to get there! Sure it was such an emotional feat to get to the top of the largest free standing mountain in the world, but what goes up, must go down! I stopped reading about what to expect once I got to the top. However, you must prepare yourself to descend 17,000 feet in a day and a half! I don’t care what training you have done, that is going to make you sore!
Getting to the exit gate, all the porters and guides were singing and dancing for us and with us. We had a little banquet and had a Kilimanjaro beer to celebrate! The price was certainly affordable and including tips was more than worth it. The gear list ClimbKili gave us was accurate as to exactly what we needed. Tanzanian people are really welcoming so I would recommend a longer stay in country so you can experience some local color. I can only hope this review was as exciting as my trek. This was a once in a life time experience and ClimbKili made it worth it.

ScreenHunter_61 Jun. 29 13.53

Ramzi Maluf–Beirut

I would like to thank you, along with the rest of the Climb Kili staff, for our wonderful experience on Kilimanjaro. Our guide (Seraphine), assistant guide, cook, and porters were all very polite and especially helpful throughout the trip, which, I would say, was a very successful one. I have attached a picture of myself on Uhuru Peak. Once again thanks for everything! I will definitely be recommending Climb Kili and our guide Seraphine to anyone planning on climbing Kilimanjaro.
Thank you,
Ramzi Maluf

ScreenHunter_61 Jun. 15 07.19

Chrystelle Chevalier-Gagnon–Canada

I am back in Canada and unfortunately back at work. I have attached a picture for your summit hall of fame. As for the team, it was perfect. I have only good things to say. The team was professional, organized and efficient. And everyone was easy-going and friendly.
Thanks again,

ScreenHunter_61 Jun. 15 07.21

Simon Ramsawak–US

I sincerely thank you and your staff for organizing this adventure for me successfully. Everything went as planned which I greatly appreciated. It was not easy but my strong will and determination and the support from your staff saw me through. Having successfully ascended & descended Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania with your company only one word to describe it “Excellent” and well organized on the route with Mr Goodluck and the team who got me there.
yours truly
Simon Ramsawak.

ScreenHunter_59 Jun. 15 07.19

Paul Inions–UK

I cannot speak highly enough of ClimbKili. Having just returned home from a successful summit thanks to the help of our mountain team led by guide Emanuel and backed up by Caroline at Summit Safari Lodge in Arusha. From the moment I booked the trip, my arrival in Tanzania, the climb itself and to the return to the airport I was afforded personal courtesy and care.

The trek itself, what a wonderful experience. I travelled alone and met with a great bunch of individuals, Mark and Brett from Australia. James and Kannan from the US and Jimmy and Sarah who though British are much travelled. I may have been the quiet individual of the group, I’ve never learned anything from talking but listening to the stories of others was amazing and I gained so much from being part of a team that came together and worked to overcome each of our own personal moments of discomfort to achieve a common goal.

If the reality of 6 days on a mountain without your domestic comforts is unbearable then don’t go, it is certainly a test of mental endurance as much as physical. But if you wish to test yourself, see sights of such wonder and ultimately sit back and reflect on a gruelling yet rewarding trip then go for it. But definitely with your eyes open, a walk in the park it is not.

And if you do embark on it. Consider carefully your operator. Climb Kili are a local company that will not exploit you, they will provide you with a safe journey as comfortable as can be possible and it is in no way comfortable at all, but recognise this and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

ScreenHunter_61 Jun. 15 07.20

Ed Crotty–US

I had a great experience on the trip, and I’ve already recommended Climb Kili and Seraphine to several people. I can’t imagine any other company would have been better to go with. I’ve also attached my favorite picture from the summit to this email.

Best, Ed

ScreenHunter_56 Apr. 22 11.51

Abhishek & Vaishnavi Chandrasekaran–Dubai

We are extremely happy with Climkili for helping us achieve this epic feat! It was one of the most unique experience we have ever had. Climbing to the top was no easy task, but Climbkili provided us the best guides and team to help us reach the summit.

Our guides, Goodluck and Francis were amazing! They kept motivating us throughout the trek. They have such an understanding in between them. Francis would always start ahead with us while Goodluck would make sure the crew pack up things and is ready to leave. On the way Goodluck would catch-up and continue the trek. They adjusted to our pace, stopped when we needed breaks and carried our backpacks when we had difficulties. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wishes to choose Climbkili for trekking.

We also enjoyed the safari ride at Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangeri National Park. Our driver/guide, Emmanuel, covered most of the areas and showed us all the animals’ up-close. We both loved the night stay at Crater Lodge in Ngorongoro. Good thing we planned it before the trek as we were totally exhausted and would not have enjoyed the Safari much.

Overall it was an incredible experience with Climbkili!

Thanks again !!


Abhishek & Vaishnavi

ScreenHunter_56 Apr. 18 10.03

k. Brisley–Japan

When you are looking for a company to lead you to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, you tend to look for one with the highest quoted success rate. After my wife and I and 5 new friends made it to the top, led by Joseph from ClimbKili , you should be asking do I trust life with the guide with the company leading each climb.

Joseph and his team of assistants and posters were absolutely brilliant. They wanted everyone to succeed, but with an eye for safety for the whole group. All of us made it to the top and our team had a lot of fun doing it.

We are now friends for life.

From the rents we stayed in; to the waiter bringing us hot water and tea every morning; to our cook successfully catering for us and making a cake for joe for his birthday and catering for two gluten intolerant hikers; to our porters being tremendous and meeting us two miles from camp on our return and helping us to the top and down…. ClimbKili is the best.

Finally our ground team in Arusha helped tremendously.

All round an amazing experience of a lifetime.

ScreenHunter_56 Apr. 18 09.58

Liz Staley–US

Our Kilimanjaro trek was sooo much fun. It was definitely hard- but one of the best experiences of my life. Nelson & Evance were the best guides ever & we loved all the porters. Thank you so much for helping us set up such a great trip!
I’ve attached a couple photos from our trip. I’m also working on a video, which I’ll send a link to when it’s finished.
Hope you’re well & thank you again!!


ScreenHunter_56 Apr. 18 09.43

Sean McDermott–Canada

We did a lot of research and we were not willing to cut corners on price as safety was key and making the summit was very important to us. I mean, why travel all that distance and not make it to the top. Our research suggested we take the Lemosho Route and we opted for the extra acclimatization day (total of 8 days) to improve our chances. Climb Kili sent two groups out that day and we were in one (7 people) with age ranges from 59 (me) to 12 (daughter of a couple also climbing). The other group had very keen climbers and trekkers and a few guys near my age. The age range was 25+ to 61. Our guides, Seraphin, Paoli and Japonee (August) had us walking slowly the entire way (pole’ pole’). At times it seemed we were too slow and other groups would pass us but by ascent night we were passing all others with our slow and well practised shuffle. The guides were unmatched in their approach to ensuring we were ready for the challenge of summiting. My wife and I can not say enough good about the Climb Kili guides and porters, they are exceptional. All of our two groups made the summit as we had been so well prepared. Thank you Climb Kili, especially the guides, fantastic!

ScreenHunter_55 Apr. 18 09.39

Suzanne Rogalsky–US

My friend and I booked our trip through Climb Kili – after researching a lot of companies. They were very responsive and helpful. Our trip was an excellent adventure. Our guide, Joseph, was friendly, helpful and informative. He paid attention to everyone in our group to be sure they had a safe and successful climb. We took the Machame route which was challenging! Our group of seven “strangers” quickly formed a team. We enjoyed each other’s company and I truly believe it was the teamwork the pushed us through. The porters, too, were friendly and helpful. I am glad we used Climb Kili as our company.

ScreenHunter_55 Apr. 18 09.36

E. Bezini–UK

I cannot speak highly enough of ClimbKili. Having just returned home from a successful summit thanks to the help of our mountain team led by guide Emanuel and backed up by Caroline at Summit Safari Lodge in Arusha. From the moment I booked the trip, my arrival in Tanzania, the climb itself and to the return to the airport I was afforded personal courtesy and care.

The trek itself, what a wonderful experience. I traveled alone and met with a great bunch of individuals, Mark and Brett from Australia. James and Kannan from the US and Jimmy and Sarah for UK. I may have been the quiet individual of the group, I’ve never learned anything from talking but listening to the stories of others was amazing and I gained so much from being part of a team that came together and worked to overcome each of our own personal moments of discomfort to achieve a common goal.

If the reality of 6 days on a mountain without your domestic comforts is unbearable then don’t go, it is certainly a test of mental endurance as much as physical. But if you wish to test yourself, see sights of such wonder and ultimately sit back and reflect on a gruelling yet rewarding trip then go for it. But definitely with your eyes open, a walk in the park it is not.

And if you do embark on it. Consider carefully your operator. Climb Kili are a local company that will not exploit you, they will provide you with a safe journey as comfortable as can be possible and it is in no way comfortable at all, but recognise this and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

ScreenHunter_55 Apr. 18 09.32

Lindsey Price–US

I had such an amazing experience during our trek! Our group started out as knowing each other through different connections, but we left as one unit of close friends. Sadly Emmanuel had to leave us on day 3 because of his tonsils so we didn’t get to know him as much as we would have liked, but in the short three days we were with him he was an amazing head guide, very experienced and knowledgable. He also was at the Safari hotel to greet us when we returned and came to dinner with us to celebrate. God Love and Veda were also outstanding guides and were able to deal with our sarcastic behavior!!

After looking at other companies as we were going up the mountain, I am glad that we choose to go with ClimbKili and I will make sure to always recommend you guys and our guides to my friends and family!!

ScreenHunter_55 Apr. 18 09.30

Doug Hene–US

For my friends 40th, he wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was an awesome experience and one I hope to do again when my boys are old enough.

We did so with the Climb Kili outfit. It was an awesome experience and they certainly made it better. Our guides were very knowledgeable and customized the trip to our needs and abilities. They were very hospitable and fun to spend time with.

We stayed at the Summit Lodge which was part of the Climb Kili package and it was a great spot. It was way nicer than expected and the food was great … and the beer too – drink lots of Kilimanjaro and Safari!

I would highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for adventure while being guided and cared for at the same time. It was an awesome experience!

ScreenHunter_55 Apr. 18 09.26

Nancy Colone–US

I’m still euphoric from my Kilimanjaro trek with Climb Kili. What a superb organization! From my first contact with your company, I knew I was dealing with a five-star organization. The dedication, kindness and jovial attitude of my Climb Kili team was unparalleled. I could have not made it to the rooftop of Africa without the expertise and professional guidance of Raymond, who guided me every single day, and to Innocent and Destin, who accompanied me to the summit. Special thanks to Philabert and Destin who assisted me during the descent from the summit as my knees gave up on me.

My sincerest appreciation to other members of the dedicated Climb Kili team: US organizer Tiffany, Arusha organizer Carolyn and her assistant Beatrice, early morning tent greeters Johnny and Philabert, tent helper Georgie, our great cook ‘General’ Simon, driver Emmanuel and all the hardworking porters who carried our items up the mountain for our comfort.

The team at the Summit Lodge Hotel was warm, polite and accommodating: Hilary, Mosha, Regema, Zelma, Philip and many others. For two weeks, the hotel was my ‘African’ home as Arusha was my main destination in a multi-city adventure through Africa. I could have not felt more welcome or been more comfortable.

I also participated in a 3-day safari guided by David, our jovial and knowledgeable guide. His infectious smile and positive attitude were contagious. What an experience! I felt safe during the entire safari knowing that David could spot all animals, particularly predators, far away before my untrained eyes could.

I’ve recommended ClimbKili to all my colleagues and friends. I’m so thankful I chose ClimKili for my adventures in Tanzania and look forward to taking my entire family on a safari soon, hopefully with David as the lead guide.
Asante Sana to all!

ScreenHunter_54 Apr. 09 17.37

Seema Golchha–Nepal

We wanted to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary by summiting on the D-Day so choosing the right trekking company was of utmost importance . After a lot of research we chose Climb Kili and it definitely was a great decision.
To start with my frequent queries and mails were promptly answered by Tiffany in no time.
We received a parcel from climb kili with every details regarding how to train for the trek, what all to pack ,our detailed itinerary and of course a nice warm beanie
We chose 8 day Lemosho route and all of us successfully reached the top. This route gives enough time for acclimatization
Our guides Saidi ,Abibu along with our cook Azizi,our waiter Hassan who would wake us up every morning with a good morning smile and hot tea and coffee,our tent guy Joseph who would make sure that tents are set up before we reach the camp ,Jonathan who would set up toilet for us ( a real luxury) and the team of porters ,each one tried to make our trek as comfortable as possible
Saidi made sure we walk pole pole (go slowly)and were drinking enough water .He was the key man who made it possible for all of us.
Setting up our lunch camp once we struggled to reach Lava tower, organising hot tea and cookies once we reached Stella point , juice waiting for us when we were descending down with parched lips these little things make big difference .
My husband and I have trekked to Everest Base camp,Annapurna base camp ,Machu picchu . For my husband Kili was the most difficult one as he suffered from mild altitude sickness while i had altitude sickness in EBC but none in Kili .My mantra was Diamox,pole pole and loads of water
Its difficult,challenging and the last day a good combination of mental and physical strength but overall doable.
We used Climb Kili for Serengeti and Ngorongoro too and we are happy with the our guide and services in the park .

ScreenHunter_54 Mar. 31 14.24

Sue DeCarlo–US

WOW, what an amazing experience the trip was, so much so that pictures and stories will never do it justice. The actual climb was quite humbling and challenging and I am very excited that we did it and we could not have asked for a better experience, your company made the entire trip so much more then what we expected.
Our lead guide, Joseph was just amazing. It started on our the day before the actual climb, he brought our entire team together and we had our first bonding experience while in Arusha which was great. We got to know our new climbing buddies which made for a much more collaborative experience right off the bat.
Joseph was very kind, listen to all our questions/concerns and offered positive feedback, suggestions and ideas when needed. Giden(SP?) our driver, was amazing also, just hard working and very kind people, we felt we had the best of folks for our experience. Joseph spoke very highly of you and David and your company policies and mission.
Safari was amazing, David our driver was absolutely lovely and a wealth of knowledge. I don’t know what your hiring process is like but from the team we had, you guys are onboard the right folks, congratulations. Zanzibar was the one leg of the trip I could not wait for and I have to say, it was my least favorite. The resort was amazing and the beaches, tropical, however, I was saddened to see such poverty on the island, I was not expecting that, just my personal feedback.
In summary, it was amazing. I plan to go on trip advisor too, people need to know about your great team. Also, I have a work colleague who is going next year with her mom and I have strongly recommended you guys.
Picture attached.
Thanks again for an amazing experience, one I will never forget.


ScreenHunter_54 Mar. 31 14.23

Scott Hadley–US

The team is back into the thick of life again, but the memory of the climb will never be too far distant. I can speak for the entire team to say that this was an incredible trip. I had done a lot of research on what to expect from the trip, but everything was much higher than my expectations. I will point out a few of the things that Climbkili did that made our trip even better.
Gideon was our driver on the first night and he was charismatic and quick. He knew the road like the back of his hand, which speed bumps would rock us awake and which he could take with a bit more speed. He was friendly and carried a conversation the entire time. He was our favorite driver for sure. He also looked the part; we think he was the best dressed driver in Arusha.
The Hotel staff was great. The atmosphere was very low on drama and the staff added to the relaxed atmosphere. When they were providing services they were very friendly, but also had a good time with one another when no one required any attention.
Raymond was our guide and I am not sure I have met anyone that is more relaxed. He has a dry sense of humor that was perfect for the trail and summit. He was great at assessing the needs of the group and he split the group a couple days into a faster group and slower group and made sure he had adequate coverage for both. He was always positive and helpful in answering the questions, even when some asked the same question over and over (must have been the altitude sickness). One person feared the summit a bit and he walked through exactly what would happen and calmed them down. 100% success rate on our trip; great work Raymond.
The assistant guides, Innocene, Dustin, and Jonny (spelling??), were also great. We talked there ears off and they were happy to listen and answer questions, though I am sure they get asked the same questions by every group on the mountain.
Gilbert and Filbert – It would not have been a good morning without these two. “Good Morning Brotha” was a welcomed phrase in our tent.
Camp sites – I am not sure how they did it but ever camp site we had was in a perfect location, flat as possible and away from the crowds.
Great organization on the part of Climbkili, very easy and we knew what to expect from the climb. Just didn’t expect the amount of emotion and thought provoking moments, which no company could prepare us for.
The Safari was also great and there were two groups from Climbkili and I must say that I am very happy that we got Aladeen (spelling??). He was extremely knowledgeable and his English was great, probably better than mine. He was insightful and got us to some great views quickly if needed. You could tell that he had great rapport with the other drivers and overall one of the friendliest dudes on the trip.
Thank you very much for everything. Everyone on the team leaned on you for your knowledge, organization skills, and guidance for the trip. Everyone mentioned you a few times on the trip about getting them organized. Really really great trip and we have already and will continue to make Climbkili the top of our recommendation list.
Thank again.

ScreenHunter_54 Mar. 31 14.22

Crystal Huebner–US

My summit picture is not so great as I was delusional at the top. But on the way down I have a nice Stella one. Attached. Thanks again!
Also submitting one of my favorites of the team. We had just finished climbing Barranco Wall and built a little stone skyscraper. I love this one and sums up the fun we had.

ScreenHunter_54 Mar. 31 14.14

Jacob Eby–UK

Here’s a pic form the top. Thank you for getting our group up and down!

ScreenHunter_52 Mar. 23 15.59

Rachel Sigur–US

Me and 3 of my lifelong girlfriends, all in our 40s, decided we wanted to hike Kilimanjaro. We are from New Orleans (below sea level) and other than our annual snow skiing vacation or a summertime trip to do some hiking in the Rockies we don’t have a lot of hiking experience or being in high altitudes. With that being said we are in fairly good shape, due to running, and we did what we could to train for this – mostly hiking high rises with our boots and backpacks. Looking back I’m not sure what we could have done to properly train for this. It’s the altitude that is your biggest challenge and there was just no way for us to replicate that but even so we all successfully reached the summit.
Once we decided we wanted to do this we did tons of research to choose the best company. We chose Climb Kili and are SOOOO happy we did. They by far exceeded all our expectations….from the the staff in the US – David and Tiffany – who were always available to answer our questions to the amazing staff in Tanzania – Caroline, our guides – James, Goode Luck (Mr. 100%) and Ruben, to our driver, Emmanuel and our safari guide – Emmanuel Macha – everyone was so kind, friendly and accommodating. It is so important to choose a good company because this will make or break your trip and we saw other tour companies on the mountain and talked to other climbers and Climb Kili seemed to always be one step better than everyone else. We did a 3 day safari on the front end, 7 day Machame route, and 3 days in Zanzibar on the back end. I really liked starting with the safari as it gave us a chance to get acclimated to the time change and meet other people who had already climbed Kilimanjaro. We did the combination of the Serengeti and Ngorongoro crater. It was wonderful. I would highly recommend requesting Emmanuel Macha as your safari guide. He went above and beyond getting us to areas to see animals and he was very knowledgeable and friendly. We enjoyed his company so much that we requested he have dinner with us every night while on the safari. We stayed at the Kilima Valley tented camp in the Serengeti and the Wildlife Lodge at the crater, both wonderful places. After the safari we spent the next 7 days hiking the Machame Route. We had a total of 22 support staff hiking with us. Our guides, as I mentioned earlier, were fantastic and we wouldn’t have made the summit without them and the porters. These guys work so hard for so very little and it’s so humbling to see what they do and how happy they are. These guys are a big part of whether you do or don’t make it to the summit. They were so supportive and would sing us songs and make sure we were well fed and taken care of. We were brought coffee or tea to our tent every morning, followed by hot water for washing and then an amazing breakfast. We got really lucky with our chef – Douglas – our food was delicious. The first 5 days of the hike were awesome. You go through so many different terrains and hike for about 7 hours a day. It rained on us occasionally but overall we had pretty good weather. The weather changes from minute to minute so it’s important that you carry layers and rain gear in your day pack. Day 5 is summit day and this was by far the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The lack of oxygen takes a toll on your body and affects it in so many different ways. We left at midnight and it took about 8 hours to get to the summit. It was exhausting and challenging and at that point I just wanted to get to the sign, take my picture and get down to a breathable altitude. We did make it and it was beautiful. We saw the moon set and the sunrise. It’s an achievement for sure. We did it!
I can’t say enough about the guides and porters.
Good Luck!

ScreenHunter_52 Mar. 08 10.42

Deborah Barber-Australia

Thanks for all your help in preparing for the climb. I had the best experience. The team (James, Reuban and all our porters) were so wonderful and really made the climb a memorable one. I could not speak more highly of Climb Kili! Please find attached a photo.

ScreenHunter_52 Mar. 07 12.05

Marasri Suchart–Hong Kong

We just would like to drop you an email to say thank you so much for arranging the trip for us. We had an amazing time on the mountain! And YES! We have JUSTDONEIT! Thanks for arranging Herment and Kifaroo and his team to be with us for the whole 8 days. They had been amazing. They went extra miles to make sure we’re in super good condition for the summit. Good food , perfect camp sites! Herment went extra miles for us..took us out for evening acclimatising hikes on some short trekking days which he didn’t have to do that. That helped us a lot with acclimatisation.

Also thanks to Caroline for hooking us up with an amazing guide in Zanzibar. We had a great time. We definitely will recommend Climbkili to our friends who want to climb Kilimanjaro !

Attached our cheesy honeymoon summit photo!

ScreenHunter_52 Mar. 07 12.06

Rich Haynes–US

My top highlight was David – the Safari guide. He was absolutely fantastic. a prince of a person and he knew everything in a very humble way.
If I do another safari, I will make sure I can have him as the guide again.

the guides for Kili were also great. Joseph was extremely experienced and cared very much for each of us. I was the slowest member of our group and got quite sick on the last day of the ascent and Joseph was very helpful.
I also was extremely impressed with Dayo (sp?) he was an asst guide assigned to help me (“the pole pole truck”)
He was unbelievably helpful – hope he can be made a full guide soon. the porters were all very helpful.

ScreenHunter_52 Feb. 23 16.22

Kelly Jordan–UK

We had a great trip. Everyone was wonderful and very helpful. We would not have made it to the summit (or back down) without their help. We really appreciated it. We got anything we needed from day 1. I’ve attached a few photos just because I love so many of them.

ScreenHunter_52 Feb. 23 16.23

Lisa Smith–US

I did the 8-day Lemosho route and really enjoyed it – rainforest to glacier, with plenty of time for acclimatization and sightseeing along the way.
My guide Herment Mosha was outstanding! He was friendly, fun, and knowledgeable. He’s climbed the mountain more than one hundred times and was a great motivator and inspiration to our group. He also took the time to point out different kinds of plants to our group each day and explain what was special about them. I also saw him pick up trash as we were hiking that did not belong to our group. It is clear he loves his job and has a great respect for the mountain. I feel very lucky to have gotten to climb the mountain with him.
The Climb Kili staff were all very friendly and helpful. I also did a safari and a Zanzibar trip with Climb Kili while I was there and recommend them to anyone going to Tanzania.

ScreenHunter_51 Feb. 16 08.15

Corbin Florence–US

Thank you for an amazing journey! I loved Tanzania an I am going to come back someday. The staff was wonderful. David was very knowledgable on out safari and Joseph was an excellent leader

ScreenHunter_51 Feb. 16 08.10

Maria Woolley–Australia

Did feel good to reach the top!!
With regard to the holiday I would just say that all the staff were wonderful. They were all very professional, friendly and helpful. The whole trip exceeded our expectations and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Guides were knowledgable and helpful. Food was good and the service provided by Johnny everyday was great!
We are so glad to have chosen climb Kili.
Thanks for all your help with the arrangements and I attach a couple of photos.
Kind regards.


ScreenHunter_51 Feb. 16 07.59

Kevin Bateman–UK

It was a wonderful, if exhausting, trip made all the better by the professionalism and experience of Herment Mosha and his team from Climb Kili. They took excellent care of us on the mountain, making sure we were comfortable with both the hike and altitude. Herment runs a tight ship, making sure his team is performing as expected and the clients are well taken care of. We were three hikers and we had a total of 14 people supporting us on the hike. His knowledge of the plant and wildlife made the hike much more interesting and his knowledge of the mountain was remarkable. I have no reservation in recommending Herment as a guide and I would tell any of my friends that are interested in hiking to the top of Africa to ask for Herment as their guide.
Getting the trip organized was a snap with Tiffany from Climb Kili. She provided timely responses to our emails and made the lead up to the trip run smoothly.
So for you folks wondering if you can do this trip, it’s a grind, but very doable. We took the longer route to have time to acclimatize to the altitude, and it was worth it. I was taking diamox and I had no problems at all with the altitude. Drink lots of fluids, eat as much as you can and then eat more, rest and go slowly and it will be fine. I trained by walking every morning before work for about 5 km (3 miles) and longer on the weekends for about 3 months leading up to the trip. I am 50 years old and in average physical shape. So if you are thinking about it, make the commitment and go for it, you won’t regret it. It was cold and windy on summit night/morning, but it was clear and the moon was full. You will remember this trip forever.

Pjedsted (2)

Pascale Girard–France

It was a great experience; I loved it.
Although it rained a lot, we had a very nice weather at the top.
The rain cover is definitely a must have.
I will recommend Climkili.
Best regards,

ScreenHunter_51 Feb. 16 08.00

Jerry Elie–US

I was on a successful Kili trip about 16 months ago. I ran across this email, somewhat late now, but, it’s never too late as they say. So I thought I would send you a favorite picture on a milestone accomplishment to the top of Kilimanjaro. If you could send me a link to your review board, I would be more than happy to comment. At this point I have sent a few people your way to make this journey. I’m also trying to put together a group to do this again sometime this year in the fall. Hope all is well, and hope to be talking with you again soon.
Thank You Jerry Elie.

ScreenHunter_51 Feb. 08 08.55

Amy Seavitt–US

The experience was the best of my life and there isn’t a thing I would change about any of it. The entire Climb Kili group, from the porters to the guides, were absolutely amazing in every single way. They made sure everything went smoothly and that all of our requests were fulfilled. Emanuel was incredible and I never would have made it to the summit without him. He made sure everyone in the group felt comfortable and safe, and I trusted him completely. I got violently sick one night, and for the hike the day after, he carried my pack for me when I was too weak. He also gave me his liners on summit night when my fingers were so swollen and frozen, and he went bare handed up the mountain. The other guides who went to summit with us were also wonderful. Larik, Goodluv, Vada and Singer made sure we all got to the top, and were very encouraging and assuring when some of us were really struggling along the way. They each respectively made sure we all were OK. The chef, Magambo, consistently prepared awesome meals and there was always plenty of food for us if we wanted. Singer and Nester were very attentive while serving us in the dining tent. I’d also like to give a very big thank you to Singer for taking my fleece liner gloves and warming them over the kitchen stove. I had set them in the dining tent to dry overnight, and he had taken them without me knowing and surprised me with warm, dry gloves in the morning. I was so thankful because that was the day we were doing Barranco Wall where I needed them!

I could go on and on about how incredible the staff and experience was. I’m so thankful that we were able to climb with them.

Here’s a picture of Emanuel and I at the summit. :)

Thank you for everything!

ScreenHunter_51 Feb. 01 09.01

Garrett Goldfield–US

A life changing experience! I took the 8-day Lemosho route with the help of Climb Kili Tours. The hike was amazing and definitely challenging. Climb Kili made the process easy – they kinda did everything for me with the arrangements. We had 3 guides: Seraphine, Paul and August (nickname: Japan). These guides were amazing, each having over 200 summits to their credit. On the first day we thought the pace was really slow but realized over the next few days that this was necessary to acclimate and to actually reach the summit. We couldn’t have summited without our guides. They kept us on pace, helped us acclimate and kept close attention on our health. They even carried some of our backpacks on summit day when some of our hikers got too tired! Overall this hike was a great experience. It was definitely challenging but if you have a chance you have got to do it!

ScreenHunter_51 Jan. 27 08.21

Jennifer Taylor–Canada

This was definitely an adventure of a lifetime!  I couldn’t have done it without the fantastic team of guides and porters that Climb Kili organized to help us up the mountain!! Our main guide Herment was amazing from bottom to top and back to the bottom again!  His wealth of knowledge from mountain weather to flora and fauna along the way was impressive.  I also appreciated his evening debriefs with our team, checking in to make sure no one was suffering from altitude sickness and that we were all prepped and ready for the following day!  It was an awesome experience I will never forget!
Here is one of my favourite pictures from the top.
Thanks so much!
ScreenHunter_51 Jan. 27 08.22

Becky Ruskin–US

My husband and I chose to climb Mt Kili with the operator Climb Kili. Based on their reviews they were safe, had a great success rate, and very knowledgeable of the mountain, terrain etc! We chose the 7 day Machame route. We were beyond pleased with our guide (Seraphine) and assistant guide (Japan) along with our chef and porters. We had amazing meals, never felt unsafe or too tired, and always knew the planned routes, timetables etc. We successfully made it to the summit, which was the most amazing accomplishment! (We do advise getting Diamox, acclimatization pills – they helped greatly)! We’d highly recommend Climb Kili to others who’d like to take on the mountain!

ScreenHunter_51 Jan. 27 08.23

Alan Berko–UK

Using ClimbKIli and the Machame Route is definitely the way to go. The 7 day machame route gives your body the proper time to acclimate and allows you time to enjoy the hiking and views each day. ClimbKili has done this so many times, they have it down pat. Experienced, helpful guides. Proper support staff and nourishment. Perhaps most important, the guides and staff always seem to be enjoying the trek as much as you do. Perhaps the most important thing is having the proper gear. I followed their recommendations and had no problems.

ScreenHunter_50 Jan. 27 08.21

Jacob & Suzanne Stone–US

We were very satisfied with every aspect of the trip.  Nelson and his crew were flexible, responsible, and knowledgeable.  We would not have made it if not for their extra encouragement.  Below are two of our favorite pictures from the trip. Thank you for your help along the way.

ScreenHunter_49 Jan. 26 08.36

Diana & Piere Tisserand–France

We would like to thank everyone at ClimbKili for making our climb up to Kilimanjaro so amazing! We come away with memories which we will cherish for a lifetime. Everything was well planned and organised right from the start when we first made contact with Tiffany Watson at ClimbKili. Tiffany organised our trip and answered all our questions promptly and was always very helpful. Even while we were on the trek she made sure that our families were well informed of our progress daily! This we much appreciated. On arrival at Kilimanjaro airport we were picked up by David the ClimbKili driver and taken to our accommodation. David was very friendly and informative! At the Summit and Safari lodge, in Arusha we were met by ClimbKili staff Caroline she ensured that we had all the information we required and were comfortable. She was always very helpful and ready to assist – we really appreciated having her there! We were then introduced to our head guide Godbless for our climb up to Kili.

We would like to say a very special thank you to Godbless, our head guide, Francis our assistant guide and the whole ClimbKili mountain crew! They always ensured that we ate enough and drank enough water and were comfortable. The food was great and our Chef Samehe always surprised us! We learnt so much about the culture and flora and fauna which we really value. We had a successful summit the morning of 17th January and we couldn’t have done it without our fantastic guides GodBless and Francis! We will highly recommend ClimbKili to our friends and family!

Asante Sana!
Diana & Pierre Tisserand

ScreenHunter_50 Jan. 26 11.02

Margaux Shrader–US

I chose ClimbKili for their summit success rate and their safety measures. Since I was climbing alone, I wanted to be sure I climbed with a reputable company. I chose the 8 day Lemosho route and do not have a single regret. Kili is a challenge, but well worth it. Climbing with the right company is a must, as that can greatly impact your climb. I highly recommend Climb Kili — prep was thorough, guides and staff are amazing, food was great…so many details that were taken care of. Make sure to bring gear that keeps you dry, and no cotton! Even if you have a camelbak, two water bottles comes in handy, especially at night, when they are returned to you with hot water to keep you warm! Remember to take plenty of pictures — the mountain is breathtaking! And…though I was a solo climber, I joined a family with teenage boys. If you are thinking of bringing your teenagers, do it — those kids did great!

ScreenHunter_48 Jan. 26 08.35

Bob Corscadden–US

Great 8 days of trekking with Climb Kili. Definitely a trip of a lifetime. Our Guides (James, Good luck and Rueben) and the entire staff were knowledgable and very attentive to the needs of our 7 person group. If you want a safe and well run adventure, then Climb Kili is your best bet.
Take the Lemosho route to help with the acclimatization process. An extra day makes a big difference!
Summit day can be hard, especially going down. That’s where the Guides make a big difference. You need a team that really is monitoring the group and providing aid when needed.
One thing I did not count on was the fact that the protein bars I carried become hard as bricks the higher we went. Wish I had brought GU along.
Great experience with a great group of people!
Enjoy and do something amazing in 2016!

ScreenHunter_47 Jan. 19 14.07

Dale Hoffmann–US

My husband and I, both mid-50s, successfully summited Mt. Kilimanjaro via the 8-day Lemosho route Dec. 30-Jan. 6 with Climb Kili. There were five other trekkers in our party, ranging in age from 22 to 72, and everyone reached Uhuru Peak (highest point)! Our Climb Kili guides (James, Good Luck and Reuben) provided great support and preparation every step of the way and deserve a lot of credit for our collective success. We were very compatible personality-wise and skill-wise with the other trekkers in our group, all unknown to us prior to the Kili adventure. Climb Kili also handled a 2-day safari we took after the trek as well as transfers to and from the airport and hotels, all without a hitch. This trip was a large step outside our comfort zone, and we couldn’t be happier with how well everything went.

ScreenHunter_48 Jan. 19 14.07

Samer Hajjar–Dubai

Climbing mount Kilimanjaro was hands down the best experience of my life, and Climbkili made it all happen. Very professional guides, cooks and porters, excellent logistics and food made our ascent ever so memorable. Big thanks to our main guide Seraphine, and his assistants Augustine and Thobias who delivered on their promise to take us all to the rooftop of Africa! Highly recommend climbing this magnificent mountain with

ScreenHunter_48 Jan. 19 14.08

Hernando Nieto –US

Climbing Kilimanjaro is the dream of many, certainly a dream of mine, and a dream that was completed on 1/5/16. My friends and I selected Climb Kili for the journey and through two terrific guides, Method and Serefi, we were all able to successfully reach the rooftop of Africa.
Climb Kili does an excellent job of preparing meals, carrying all the equipment and ensuring that everything is setup by the time of reaching camp at the end of the day. Climb Kili includes as part of their price a private toilet, which is highly recommended considering the state of the camp site toilets.
Summit day is by far, the most straneous, as you walk about 12 miles total on this day. We started the ascend at midnight and arrived at the peak at 7:15am. I struggled around 5am, and needed the help of our guide carrying my bag, to get to Stella Point. The temperature that morning was about 17F, with a very strong wind which made it between 5 and 10 degrees colder. The peak is remarkable and an awesome experience, we do wish we could have stayed longer up there, considering we spend seven days to get there, it would be great to spend more than half hour there.

Climb Kili highlights: Our guide Method was excellent, he was very accommodating to our needs, was OK changing the route based on our needs, helped carry our bag when we got tired, and also helped my friends look for obsidian rocks that they wanted to take back home to their kids. Method was very willing to answer questions and was easy to talk to, although at times there seemed to be a light language barrier. Method also took us on a day hike after we had arrived to our camp and we got to visit the Shirah Caves, that was pretty neat and worth the extra 45 minute hike. He also measured our heart rate and oxygen level every morning and evening to ensure we were doing OK. I would HIGHLY recommend booking with Method.

Overall i highly recommend Climb Kili and would book with them again. Their summit lodge is pretty good resort although some rooms have some defects, such as working hot showers. Food prices is very reasonable and the staff has drivers available to go tour the city.

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a life accomplishment and all i have is great memories from this adventure.

ScreenHunter_46 Jan. 19 13.24

Imad Brohi — Saudi Arabia

Climbing Kilimanjaro is one of the best things I have done in my life. My initial reservations and questions were very well answered by Tiffany and I was on board. I met Herment our lead guide a day before the hike and he helped us out with the gear. Herment spoke very good english and had all the qualities of a great expedition leader. He was calm, composed and had great knowledge of the mountain. Every day our dining tent would be ready when we would arrive at the destination camp. Food quality was great for the mountain. Climbers were helped by the guides whenever situation demanded. At several points our lead guide would stop and explain us the geology of the terrain which was extremely interesting. I may climb Kilimanjaro again with another route and I would definitely do it with Climb Kili. Attached a picture I took an hour before our final summit push from Barafu camp.


Urs (2)

Urs Klee — Indonesia

Thanks again for the great organization of the trip and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously.
Attached are a couple of pictures of our trip.

Kind regards,


Kelly K — US

One of the most amazing journeys i’ve ever accomplished in life. Climb Kili from beginning to end made my trip an experience of a life time. A huge huge thanks to all the porters and my guides James Ruban and Asanta for an adventure I will never forget. “My brothers from another mother” I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. 7/7 we all made it! Thank you so much Climb Kili hope to see you again!!!


Dennis and Mary Pat James – US

What a wonderful experience! Our Kilimanjaro climb was truly inspirational. Special thanks to our guides Raymond and Dustan, and all of the cooks and porters. We climbed on a very busy week (full moon with an eclipse), and we truly felt Climb Kili was the best team on the mountain. The photo safari was a nice way to relax afterward, and Livingston made sure we didn’t miss any of the sights. The accommodations at the lodges were also first rate. Thanks to all the wonderful Climb Kili team. I’ve attached a photo to include. We used our climb to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We called it a “Mountain of Hope.” We’re shooting for $19,341 by December. So far we’re at $13,000 and climbing!

Zalewski (2)

Dan Zalewski — UK

Thank you for an amazing adventure. The climbing crew and your staff were top grade. I would strongly recommend your company.


Ron Mason — US

The entire trip was amazing — very well organized and coordinated. I can’t say enough good things about Amari and James. They were very patient, encouraging and helpful.

ScreenHunter_43 Oct. 09 15.50

Rob Webber – US

Eleven of us climbed with Climb Kili and had a terrific experience. Tiffany was awesome with communication and answering our many questions. Going into the hike we were very well informed. Emanuel was an awesome guide. He spoke very good English and was flexible with our requests. He also did a good job informing us of what our day-to-day schedules would be. Climb Kili was also excellent at addressing issues that you inevitably encounter on a hike like this. For example, one tent had a zipper that was stuck and would not close. When we brought it to Emanuel’s attention we did not see the tent again (not sure what happened to it!) Overall I would highly recommend Climb Kili for your Kilimanjaro hike!

ScreenHunter_43 Oct. 09 15.49

Mike Wong – UK

I had a great time climbing Kilimanjaro and was absolutely satisfied with my experience with Climb Kili. I do not have any second thoughts about choosing this company and would happily recommend it to others. The guides and the entire team were extremely professional throughout the entire process. They were very friendly, accommodating, and it was evident that our well-being was always at the top of their mind. I personally felt comfortable the entire time – and it was clear the hike was well organised and executed.

Based on our result – had a wonderful experience, with no regrets!

Sturm (2)

Rachel Strum – US

We all thought the porters did an excellent job! Not only did they actually carry some of the climbers at times, but they stayed with us to make sure we were okay. Joseph, our lead guy, was amazing! During the last few days, he would split us up into two groups, which really helped everyone progress at their own pace. He also moved in between the groups, making sure the people in the front and back were doing okay, he has tons of energy! I was very impressed with him and the other assistant guides and of course the porters as well. Our cook was fabulous, the soup was delicious! I loved the fruit as well and wished we had a little more of it because it was so refreshing. I think my gear really helped me to be comfortable during the cold nights and hot days, so that is definitively something that prospective climbers should take very seriously – especially their sleeping bags. I rented a sleeping bag and it worked out very well.

ScreenHunter_43 Oct. 07 12.55

Allison Bentley – Australia

We will never forget our time on the mountain – Doug and I have travelled extensively around the world, but both said afterwards that this was by far and away the most rewarding and amazing thing we have ever done in our lives. So thank you!

What an amazing experience we had! I cannot say a bad word about Climb Kili – everything was wonderful from the first time I emailed you. And I have so much respect and thanks for the porters and guides who made the trek with us – they were unbelievable. The entire Lemosho track was amazing – the way the scenery changed each day kept us motivated and excited. And I have never before stayed in campsites with such incredible backdrops and views!

Below is our favourite photo from the summit. I have one with our guides also, that I love too, but it was still dark when we reached the top so it didn’t come out as well. This one was taken after we waited 10 mins or so for the sun to rise.


Andrew and Laurie Weldon – Canada

We won’t describe our personal experience up and down the mountain other than to say it was truly one of the most outstanding trips of our lives. We will however tell you about the experience and its amazing staff. Firstly we are not connected with Climb Kili in any way other than having hired them to act as our guides on our various recent excursions in Tanzania. The staff are truly outstanding. From Tiffany Watson in the head office in the US to the welcoming staff in Arusha to the guides and porters – they are all amazing. We used ClimbKili for our Kili climb, our Mt Meru climb and 2 safaris and some down time in Zanzibar. Every staff member was professional and genuinely cared to ensure that we were having the best and most complete experience. Due to a family illness back home, we had to leave Tanzania before our trip was over. Tiffany expressed sincere sympathy for our family troubles and was instrumental in helping us reorganize our schedule and affairs under very tight time frames. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have someone like Tiffany help you out in a foreign country when the truly unexpected happens back home. We can’t thank you and your staff enough for everything you did. You are truly one in a million.

Pjedsted (2)

Bjarke Pjedsted – Dubai

Thanks for a great trip. We both agree that we can definitely recommend Climb Kili.
We had a great trip with a great group and would specially like to thank Seraphine and Japan for being good guides.

Added some pictures of the trip

ScreenHunter_43 Oct. 07 12.47

Sanja Prohic – UK

It was an amazing experience !!!! The guides and all the porters did an amazing job!!! We are very grateful for their help. Both John and Frederric were very knowledgable, professional and encouraging the entire time. Also extremely attentive and helpful without any overbearing whatsoever.

Emanuel safari guide was also awesome found the best spots to stop and watch animals and we didn’t feel rushed by any means so it made for a good safari experience despite my luggage fiasco . Otherwise it would have been great except the whole luggage thing.

Thank you again for all your and your teams help esp. Caroline in Arusha with accommodating our changes and helping with my level of frustration with Ethiopian Airlines!

Searle (2)

Alison and Luke Searle – US

We had a fantastic trip and could not have been happier with the guides and our experience on Kili, it was really unforgettable. The safari and Zanzibar were also great and I appreciate all of your help with answering questions and helping with coordination.

Andrew (2)

Jeremy Andrew – New Zealand

Ive attached a very treasured group shot, we have other group shots but this also includes James and Reuben and for good reason – they were absolutely awesome along with Frederic and the team plus porters, these guys just simply made our trip and I couldnt speak highly enough of them. The fact you can barely see Reuben under his hood sums up just how cold it was, James estimated it to be minus 25 not taking into account windchill… From right to left you have Rueben, Jeremy, Michele, Jordanna, Carme, Jo and James. Dan who made up the sixth member of our group made it about an hour later with Frederic who did such an awesome job to see Dan got there.

All in all 10 out of 10 for the Climb Kili Tanzanian crew. Thanks for your help & information, and your emails were gratefully received by Meesh’s parents and my sister & brother.


skelton (2)

Joe Skelton – US

The climb was fantastic & the guides & porters made it even more special. Thanks for a great experience. The Safari was even better than any of us expected. The accommodations were excellent. Attached is the photo at Uhuru Peak with all the climbers & the guides. (Back Row from left: Good Luck Minja (head guide), Joshua Able, Guide, Guide, Jay Burgess); (Front Row from left: Jennifer Richmond, Joe Skelton, Francis (Guide) & Glenn Able) Thanks again for your help in making this trip spectacular.


Stephanie Losee–US

I recommend Climb Kili wholeheartedly. I heard that choosing a local guiding service would make all the difference, and it did. Emanuel and Veda were perfect in every way, and the staff made an arduous experience almost luxurious at a reasonable price. I still can’t believe they set up a lunch tent on the top of a 15K-foot rise during a hailstorm. The meals were delicious and every single member of the staff was stellar. I ended up booking my after-climb safari with them as well and it was just as wonderful. Even the between-trip day of attractions in Moshi. Every detail fabulous. I’m a single traveler, so to be able to choose my dates regardless of set trip times made all the difference. Don’t keep Googling–this is the one for the mid-priced traveler who wants an authentic experience.


Allison Bentley–Australia

We will never forget our time on the mountain – Doug and I have travelled extensively around the world, but both said afterwards that this was by far and away the most rewarding and amazing thing we have ever done in our lives. So thank you!

What an amazing experience we had! I cannot say a bad word about Climb Kili – everything was wonderful from the first time I emailed you. And I have so much respect and thanks for the porters and guides who made the trek with us – they were unbelievable. The entire Lemosho track was amazing – the way the scenery changed each day kept us motivated and excited. And I have never before stayed in campsites with such incredible backdrops and views!

Below is our favourite photo from the summit. I have one with our guides also, that I love too, but it was still dark when we reached the top so it didn’t come out as well. This one was taken after we waited 10 mins or so for the sun to rise.


Sanja Prophic–UK

It was an amazing experience!!!! The guides and all the porters did an amazing job!!! We are very grateful for their help. Both John and Frederric were very knowledgeable, professional and encouraging the entire time. Also extremely attentive and helpful without any overbearing whatsoever.

Emanuel safari guide was also awesome found the best spots to stop and watch animals and we didn’t feel rushed by any means so it made for a good safari experience despite my luggage fiasco . Otherwise it would have been great except the whole luggage thing.

Thank you again for all your and your teams help esp. Caroline in Arusha with accommodating our changes and helping with my level of frustration with Ethiopian Airlines!


Diane Wang–US

Climb Kili was absolutely amazing. I loved Joseph and his team – they were wonderful and I felt like we had the best team out of all the other teams climbing Mt. Kili!!

I am sending a picture of us on the summit. Thanks for everything!!


Jennica Johansen–UK

We traveled as a family of 6 to Kilimanjaro in December of 2014. From the start, the tour company, Climb Kili was very helpful. They answered our MANY questions promptly and put us at ease with any worries. They organized our 8-day trek up Kili and then a 3-day safari. The Kili trip was truly unforgettable! The mountain crew was very friendly and accommodating. We enjoyed getting to know them and their families and they were extremely helpful and calming. The head guide, Raymond was very knowledgeable and had established a strong crew of individuals. We were able to go to any person and they were able to help us. A few of us struggled with altitude the last day and prior injuries, but the crew was very patient with us and supportive. The food was very good and we enjoyed coming to a hot meal every day-it was truly a luxury! The tents were also great. I would recommend hiking with Climb Kili to any group that is looking for a comfortable, supportive group of individuals with years of experience.

ScreenHunter_35 Jun. 17 13.26

Sam Altman–US

The experience was fantastic. Joseph was an extremely knowledgeable guide and made the trek possible for us. The entire team of porters was incredibly hard-working and friendly. I will strongly recommend Climb Kili to anyone I know who is considering a trip to Kilimanjaro, or a Safari. From the time we were picked up at the airport, the entire trip was well planned and well executed. Thanks!  Attached is our favorite picture from the summit!

ScreenHunter_34 Jun. 17 13.19

Quinton Brinkley–US

I enjoyed the entire experience. Everyone climbing with us…from the porters to the chef to the guides, was always exceptionally nice and made sure we were taken care of, excellent service. James and Goodluck were amazing guides and I’m glad we chose Climb Kili.

ScreenHunter_32 May. 31 11.16

Eric Wheeler–US

Katie and I made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro! Our tour through East Africa was quite the adventure that included traveling by bus through Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We went rafting on the Nile River, saw beautiful wildlife and explored Kampala. We’re happy to be home, but recovering from major jet lag. Thanks Climb Kili for guiding us to the top!

ScreenHunter_32 May. 31 10.46

Charlotte Rudolph–UK

I couldn’t have asked for a better tour operator. Everything was well planned and I was very well looked after.

Our tour guide Vincent and his assistant guide Emmanuel were honestly the best guys ever! They were always concerned with our wellbeing. Especially Emmanuel – he has so much potential and his interpersonal skills are excellent!

The photo below is my absolute favourite with all the porters and my summit pic!This would not have been possible without our superheroes. Myself, Surrender (middle) and Loveleen (left) in the picture.

Once again thank u so much for everything.

ScreenHunter_32 Mar. 25 11.18

Barry Walcheck–US

I have a lot of great pics, but attached is a summit picture, but I think my favorite is sunset at Shira Camp facing Mt Meru in the distance.

Again many thanks to the ClimbKili team. I had a fantastic time on the climb, and I believe I can speak for Jim and Sue as well when I say the experience was epic from planning to summit. Our guide Emanuel and assistant guide Good Love did an outstanding job leading us during the climb and really made the assent possible. There is no doubt that they and the crew went above and beyond the call of duty throughout the seven day trek. We also appreciated Magumbo’s mountain culinary talents and Sistis for serving us like a champ. From having hot drinks ready at the tent first thing in the morning to serving our meals, always with a smile, he was the best. We enjoyed the crew immensely and loved interacting with them and they were very good natured as several earned new nick names as we got to know them. I will never forget the crew singing for us and Abeaudi, playing guitar and singing for us before and after the climb. Kudos to ClimbKili! It was an awesome trip and one that I will not soon forget.


ScreenHunter_32 Mar. 25 11.07

Bryan Labadie–US

I have wanted to climb to the “Roof of Africa” for some time now, and carefully screened many qualified climbing/tour companies before I decided to go with Climb-Kili. Wow, did I make the right call! My booking agent (Tiffany) took care of everything pre-climb, and provided accurate, concise information about arrival and lodging.
My guide was like family to me….he cared very much about both my health and safety, but showed me how to progress, and adjusted our pace so that I would have the best chance to reach the summit. All of the porters were caring, friendly, and hard-working to make life as comfortable as possible during the climb…and comfort is hard to come by at extreme altitude and environments. The food was good and plentiful, the tents set up ahead of us, and the friendships made with fellow climbers will last a lifetime. Everyone in my group reached the summit, I doubt this would be the case had we had a different group of professionals leading the way. Thank you, Climb-Kili!

Byron Labadie
Tulsa, Oklahoma

ScreenHunter_32 Mar. 25 11.02

Brian Renzi–US

Andrew S., Andrew W. and I wanted to express our extremely positive opinions of our time in Kilimanjaro.

All three of us agree that the guides and porters who helped us to summit Kilimanjaro went above and beyond our expectation. The lead guide, Joseph, was extremely caring and genuinely wanted to see us be successful. He and his team, including Rizwan and (younger) Joseph were expert mountain guides and allowed us to achieve our goals. The porters and cook staff, including Daniel and Bogie did their absolute best to help us feel comfortable and cared for to the best of their ability. Thinking back, their effort was even more appreciated knowing they did all this while also hauling bags and preparing camp & food at 15,000 feet. We would ask that you share our positive feedback with the team as it is important to us for them to know we still appreciate and miss them. Its likely our paths may not cross again with them, but they will continue to be in our thoughts as the experience of climbing Kilimanjaro was one we will not forget.

A special note of thanks must also be given to Philimore (sp?), Andrew S. and Brian’s guide on the safari. He was extremely punctual, knowledgeable and seemed as excited as we were whenever we came upon any of the amazing animals while on safari. He made us always feel comfortable and showed us more of the Tanzanian landscape/wildlife than we expected for only having three days.

A final note of thanks to Gideon and his team who made sure they were there for us when we landed and ready to go when it was time to leave. Obviously, having that comfort of arriving/departing on time always makes a long journey easier. Lastly, we sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping us get this trip going, being very communicative throughout the process and affording us transparency related to the final costs. That helped us make our initial decision in choosing Climb Kili. We were spot-on with our choice and are glad we did.

Best wishes,

Andrew Schorr (Fat Baby)
Andrew Wintner
Brian Renzi

ScreenHunter_30 Mar. 02 16.19

Daniel Gallagher –Ireland

I did the Lemosho route which is one of the longer trails. The team of porters&guides were friendly, pleasant and always happy to help (one day, I was so tired after the days hiking that I locked my keys in my duffel bag-one of the team had the bag open within a few minutes using a rusty nail he found on the ground!).This really made the experience a lot more enjoyable.

Climbing kili was a lot harder than I expected-I suffered serious altitude sickness on the summit day and stumbled slowly most of the way up. I doubt that I would have reached the summit without the support and encouragement I got on that last day.

If at all possible, the climb kili guides will get you to the top of the mountain!


ScreenHunter_31 Mar. 02 16.20

Lynda Moncrief –Canada

I couldn’t be more happy with Climbkili staff. Guides and porters were second to none.  I have spoken very highly of your company and feel confident that through my recommendation, six people who will be climbing together early 2016 will be using you.  Emmanuel has a gift with people. Food was great. All staff went above and beyond to make our climb fun and memorable.  I will continue to recommend you in the future. Thank you everyone.


ScreenHunter_30 Mar. 02 16.20

Joe Miller — US

Climb Kili went above and beyond my expectations. The climb team was excellent, though there was some trouble with finding porters because it was new years eve on the first day of the ascent. The team still managed to get uson the climb on time and to the top. One of the porters became ill and our guide was still able to get everythingto the top. The safari was wonderful too. The staff was all polite, knowledgeable and made sure I was comfortable.

The operations manager found other activities for me on the final day while I waited for my flight. It was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you again for all your help and patience helping set the trip up.


ScreenHunter_30 Feb. 24 15.18

Sarah Thompson –Bermuda

I do hope this finds you well. Please find attached my picture on top of Kilimanjaro! All the best to your ClimbKili crew. I appreciate all that they did for me.

ScreenHunter_30 Feb. 24 15.16

Jillian Brooks –US

Ya’ll have got to trek Kilimanjaro with Climb Kili! I did the 8 day Lemosho trail in early January 2015. My experience was amazing, you could even say life changing. Let me start by saying the mountain is beautiful. Unfortunately I went at the end of the rainy season, so the weather was not perfect. Nonetheless, it did not make my experience any worse. I am glad I did the 8 day trek, as I only had minor altitude sickness (a headache) during the summit. Our group only had four people in it, and three of us successfully summited.

Each day is set up the same. You are woken up with coffee in bed–missing that!! After you change and pack your bags for the day, you head to the mess tent for breakfast. After breakfast, you’re off to the trail. Daily hikes varied from 3-7 hours. We would hike every morning and have lunch when we got to our next campsite. This means long hikes some days. Once you get to camp and have lunch, you will have some free time. We ended up using this time to nap a bit. Some days we did a short hike later on to acclimatize. Every evening we had tea time, followed by dinner. The food everyday was great. I hope you like soup because you will have it for almost every meal–but it was so good. After dinner, we would hand our chef our empty water bottles to be filled with boiling water. This little trick will keep your sleeping bag toasty all night!

The staff were great. Tiffany, the program manager, assisted me in finding the right trek for me. She put me in contact with other solo trekkers who had completed Kili. Everyone had good things to say. The guides were also amazing. They were quite literally the reason I made it to Uhuru Peak. They always had the best spirits and tended to carry my day pack a lot (let me tell you how nice that was!!) What I liked the most about our guides was how knowledgeable they were. They knew everything about the mountain there was to know. I got a crash course in plants and wildlife during my hike. They also made an effort to interact with us on a personal level. We spent many nights sipping hot chocolate and sharing stories about ourselves. The porters were also amazing. Apparently Climb Kili uses mostly the same porters during their treks & pays them well.

Climb Kili was a very budget minded excursion, which is why I picked it. It was priced middle of the line, but came with many “luxuries”. For instance, we had a toilet tent. Trust me you want this! The price also includes the hotel the first and last night.

I was a bit nervous to trek alone in a country I had never been before. Not once did I feel unsafe or uncomfortable. This was by far the best experience of my life! To anyone interested in climbing Kili, do it, and do it with Climb Kili!

ScreenHunter_30 Jan. 20 14.20

Nevena Evtimova – UK

We had an amazing time, the team was amazing! Everyone did a great job and they made it so easy for us to reach the top. Special thanks to Emanuel and Veda without whom we wouldn’t be able to make this dream come true – they were extremely supportive, they carried our backpacks for a few hours on the night of the climb when we were sooo tired. They became family to us, we really hope we’ll meet them again one day.

Oh, I need the cook’s recipes! :) His meals were fantastic! We’ve never had a better appetite in our lives!

I’ve attached a picture from the top for your hall of fame :)

Oh, one more thing – the Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge was AMAZING!!! The meals were absolutely FANTASTIC and the whole atmosphere on the inside was superb, the room, the view… Apart from reaching the summit, staying at this lodge was our next favourite part of the trip!
If we ever decide to do another safari, or even climb Kilimanjaro again, we’ll definitely get in touch with you! Thank you again for all your help!


Aaron Wallace–Australia

My experience with climb kili was amazing and I have only positive feedback for the company. All of the staff, equipment and food exceeded my expectations. I have attached a few photos as it is hard to choose just one.


Mark Zheng–US

I had a great experience with Climb Kili. The staff was very friendly and took good care of us, both on the mountain and back in Arusha. Our mountain guide Frederick in particular was attentive and knowledgeable; I felt like we were always in good hands. Frederick motivated us and kept us confident, but was also very tolerant of how slowly we went and was flexible about the itinerary in order to adapt to how we were feeling. Everyone in our group made it to the top despite varying levels of fitness, and were in good enough shape to enjoy it while we were up there. The ceremony the staff put on when we came back down to Mweka Gate was a nice touch too. Our safari guide and airport driver, Emmanuel Duttu, was also wonderful. We had a very engaging conversation the whole way from the airport about Tanzania. During the safari, he knew what he was doing and made a good effort to show us the best scenes. For example, at Ngorongoro Crater, even though we were a bit rushed for time, he took us to a remote part of the park where we saw a herd of water buffalo chase some lions for a memorable end to our safari. And on our last day in Arusha, we met someone who turned out to be a former Climb Kili porter who was now studying rural development. He guessed that we were with Climb Kili, had a great impression of the company, and gave us an unexpected city tour to end our trip with.

I’ve attached my favorite picture from our Summit Day.

Rebecca (2)

Rebecca Teal–Canada

I honestly cannot say enough about the Climb Kili team. From the moment I arrived and met Gideon and Emmanuel to the mountain crew led by James, it was non-stop care, concern, companionship, and generosity. And Douglas’s food! I’ve effectively stolen some of his recipes. I loved learning about all of their families and the local culture. I’m also in steady communication with the founder of the orphanage I visited (we even got together for lunch to take a few of the older children out on my last day, which was lovely).

So, thank-you again. And if there’s any additional feedback that I have, it is to ensure that James receives the highest of recommendations. He put together a team that exceeded my every expectation, held Climb Kili to the utmost of standards, and became a friend.

Sincerely, Rebecca Teal


-Deng Xuchao –Singapore

This was an amazing experience for me in my life. Thanks to the excellent planning of Climb Kili, my summit was smooth and successful. My guide Netod and his team took care of every single detail during my climb. They gave me powerful support both physically and mentally on my way to fulfill my dream. Netod is a fabulous leader. He is good at tour organizing and team management. You can feel strongly that he is the one you can rely on. He also has a very good knowledge about Kilimanjaro, from a small plant to all the routes available. I would like to recommend Climb Kili and their mountain staff to anyone who is planning to climb Kilimanjaro in the future.

Deng Xuchao

ryan (2)

-Ryan Swanson –US

Emily Comer and I thoroughly enjoyed all that Kilimanjaro and Climb Kili had to offer. We’ll definitely recommend this to our friends! I’m attaching a photo of our summit for the summit hall of fame.
–Ryan Swanson

Alicia (2)

-Alicia Christenson –UK

Some of my favorite pictures during the summit. Thanks for coordinating this amazing excursion. We had a fantastic time.
Thanks again,
Alicia Christensen


-Sammie McDearis –US

I just wanted to tell you that the whole trip was the best experience of my life. I truly had the most amazing time and everything was flawless from start to finish. Seraphine was an incredible guide and took such great care of us, as well as “L”, Teacher, Douglas,and Joaquin, to name a few. Every single staff person was highly attentive to us, super nice, and helpful. The trek was such a magical experience and I really don’t think it would have been so wonderful if we hadn’t chose Climb Kili. There were several guides from other companies taking their clients back down the mountain but they were also ones that rushed and passed us on the trail. I thought it spoke volumes of the guides direction that all 7 in our group reached the summit. Also, we couldn’t have had a better group to hike with. Nick and I just loved spending time with everyone and not even once opened a book, ipad, or kindle. John, our safari guide, was such a knowledgeable and kind person too. We had the best time with him and saw so much. We loved that we saved the safari for last because it was a more relaxing experience. My favorite part of the safari was the tented lodge! That was the coolest thing I had ever seen and was much nicer and comfortable than the resort in Arusha! The food and accomodations were excellent and the staff were just amazing. Anderson was such a great host and made sure we knew that whatever we needed we could have. We enjoyed sitting around the campfire and asking John to be our translator to the Masai warrior that was there. I will never forget the experience, people, and emotions I had while I was in Tanzania. It was just remarkable and I want to thank you for organizing such a flawless trip for us. I can’t say enough good things about Climb Kili! I attached a summit photo of Nick and I and a photo of us back at the gate. I had on 6 layers up top and 5 on bottom! I was nice and toasty :)
Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!! It was perfect!


ScreenHunter_20 Oct. 22 16.09

-Clark Woodcox –US

I was fortunate enough to have Climb Kili as my outfitter for my Mount Kilimanjaro adventure. I had done a lot of research about all of the different companies providing packages for the climb and am so grateful to have selected Climb Kili. One of the primary reasons I chose to go with Climb Kili was the small group size. I wanted to enjoy the adventure without feeling like I was in a herd. Climb Kili did not disappoint. Our group was comprised of four and with the small size we were able to take our time to appreciate the scenery and really get to know each other and support one another during the trek.

Our guide Good Luck was AMAZING!!! I cannot speak highly enough about this man. He was knowledgeable, HILARIOUS, always concerned about our health, and a joy to be with. On our summit night he was so aware of how each of us was faring and went out of his way to make sure we were all doing well and that we all had the best chance of making the summit (I did summit!!)

If you are thinking about traveling to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro call Tiffany and her team at Climb Kili. From the time you contact them until the day you sadly leave Tanzania you will be blown away about the way the experience.

ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 22 16.18

-Andrew Weiss –Australia

When you decided to summit Kili you would have started your research and had hundreds of hits from different operators all claiming to be the best. I narrowed it down to a few and Climb Kili was the number one choice. After perusing the informative website and sending off an enquiry Tiffany responed quickly and with heaps of information. The promptess, informative responses, the providing for single travelers and the high summit success rate won me over. Soon after booking I received in the mail a very thorough info pack including a fitness program and beanie.
I settled on the 8 day Lemosho route in September this year. Seraphine our guide and his wonderful assistants, the cooks and the amazing porters ensured the party of 6 reached the summit. ‘It’s just a big hill’ in the words of Seraphine and with that in mind and their concern for our welfare and encouragement got us all to the top.
A wonderful experience, finished off with a Climb Kili 4 day safari made this a trip of a lifetime.
Don’t look anywhere else, try Climb Kili

ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 22 16.10

-Sterling and Sue Foreman –US

Just returned home after visiting Europe on the way back and want to thank you and Climb Kili so much for all you did in organizing the trip. It was a fantastic experience to share with the other members of the group. The head guide, Emmanuel, and all of the staff did a stellar job in setting up our camps, keeping us well fed and getting us to the summit and back. They did an especially good job in monitoring the group on summit day. The entire staff were very friendly and very enjoyable to be with and I would like to thank them so much for making the climb a very memorable one. Climb Kili will be highly recommended– Thanks again-

ScreenHunter_20 Oct. 22 16.10

-Casey Gee –UK

I had the time of my life in Africa! Here’s a picture of me on the summit.

ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 22 16.12

-Frank Garza –US

I had a great time with Climb Kili and have nothing but positive feedback. I’ve attached a picture of me at the top.
I also wanted to let you know that I produce a podcast and I featured my climb on the latest episode. I mentioned Climb Kili and the great experience I had. I thought you guys might enjoy listening to it. Here’s the link:
Thanks again for all your help!

ScreenHunter_21 Oct. 22 16.15

-Chris and Stephanie Tezak –US

Stephanie and I had a wonderful time in Tanzania and great time overall on the mountain and during the Safari. Our guides, James, Rueban and Anderson were absolutely fantastic. James’ briefings were always thorough and helpful and all the guides on more than one occasions lent an helpful hand to the group. In addition Douglas’ food was far and away better than what we expecting for food on the mountain, and Gaston was the most adept of hosts. Also, Mary and Carla(?) were very helpful in dealing with Jeff’s lost luggage situation and our cancelled flight (on Precision Air) in trying to head to Zanzibar.

We had a great time and we would recommend Climb Kili to other folks who would consider making the trek, and definitely hope they have the pleasure of getting guided by James or Anderson.

Thanks very much
Chris and Stephanie

ScreenHunter_16 Oct. 03 10.16

-Jacqui Simpson –Australia

I have just returned from climbing Kilimanjaro via the Lemosha Route with Climb Kili-an awesome experience. I initially selected Climb Kili due to the prompt assistance from Tiffany in the office, and this was confirmed by other trekkers in our group.We had fabulous guides-Seraphine and his team- and a wonderful group of porters. I was also fortunate to have a fabulous group of fellow trekkers-who will remain friends. Our whole group summited-3 of us are 50+years- thanks to our spirit and the diligent care and assistance of the Climb Kili guides. I highly recommend Climb Kili for an amazing experience climbing this mountain.

ScreenHunter_16 Oct. 03 09.52

-Richie Auter –Hungary

I just want to say that we thoroughly enjoyed our experience.  The Climb Kili itinerary and system was perfect.  Everything was well organised, well communicated and well executed.  The staff who helped us in Arusha were kind and timely and took us around the city on our open day.  The climbing crew were awesome.  Joseph and all of the rest of the guys were really great and everything went exactly according to plan.  They kept us safe, kept us entertained and made our trip a lot of fun.  I would definitely recommend (and already have) the company to others looking for a similar adventure.  Attached is one of our favourite summit pictures for you to keep and use.  Thanks again for all your help as well.

ScreenHunter_16 Oct. 03 09.51

-John and Mia Farrell –US

My husband and I went with Climb Kili for our 8 day trek on the lemosho route up Mt Kilimanjaro. Tiffany Watson was absolutely wonderful. She answered all my questions promptly and was so helpful in planning or holiday in Tanzania. We were met at the airport after a long trip from San Diego, CA and drive to Arusha to stay at the SGRESORT which was very nice and comfortable. The next morning we met a climb Kili staff member to see how we were and to inform us of our briefing and offer to take us to see the town of Arusha for the day. We met the rest of our group for the trek. There were 8 of us from USA, Canada, and AU. All the Climb Kili staff were so nice, fun, and helpful. Word of advice research and try out all of your equipment! And if you do forget something shop in Arusha before you had up the mountain. Our main guide Seraphine was awesome!! He has climbed the mountain over 250 times with hikers aged 10-83. His nickname is “Mr. 100%” and that is his #1 goal. To keep you safe, healthy, and make the Summit. I practiced Swahili for a few months before we went and Seraphine and the other guides especially Emanuel had fun teaching me new things. The mountain was beautiful and humbling. Kilimanjaro challenges you physically, mentally, and spiritually. One day after a long cold hike with rain, sleet, and snow Seraphine could sense we were down and he finished our nightly briefing with singing us a beautiful song to lift or spirits. We had three hour meals per day that were geared to give you the exact nourishment you need to stay healthy. The food was good and there was always more than enough. We successfully and safely summited and we could not recommend Climb Kili more!

ScreenHunter_17 Oct. 03 10.17

– Craig W –UK

Did my Machame route Climb of Mt Kilimanjaro and 3 Day Safari with ClimbKili in August 2014 everything went smoothly , The guides and Porters had everything under control on the climb and were friendly and helpful, the final ascent is challenging but very satisfying when completed. The amount of animals on the Safari was great and very pleasing to see them relaxed and not disturbed by the the curious crowds getting up close for a look our ClimbKili driver did very well to get us a view of the Big Five. Also spent few days on Zanzibar which was very relaxing Stayed at the
Z Hotel.  It was a great Trip and no Problems Recommending ClimbKili for your Adventure.


-Ray Hom –US

I just returned from my Mt Kili summit with ClimbKili on 15 Sep 2014 and have nothing but fine compliments for ClimbKili.
From the beginning to the end, everything went smoothly. The booking process, email communications, exploring options, finalizing the itinerary, scheduling rides to and from JRO airport, daily briefings during the trek, etc.
The guides (James, Reuben and Anderson) and porters were fantastic and were always there by your side. I lost my balance a few times and Reuben and Anderson were right there!! The porters were great. They were the last to leave camp but the first to arrive at our next camp. They had everything set up by the time we arrived.  What can I say about the food except that it was abundant, varied and tasteful. The soup, porridge and main meals were hot and filling. There were times when I didn’t have an appetite but that was mainly due to the DIAMOX and altitude and I did force myself to eat because I needed the energy.  I also added a three day safari onto my agenda. Once again, ClimbKili did not disappoint. The food, boxed lunches, lodgings, etc were more than adequate and a nice change of pace from sleeping in tents!! The overnight stays at Kilima Valley and Ngorongoro Lodge were fine.
There is no hesitation in recommending ClimbKili as your outfitter for the Mt Kilimanjaro trek.
Raymond (

donna (2)

-Donna Hidalgo –Canada

After intensive research we decided to go with ClimbKili as our outfitter for climbing Kilimanjaro via the Machame route. Booking was easy and questions were answered promptly. They send you a very good information packet prior to the climb which proved to be very helpful. You can also rent equipment from them (we rented sleeping bags and trekking poles). Transfers were smooth, there were no logistic issues when we arrived (except for a slight oversight on a safari we booked in advanced, to be reviewed separately). We had our team meeting debrief the day prior to leaving for our hike on schedule.
We were lucky enough to be grouped with 6 other individuals from different backgrounds. We ran into many larger groups during our trek and considered myself lucky to be in a small group since you’re guaranteed to get to know everyone intimately including the porters and guides.
The hike for me was tough, I was likely the weakest link in the group but no one made me feel rushed and I always felt encouraged along the way. The highlight (second to reaching the summit) for me was the crew (guides and porters), so friendly and always made us feel at home. They reminded me that they were there for us, to help us as much as they can. Emanuel was our lead guide and I can honestly say that if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have made it to Uhuru. He helped me both physically and mentally. Summit night was very cold and he even lent me one of his layers, he will go the extra mile to make sure the trip was a success. He is very good at what he does and both my husband and I trust him completely. Veda and Chichi, other guides, were also always there, you can sense they kept a close watch on you and making sure we are doing fine. I was worried about altitude sickness but I somewhat left that at the hands of the guides, as long as you listen to your body and communicate how you are feeling to them, you will be fine. My advice is to listen to your guides, make sure you eat (even if you lost your appetite), drinks lots of water, look down, and of course, pole pole. The rest of the crew was icing on the cake, from the ‘waiter’, Joseph, who took care of us while on camp, to the chef, Magambo who always had a big smile. In the end, we all made it to the top, and we celebrated accordingly with traditional songs, at one point, even the park ranger joined us. What fun it was! In my opinion, what makes a trip great is not the trip itself but the connection you make with strangers who end up being friends. Making it to Uhuru was emotional and life altering but thanks to our new friends, Emanuel and the crew, they made this challenging feat fun and unforgettable.

dennis (2)

-Dennis Phillips –US

Just back from a successful Mt Kili climb to 19,341 ft with my son ! I will tell you this: ClimbKili is the best outfit out there from my view. not only is the trekking team knowledgeable, friendly, and competent, but they actually care about each individual hiker. From the US staff, to the Tanzanian Trekking guide team (Seraphine, “Japan”, and Emanuel), we could not have had a better experience. And to boot, the food is surprisingly good too, who would have thought? ! With no hesitation, I recommend ClimbKili if you think you’d like to summit Kili. Take from a group who just did it, they are the best !
And, afterwords we took a 3-day Climbkili safari out to Serengeti and Ngorongoro, also the best !! They took great care to ensure we saw animals galore, and had great company and accommodations too!


-Sunjata Wiese –UK

My husband and I just returned from climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro via the Machame route (7 days/ 6 nights). The experience was unforgettable, in great part due to Climb Kili. They had quality equipment for rental (the airline lost my bag, so I rented a sleeping bag and gaiters) and the service of the guides and porters on the mountain exceeded our expectations!

Our communication with Tiffany from the Climb Kili office in the U.S. was frequent and helpful prior to our departure. She promptly answered questions regarding what was included in the cost, tipping guides and porters, scheduling, equipment, and other general information.

Once on the mountain, our guides (Good Luck, God Bless, Amani and Natodi) were extremely attentive, positive and encouraging – frequently checking in to make sure we were comfortable with the altitude and pace of the climb. We had 4 guides and 26 porters for 7 climbers. They briefed us nightly on the following day’s hike – what to pack and what to expect. They even carried our day packs on summit day when every member of our group was too tired to carry their own! The porters were efficient, polite, and simply impressive. They had our tents, bags, drinks and snacks all set up by the time we arrived at each camp. Every morning, they brought hot tea and a bowl of hot water to our tents, and another bowl of hot water each evening. The entire mountain staff was full of energy and enthusiasm.

Tents and sleeping bags (with a fleece lining) were warmer than expected (in below freezing temperatures, hail and snow). Food was tasty, varied, and abundant at each meal. They encouraged us to eat quite a bit to keep up with the calories we were burning each day. A private toilet tent for our group was very pleasant compared to the public restrooms at each camp.

Overall, the experience was amazing and the staff was fantastic. I would highly recommend Climb Kili for couples, groups, and individuals!


-Elizabeth Windfelder –US

Thank you so much for an adventure of a lifetime!

When my 17 year daughter said she wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for her high school graduation gift I thought she was crazy. After countless hours of research we found ClimbKili and knew it was possible. We were the only 2 scheduled for our climb and I must admit I was very apprehensive and Tiffany assured me that we would be 100% safe and she was absolutely correct. She was extremely helpful and answered my numerous silly questions throughout the planning process. Everything went smoothly without a hitch from making the reservation, the airport pick up to the climb, and then on to the safari.

We chose the 7 day Machame route and the climb was extremely difficult and challenging for me as I have never hiked a day in my life. Thankfully, we made it to Uhuru Peak on June 4, 2014. Our guides, Meckson and Frank did a great job in assuring our safety and I’m not so sure I wouldn’t have made it without them. They and our 10 porters were phenomenally strong, extremely friendly, always smiling and shared stories about their lives and families.

After climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (I like saying that because let’s face it, how many people out there can actually say that?) we went on a 4 day safari with ClimbKili. It was simply amazing! Our driver/guide was Eliamini AKA Eli and he was very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, clean and he smelled great! :-) The Lodges along the way were unbelievable and the service was spectacular.

My daughter and I are extremely happy campers and we have nothing but positive wonderful magical memories from this whirlwind adventure.

Asante Sana, ClimbKili!


-Heather Bumgarner –United Arab Emirates

The trip was an absolute blast, we made it! (see photo)

ScreenHunter_15 Sep. 03 21.27

-Ann Kemble –US

We did a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro and a safari in August using ClimbKili for both. Everything about both the climb and the safari was handled to perfection. During our planning and preparation, the communication excellent. They promptly and patiently answered all of our questions. From the moment Emmanuel picked us up at Kilimanjaro airport to when he dropped us off for our flight home after safari, ClimbKili staff were there when they were supposed to be and handled all the logistics flawlessly. When you are on a mountain in Tanzania, you need to be able to trust the people taking care of you, and the ClimbKili mountain staff was amazing. The guides, Goodluck, Francis, Amani and Godbless know the mountain so well, and were able to anticipate our challenges and help us through them. They were friendly, funny and caring. The camp & kitchen staff who took care of all of our needs in camp did an amazing job.

About the climb itself: We did the 7 day Machame Route. Beautiful and different every day. Terrain was everything from muddy steps to rock scrambling to loose sand….up and up and up. This is not just a hike. It’s a climb at high altitude, and it’s harder than most literature led us to believe. The days on the trail were challenging, beautiful and fun (mostly.) The experience of looking out at the vast landscape as you ascend above the clouds is awesome.

There are countless reputable safari companies, but we chose to use ClimbKili for continuity and had a great experience. Once again, logistics were smooth and service was flawless.

Train hard for your climb! Call ClimbKili and ask all your questions. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

ScreenHunter_15 Sep. 03 15.51

-Tonya Nimlo –US

We climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in September 2012 (Lemosho Route) and again in August 2014 (Machame Route). Both times we used and both times we had unforgettable experiences. In 2012 my husband and I reached the summit so we decided that we wanted our 15 year son to have the same experience. That’s why we did it again in 2014. Choosing Climbkili for the second time was a no brainier. Being able to call and talk with a person was quite refreshing. They put our minds at ease and always answered our MANY questions and always came through with our MANY requests. There are many reviews which outline the various routes and what to expect but I’ll simply state that it’s an experience of a lifetime! On our second trip we did an eight day Machame trek in which we stayed overnight at Crater Camp. On both trips the guides were first rate and everything went smoothly. Based on our two trips with Climbkili we would not hesitate to recommend them. Put your worries aside and give a call, and again, they will be there to answer your call.

ScreenHunter_15 Sep. 03 15.43

-Michael Hardy –US

Now safely back in Chile after the fascinating Africa expedition we undertook during August . We did the climb , the safari , visited Zanzibar , Cape Town and Victoria Falls in Livingstone . All this over almost 4 weeks .

All the pretrip process is very thorough and extremely useful . The preparation recommendations , list of equipment and general information is complete and relevant .

Climb guides and porter team are excellent . In our case ( Serafin ) was outstanding . Well experienced , serious , well organized and friendly . He showed great criteria and professionalism when faced with my son Patricks altitude sickness . All in all , the climb experience was very good and only suggestion is improving the tents of the common areas ( dinning ) .

Safari also very entertaining and enjoyable . Vehicle used very good and guide efficient and knowledge .

Thanks for all your help in what was a great trip . Will definitely recommend Climb Killi to anyone asking on a similar trip. Kind regards, Michael

ScreenHunter_15 Sep. 02 20.14

-Umang Sharan –US

I had a great time in Tanzania. The group was fun, Nelson, Lariki and all guides and porters took great care of us, and the mountain was breathtaking (quite literally at times :) Thanks for organizing this trip, I’ll definitely be recommending ClimbKili to my friends in case they are interested.
I’m attaching one of my pics from the summit. Best,–Umang

ScreenHunter_15 Sep. 02 20.09

-Dave Barnett –South Africa

Thank you so much – everyone at my 70th birthday party in March thought I was crazy when I announced I was taking it on but it’s one of the best things I have ever tackled and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Your mountain staff led by guide Fraterni were fantastic and really supportive every inch of the way – my sincere thanks to them all – they were great people.

You must get lots of photos of guys at the top but my favourite that I have attached is of my grandson who got me a big cheer in the arrivals hall of Durban airport on my return with his sign “my grandpa just climbed Kilimanjaro”.

Kindest regards

ScreenHunter_15 Aug. 25 16.05

-Corey Baird — US

This was hands down the best trip I have ever taken! One of my co-workers, Gus Ladja, recommended ClimbKili and I am very glad that I went with you. Your staff was very friendly and knowledgeable giving us every bit of information and time needed to make a successful climb. I would highly recommended ClimbKili to friends and family.
Attached is my summit pic.
Thanks again!
ScreenHunter_15 Aug. 07 15.19

-Karen Tobeck – New Zealand

I would like to thank climb kili for the wonderful experience my family had. I don’t think we could have been better looked after and informed all the way along the process. It took me a long time to choose who to climb with and every day we were saying ” we chose well”. Great guides, great food, as good a facilities as possible under the circumstances. Great consultation which resulted in us changing our schedule slightly for the better. Without the great assistance we may not have summitted. I was really pleased with the packing lists etc we received beforehand and if anyone asks I will tell – you need it all, It was so important to have all the gear. We were very lucky with the weather a little rain on days 1 and 8 but otherwise beautiful sunny days although cold morning and night which is to be expected. We had no snow and the mountain was very kind to us. I have posted two photos to the climb kili Facebook page, I can’t seem to add to an email on my iPad but I will try and send them to you separately. Again I can’t thank you and climb kili enough for helping me achieve my dream. Our safari was great as well. Cheers


-Curtis Mcanally – US

We had an incredible trek and we all made it to the top!!! Can’t say enough about climbkili and the crew!


– Skip O’Neill – US

My daughter and I just completing a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro (Summit Day 6/30/14). We chose ClimbKili as our trek company and couldn’t be happier. In total there were 6 people in our group; 3 groups of two people each. All six of us were able to summit through the 7 – day Machme route. The support we received from Saidi (chief guide) can not be matched and I for one probably would not have made it to the summit without his compassion as well as encouragement during the summit morning/day.

In total there were 3 guides and 18/19 porters for the six of us and we were very well taken care of in terms of accommodations. The friendly faces as we entered camp each day helped to take the edge off from the daily grind of the trek. Upon reflecting on the experience, it was the hardest thing I have ever done and I did the Ironman triathlon in my youth and summit day was equally as hard. You can’t train for altitude and the guides did a good job of ensuring that we acclimatized during the first 5 days so that we were somewhat ready for the 19,365 feet. You can not go wrong booking your trek with ClimbKili, the preparation materials helped to guide us through a training routine that lead to our successful ascent.


– David Shoulder – UK

We had a great time and were very pleased with the outcome. We are currently writing a blog about our experiences – and this should be finished next week. However I can say we have nothing but positives to say about climbkili and will be recommending your services without qualification. I would also like to say we had a wonderful trek leader in Goodluck Minja. He was outstanding – a man of dignity, empathy, character and experience – a great asset for your company. I attach a proud summit photo of Mike and I (Mike on the left).

Thank you again


-Andrew Bosserman – US

Our guides and porters were great. Would definitely recommend climbkili to others.


-Pam Dowell & Karenne Michaelaides – Australia

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for organising our trip with ClimbKili. Seraphine and his team took amazing care of us on the mountain, especially when my legs gave out on a couple of occasions. I’m sure I wouldn’t have made the summit without the assistance of all three guides. The porters also did such an amazing job, they were friendly, helpful, courteous and strong!! Our safari was also fantastic. We loved our overnight stay at Kilima Valley, where Anderson and his team made us feel very welcome. The homemade bread was amazing! And those beds….if there were lions on our doorstep roaring, we didn’t hear them! As soon as our heads hit those pillows, we were out to it! The only issue was that our stay was too short. It was such a contrast to the larger Ngorongoro Wildlife Lodge. Our safari driver, Aladine, was also very knowledgable. He was also very patient whenever we wanted to stop and take photos. Thanks again for assisting us and making this such a memorable holiday.


-Karla and Steve Hall – Canada

Everyone on our trip was fantastic! It was beyond what we expected! We even had some issues and delays with our flights and it didn’t seem to even phase the drivers and Lillian that there was a new pick up time, with only a few hours warning we had a driver at the airport waiting for us! The hike was epic, the guides and the porters were all very nice and friendly. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to camp again we were spoiled so much! :) I had some altitude issues and I never once felt rushed or like I was a bother to the guides. I’ve attached our “Just married and on top of a mountain” picture! The safari was also amazing, the coordination between everyone in Tanzania was brilliant and smooth. We never felt like we didn’t know what was going to happen or where we were to be. Still to this day when we tell people about our honeymoon (now known as our marriage adventure because that was not a honeymoon!) we can’t say enough good things about everyone that was involved. Our guide (Jeff) was fun and full of usefull tidbits! We managed to see EVERYTHING on safari. Our guide kept going on and on about how lucky we were! The accommodations were also amazing!
Thanks to Lillian, Goodluck, Francis, Baboo and Jeff, along with all the porters, the cook, our drivers around Arusha for all they did for us! We cannot say enough good things about the whole experience!


–Alejandra Loa – Mexico

I just climbed mount Kiliamjaro, we summit on March 22nd. Climb Kili did an extraordinary work on this journey. We did the 7 days Machame route. It´s an incredible scenery route, everyday with a different view. Great food! great tents! great staff! Our guides did an exceptional job!
Thanks to Climb Kili for helping me to reach Uhuru peak! the highest in Africa! After the hike, we did 2 day safaris, also with clim kili as our guides, great Safaris! It was the Africa experience all the way.


–Larry Daughtery – US

I recently organized a large group of 36 climbers for a Mt Kilimanjaro climb to raise money for a nonprofit called Radiating Hope, a charity with an aim of improving access to cancer care around the globe.
I chose ClimbKili as our service provider and could not have been more pleased. I had researched them fully online and was impressed by their track record of safety and success of over 90% of their clients reaching the summit.
ClimbKili was top notch in every respect. The meals were fantastic. The staff was extremely knowledgeable and attentive. The guides were both fun and hilarious. My entire group had an amazing experience. We had climbers ranging from as young as 13 to as old as 69. All had a wonderful experience.
There are probably cheaper alternatives out there, but when you get to the mountain it becomes very apparent that going with a major company like ClimbKili is worth every penny. You don’t want to gamble on safety over a small cost savings. If you want the best, this is definitely the service provider to use.


–Steve Connolly – US

ClimbKili team,
I just wanted to say what a great experience we had climbing Kili with your team and going on the safari afterwards. We absolutely enjoyed everything and felt like our mission was very successful. Our disabled vets really felt like they accomplished a lot throughout our time in Africa. It was a demanding, exciting and unforgettable experience for them that was what they needed to complete their rehabilitation.
It was great to meet Nickson and the rest of the ClimbKili team. Emanuel and his team did an amazing job for us. Although, one of ours did not make the summit, it was not for the lack of effort. With his particular above the knee amputation, it was just too hard for him to continue on in the snow and rocks. He still feels like he accomplished a lot, which he did. Kisha probably would not have made it to the summit had it not been for the extra attention that assistant guide, Dallas, gave her. He really was able to keep her going and pushing towards the summit. As I feared the descent would also challenge us greatly and it did. Again Emanuel and his team was there to assist our vets with the lengthy descent. I don’t know how we would have gotten down the mountain without their assistance, it truly was a great team effort.
Our safari was so nice and relaxing after the big climb. We were so glad we had the three days to do that and the hotels we stayed at were first class.
Here is some info we wrote on our blog about the summit:
And here is what we wrote about the safari:
Again, we cannot thank you and your staff enough for such a great journey. We will be sure you are mentioned in our documentary.


–Rami Amir – Canada

Climbing Kilimanjaro was a great experience, a childhood dream come true, an item on my bucket list fulfilled.
Your outfit, Climb Kili, was excellent, right from the start email’s were answered quickly and to the point, your prices are fair, your internet site is clear.
The transportation to and from the airport was on time and the Hotel in Arusha was A1.
To top it all Nelson, our guide, and Larik, our assistant guide, were very good and really made an effort to make us feel good and have a good time.
All around a fantastic experience that will stay with me forever.


–Brandon and Kathryn Guinn – US

Our trip was wonderful and the staff certainly made it that way. All the guides, porters, cooks, etc. were wonderful. Frederick and Eli were great; we can’t imagine having better guides. I’ve attached a couple of our favorite pictures.


–Rowanna Rowe – Scotland

I would like to take this opportunity to say that Linsey, Martin and myself had the most amazing time in Tanzania and were delighted to summit Kilimanjaro together. We are hugely grateful to the Climb Kili team who looked after us so well – everything from safety to equipment to encouragement to every detail was excellent. Linsey and I had done a lot of research before selecting Climb Kili and we were not disappointed. We were so well looked after and had a really enjoyable time with the team, it was a wonderful experience.
Thank you very much.
Best rgds


–John Doherty – Bermuda

In short the trip was perfect, the team(s) mountain & safari were both excellent.
The tented camp you had us stay at whilst on safari, with Anderson & the family was a trip highlight for me. I have stayed at hotels all over the world, but in the words of a friend of mine I have never been made to feel like a king, and the camp team certainly managed to do that.
The climb was exciting and fun albeit a little tough on the last day because of the earlier snow storm. The mountain team took care of everything for us they could not have been better. At the summit I was so happy I did not even feel the cold.
Please see attached photos, I am not the one who looks like a ninja.

ScreenHunter_10 Feb. 19 21.33

–Faye – UK

I am a big fan of Climb Kili!Our trip was planned perfectly with an 8-day Lemosha climb and a 2-day safari and I couldn’t have hand picked a better group of six people to share the journey with!
Joachim was the waiter and cook. He brought hot tea to us in the morning and made delicious meals for us. I had a gluten free menu and it was always delicious!
Jurnuor was the Tent Coordinator and he would greet us from a long day of hiking and show us to our tent. He treated it as if we were at a five star hotel! We were always so exhausted but he made us smile everyday! It truly was the little extra things the men did that made such a difference in our day!
Good Luck was our main guide and he was always so happy and kept everyone motivated. He always knew what was needed and he made sure everyone’s needs were addressed.
The guides make it their job to get you to the summit. They are physically and mentally the strongest people I have ever met. Yet they have such big and open hearts. Most of all, they are absolutely selfless! If it weren’t for Amani and Francis, I would still be at Barafu. They did everything to give me comfort summit night. At one point, Francis sat me down and I thought he was going to say I wasn’t going to make and we were going to turn back (at that moment, it sounded like a great idea!) Instead, he pointed to the sunrise and said, “It’s one hour to Stella Point”. I knew I could do that and his encouraging words were exactly what I needed to motivate!
Getting to Uruhu with our whole group was amazing! For months I obsessed about getting to the top of the mountain and when I got there I realized this journey was not about the summit but the people you are with and the ones that get you there.
I absolutely love all the men from Climb Kili. The porters and the whole team are filled with such joy and kindness! Even the bus ride back to Arusha was so much fun! We were with all the porters and they were no longer working. We were just friends looking at pictures from the week and learning more Swahili. Love you guys!
Thank you for the best time ever!


–Leandro, Cresio & Carlos – Brazil

I would like to say that we had an amazing experience on the mountain last January.I can’t tell you in words how much happy we are. I’m attaching my favorite picture to your summit hall of fame.
Thank you very much


–Pia, Mia, Erik and Max Morandi – US

We had a great time climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and loved the safari as well! Both were absolutely amazing experiences that we are sure to treasure for the rest of our lives.We couldn’t have been happier with the staff, organization and arrangements made by Climb Kili. On the mountain we felt very well looked after and directed by the guides Saidi, Josef, Chichi and G-love – we really enjoyed their company. Saidi is a very top class person. The rest of the staff was also very attentive, friendly and helpful, I’m sorry not to have their names. We had a great, enjoyable climb with minimal or no effects from the altitude, thanks to Josef’s steady pace.
The safari was so much more than we expected. Our guide, Alladin, did a great job taking us around, he was very knowledgeable and we learned a great deal from him, not only about the animals but also about Tanzania and its history. It was a pleasure to spend few days with him.
He was able to find animals and situations that we never would have dreamed of seeing.
We loved Kilima Valley camp, it’s a beautiful, special place and very well done with attention to detail. I wish I had had few extra hours, or a day, to enjoy it – I just wanted to sit on the front porch, enjoy the peace, take in the scenery and read a book. The staff took very good care of us and were lots of fun.
We all want to return and do it all over again.
Thank you for all your work to make our trip such a success,


–Shree Sinha – US

August was fantastic as a guide, and I can’t thank him enough for making sure I could summit! Here’s a picture of us together on Uhuru.


–Vi-An Le – US

I just got back from one of the most epic journeys of my life. I climbed and made it to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and it was spectacular. I went in mid December with Climb kili and wouldn’t change a thing. We had a memorable full moon summit with the most breathtaking sunrise I’ve ever seen. We saw beautiful green valleys, monkeys in the rainforest, streams/waterfalls, rainbows, amazing sunsets/sunrises, glaciers, and just amazing scenery all around. Climb Kili guides were really great and took care of us the whole entire trek. I was especially thankful for evance, laric, and good luck for getting us safety up the mountain. The chef was very accommodating and the wait staff were superb (elirahem and Douglas). I loved tea time and snacks! Those porters all worked hard to make sure our things were set up and taken care of by the time we reached each camp and they even lugged a personal toilet up the mountain for our group. It was pretty unreal what a great crew we had and was thoroughly impressed. I would definitely recommend Climb Kili to other travelers and want to go back and climb the mountain again with my sister. I’m also inspired to climb more mountains now! The views are out of this world
I made a video post trip:


– Joanne Pembroke – US

We has a fabulous time, it was an amazing experience, although the summit was the most challenging thing we’ve ever done! We ended up in a blizzard snow storm near the top, with gale force winds and pelting snow that felt like was truly horrendous! We actually wanted to turn back as it was so painful, but our guide pushed us to finish, and in retrospect, I’m glad we did, although there was no beautiful sunrise, or views
Everyone on the staff was excellent, from the porters to the guides. Nelson our guide was great, but Larrik the assistant guide was fabulous! Although he was quiet, and didn’t know as much English, he was very kind and patient, and it was him that got us to the top he even carried my backpack when it got really steep, as it was so heavy and was giving me trouble in the pelting snow!
We had a little trouble on the descent all the way down due to snow, frozen water, bad knees, but he remained patient and didn’t make us feel like we were holding him up. We will be forever grateful to him for keeping us alive and getting us to the top!!!!!
The safari was also great. Nykson was so nice, felt comforting to have him check in with us and give us the plan. Our guide Andrew was also great, fabulous English and found us lots of animals!
So, we were very happy with the entire trip, your company from my first e-mail all the way through to completion. So, thank you for everything, we would definitely recommend you to others.
Also, it was really helpful in the packet that you gave guidelines for tipping, as we had no idea what was expected and gave us a base with which to start.
Thanks again for everything,


– Daz & Lynn Rudd – UK

From the hours of research of the hundreds of companies out there offering treks to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, we finally chose Climb Kili. It was definitely the right choice. We booked with the local office and everything was taken care of for us from start to finish, and the Climb Kili staff in Tanzania were only a phone call away if we needed them.Our guide was Jackson, with Coleman as the assistant guide. They were excellent, as were all the lovely porters. The whole team had great knowledge of the mountain and were all friendly and joyful. This helped make our trip.The mountain is huge, the scenery was spectacular and we both made the summit to see the sunrise. What an awesome, once in a life time experience it was, and one we shall remember forever.We had a 3 day safari after the climb which was brilliant. We saw everything we wanted to see apart from a cheetah and a rhino. They must have been hiding somewhere! The lodges were outstanding, the food choice excellent and John our driver/guide was brilliant – he was extremely knowledgeable about all the animals and the area.Our only regret was not adding 3 – 4 days in Zanzibar to completely rest and unwind.
Thank you to all at Climb Kili for making our trip a memorable one. Without you it wouldn’t have been possible.
If you are thinking about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, we seriously suggest Climb Kili – you won’t be disappointed with the professional service they offer !

Chad Lewis-Tedy Bruschi Kilimanjaro

–Chad Lewis & Teddy Bruschi – US – Superbowl Champions

Thank you for doing such an incredible job for our trip. You were a superstar! We loved getting to know your staff and your brother Manu. He is such a great guy. We also loved getting to know the other guides Ragi, Dustin, Chi Chi and Damien. They were all awesome. you guys all went the extra mile to make sure we had a great hiking experience. One of the things that set you apart from the other guide services was how you would sing each time we came into camp. It was a little gesture, but it was one of the coolest parts of the trip. We loved coming into camp each night and watching Tembo sing and dance with all the porters and guides. Thank you for your patience in working with our group. You were so good to the Wounded Warriors. It was a trip that we will never forget.


–The Baade Family – Australia

We had a fantastic time climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. We will definitely be recommending ClimbKili to all our friends and family. Frederick, Haji, Emmanuel and all the porters were absolutely amazing.
Having talked to a lot of other trekkers along the way, ClimbKili was clearly outstanding when it came to equipment, staff and safety. We did not meet any other trekkers that had their oxygen levels tested every morning and afternoon to ensure their ability to continue on.
And the food was amazing. Every meal was exceptional. We noticed that it changed as we got higher and closer to summit night with more carbohydrates to ensure our success.
We had 6 in our group and everyone made it under very trying conditions. We were especially proud of our kids Mitchell aged 16 and Kelly aged 14 who did it easily.
Thanks again. You guys are amazing.


–Jason & Ashley Amsel – US

We just returned from our trip, and I just wanted to let everyone know how impressed we were with the climb kili staff in Arusha. We were picked up perfectly on time. The pre-hike briefing took place exactly when they said it would, and everything on the hike was incredible, especially our guides Chi Chi Baba and Fedestro (I believe his given name is Honest). They were amazing- there really aren’t enough words to describe how happy we were with them. Fedestro was amazing on summit night- I really felt very safe with both of them- something I probably couldn’t say if we’d picked another company. They really were cautious about us falling and/or getting altitude sickness- which I really appreciate.The safari was also incredible. Our guide Moosa was like a professor- we swear he knew EVERYTHING! Anyways, thanks again for organizing such a great trip. If we do end up coming back, We’ll definitely book through climb kili again!


– Gulsum & Ozgur Urpek – Istanbul

We’ve just returned back to Arusha, after 8 days of adventure that we’ll remember forever :)I would like to let you know that we were VERY pleased with all of the ClimbKili staff, especially our lead guide Raymond and assistant guide Dustin. They were instrumental for us to get through periods of doubt and struggle, and were fun and professional at the same time.Thank you very much for a flawless organization, and please extend our thanks to your staff as well!


–Bill Cook – US

My girlfriend and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route. After many hours of researching climbing outfitters, we decided to use Climb Kili. We could not have been more happy with our decision. As soon as we arrived in Arusha, our guide was there to greet us and go over our itinerary. Another great aspect of Climb KIli was that it is the same price for one person or if you have a large group. We did not want to be combined with other people, so their pricing allowed us to have a small group. Other outfitters charge over $7,000 usd for just one person. Our guides were amazing. They were very knowledgeable, as they have spent the majority of their lives on the mountain. With their mountaineering skill set and knowledge of the mountain, we could not have had a better match. They truly helped make Mt. Kilimanjaro a perfect adventure. We will never forget our time in Tanzania and on Mt. Kilimanjaro. We owe a lot of our great experience to Climb Kili.


–Tom Lawler – US

Can’t tell you how much we enjoyed our time in Tanzania – thanks in large part to you and your gang in Arusha !


–Karl Mulleady – Ireland

Everyone with climb kili was perfect, especially Saidi, Joseph and all the porters cooks and other guides on our climb their professionalism was excellent and they were superb at their jobs
Jon on the safari was superb also
Thanks again for everything and I am just relieved I made it in time for the climb as it was touch and go there for a while with my flight been cancelled in Zurich


–Shaun Collins – US

I had a great time and the trip was a huge success. The best part of the trip was the amazing porters and the diverse group of people I hiked with. I’ve become fast friends with some and we’ll always have that experience together.Thanks!


–Nicole Hoey – Ireland

This was an experience I will never forget and I was anxious to make it to the summit, reading several reviews on altitude sickness. It is purely a stamina, endurance and psychological challenge. I am relatively fit and enjoy long distance events such as 20km runs and 100kms cycles and this benefited me greatly.
I chose the Machame route 7 day trek and made it to the summit on the 02nd of October with the support from Good Luck, Francis and Good Love, our enthusiastic guides and with the company of two great new friends, Tony and Sandy, whom I met on joining the Climb Kili trek.Booked the trip from the 26th of September to the 02nd of October. I was expecting the route to be far busier with trekkers but apparently we were lucky and had just missed two very busy weeks with it being rather quiet on ours. I didn’t know what to expect from the weather but we had a great spell of weather with blue clear skies and brilliant views each morning, fog rolling in during the evenings and only one afternoon with rain. The nights did get cold and when the fog rolled in it could get quite cold too but as long as the rain kept away I was a happy camper.I packed plenty of snacks and cereal bars for the trek, too much I found, but I was glad to have the extra snacks to share with our guides throughout the day. They always appreciated being considered when sharing snacks.The food provided by the cook was more than adequate considering the facilities available for storing/cooking food. There was always plenty of hot water for tea/coffee/hot chocolate, hot breakfasts of porridge, scrambled eggs, omelettes, sausages, toast, hot lunches/dinners with soups, chicken, pasta, stews, pies, and the special vegetable sauce which was yummy, and fresh fruit for dessert. There was always a variation in the menu and we were always left pondering over what type of soup we would get with cucumber soup being the first soup dished up to us! If anything, I thought I’d be the first person to come down off Mt Kili with putting weight on!Highlights included:
• Reaching the summit
• Having great companions, guides and porters
• Some spectacular views
• Learning bits of Swahili and Kili songs from the guides
• Tasting some local dishes such as the Tanzanian porridge and Chai Masala
• Meeting and chatting with other trekkers and guides along the way
• Climbing the Great Barranco Wall
• Looking back down over the city night lights of Moshi during the summit climb
• The night sky on the clear nights
• Sunrise each morning and watching the sun climb up over KiliAsante sana Francis, Good Luck, Good Love and the Climb Kili team


–Timothy Ford – US

We had a great time, and Climbkili’s planning made it all the better. We were really blown away by how well we were treated for the duration of the climb. Please see the attached picture of our group.


–Sue Hudson – Australia

We made it! We have been back in Oz for a few days ..what a great place Africa is!
I have attached a photo of us at the top. I must say, we thought we were pretty fit, but we definitely needed the support of Raymond, Jackson and the crew to get there. What an amazing group of people they are! I don’t know that you could get better than someone like Raymond to lead a group. I would highly recommend ClimbKili to anyone who planned to climb the mountain. We were so impressed with EVERYTHING! If I was silly enough to climb it again, I would definitely go with you guys .. but I don’t think I am that silly .. not sure that I need to put my body through that again! However, I am glad that I did it, and am VERY glad to have chosen ClimbKili! Thanks for all your help with organising it.
All the best to you and everyone at ClimbKili.


–Jo Ann Monnino- US

Just completed an 8 day Lemosho climb with Climb Kili. From the first day we contacted them regarding the trip, through the climb, the safari and finally to airport drop off, they were fantastic. Our US contact, Tiffany, was amazingly responsive to every silly question we could pose. Our drivers (Emmanual, Gabriel) and contact (Lillian) in Arusha were always where they said they would be at the time they said they’d be there. Our climb team was fabulous – Saidi, Joseph, Chichi and G-dlove all worked together to provide us the best experience on the mountain, and in my case, personally made sure that I reached the summit, and never entertained the doubts that were growing in my head from day 3. They made us work hard, but with purpose and our whole group of 8 successfully made it to Uhuru Peak in good health. We were treated like a family the whole way, and we always felt like our well being and comfort were Climb Kili’s highest priority. Our four day safari with John was amazing – his experience and knowledge of the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park, and his ability to find even the smallest animals made the trip magical. I will treasure this experience always – and luckily, with John’s expert maneuvering, I’ve got great photos to go with my memories. All accommodations throughout the trip were good too, including camping on the climb – our chef created some pretty amazing meals along the way. (I was pretty impressed when I realized one of the porters was carrying around a crate of fresh eggs from camp to camp, would have assumed we’d be getting the powdered version!) I cannot recommend Climb Kili enough – I am just so glad that we chose them.


–David and Nadia Baladi – US

Jambo!What a trek we had!! Wow- the Climb Kili team is something very special! From the “stomach engineers” to the waiter to the porters to the guides (James & Meckson) and especially Lilian, our God-sent coordinator, Climb kili rocks!!!
Thanks again for all your help! I will be recommending Climb kili without hesitation to all my adventurous hiker friends!! :)


– Vlad Lodoaba – Romania

The trip was so incredible, I loved it and I would probably like to go back in the future, maybe to engage in a different adventure.
Everyone was very attentive and warm and they helped us make it to the top! Dastan, Paully ans Manuel, our guides were knowledgeable and willing to answer any silly questions we might of had, also providing detailed descriptions of the places we saw. Simon cooked great food and Evansy did a great job setting up all the meals and feeding us. Lillian was in touch with Dastan throughout the climb and was very accommodating with any requests.
Benjamin on the safari did a great job, he seemed to know a lot about the wildlife, and he was very patient with us! My favorite Benjamin quote: “The buffalo is very delicious for the lion” :))
Best wishes and thank you for everything


–Katherine Jeter – US

As you assured me it would be all was in good order. We were cared for impeccably on the climb by Emanuel Moshi and his team. Snga and G-love were personal porters for Anne Dignam and Karen Zobro respectively. Both women were delighted and appreciative of their assistance. I was assisted by Daniel Kilango as a favor to our daughter. I can assure you I never would have summited without Daniel and I don’t know what Emanuel and his guides would have done with me without Daniel. Five months after pneumonia requiring a ventilator was a naively short time to take on such a gargantuan adventure.The food on the mountain was excellent. Nickson was a genial host and he gave us a thorough briefing at the SG Resort Hotel before we left. His welcome home celebration on the 20th for all the Climb Kili guests was delightful. The menu and the entertainment were splendid.The safari was everything we could have wanted. All the animals showed up and showed out. Our guides, Jeph and Moses, were knowledgeable, responsible, and fun. The photographers among us were thrilled every day. We all enjoyed our two nights at the Kilima Valley tent camp.
So commodious.Thank you for ALL your coordination of our disparate group. You got us off to a good start and the 10 became a tight and cooperative unit in a very short time. It was too bad that altitude prevented Anne Kampf from summiting but she, of all our people, was the best sport about it. The guides gave her great accolades for making it to Stella Point.Like all other climbers, we will be talking about this for the remainder of our days. Hats off to Climb Kili. We would recommend Climb Kili to everyone.Warm regards and thanks to all,


–Sladjana and Boris Jovanovic – Canada

we are back home and want to thank you for helping organize our trip to Tanzania, we had the best time ever and will certainly recommend you to anyone heading down.


–Linda and Ron Uhle – US

I want to thank all of Climb Kili for putting together this trip for us. Everything went very smoothly. We were picked up at every airport and transported to our hotels and airports as planned. I was also impressed that my vegetarianism was communicated to the guide for our climb, as they were well prepared for us. We had a tremendous support group helping us up the mountain… our guides and porters were all top-notch, and we enjoyed getting to know all of them. Overall,
Climb Kili is a first-rate company, allowing us to have a trip of a lifetime!
Once again, thank you so much! We had a dream vacation! Here is our photo.


–Jennifer Suppa – US

First of all, the last couple of weeks were amazing! ClimbKili did a
fabulous job! I absolutely loved my mountain guides Raymond and Philip,
and Ernest was an awesome safari guide.I started thinking about my next trip back already! Tanzania really is a
gorgeous country.


–Heidi Scheid – US

We had a great time and our lead guide, James, was awesome! We loved all of the support staff, too….the porters, cook, assistant guide, everybody really made the journey enjoyable. I will definitely recommend Climb Kili to people who want to have an amazing experience with wonderful people.I’ve attached a picture with our 2 guides. From left to right, it’s Hergard, Heidi (me), Linda, Lindsay, James.


–Andrew Knott – UK

My thoughts and some recommendations on selecting a trekking company and a route for Kilimanjaro. I have been climbed and ski mountaineering in the Alpes, Hymalayas and Scotland so when I decided to have a go at Kilimanjaro with my 18 year old son I did a lot of research based on finding a company that would give the best chance of success, safety and a good route. Whilst there were a number of contenders we picked ClimbKili and this turned out to be an excellent choice. Proper research is seldom wasted.The pre-climb pack was excellent and well written. It covered all the areas that you would expect and some that you might not but all communicated the same enthusiastic and informative way that was apparent throughout our time on the mountain. Read this and be guided by their recommendations and you should have a good chance of succeeding.On the mountain and beforehand at the briefings the guides were excellent. What does this mean – they managed to approach each person in a suitable and appropriate fashion for their character, ability and mental state (claiming the anxious etc). All the time ensuring that each person was well and was making progress (physically and mentally) in the right direction. On the summit night their care and encouragement was exemplary and as a result we added to this team’s 100% summit success record. This did not involve physically dragging anyone up to the top – although we did see evidence of this, but ensuring that they were prepared and ready for the final push. We were a mixed group ranging in age from 18 to 61.On summit night you will climb “polee, polee” (slowly, slowly) for 6-7 hours in the dark with the tempature at -18C (0F)! Our guides were brilliant and they had added one more assistant guide just in case. Some companies were heading up with one guide for 6-8 climbers which is fine as long as everything is OK all round but if somebody had had an accident or could not go on because of the altitude what would happens? One down, all down or leave the victim alone.The route is an essential choice. Spend as long on the mountain as you can manage. It will simply increase your chances of submitting. Avoid the 4/5 day routes straight out from Moshi – they are quicker and cheaper but the chances of reaching the top are correspondingly less. I have a colleague who was green with envy at our success as he had dashed up from Moshi and promptly failed with projectile vomiting 2,000 feet from the crater rim! That said there are those who will not suffer as much from altitude sickness and may get to the top by this route, but why take the risk.Lemosho is a longer trek but gives decent time to acclimatise and the scenery is stunning although this is probably true for other routes. This route tends to be less crowded which is a very good thing because inevitably as you approach the last camp before the summit it does become very busy.The equipment provided by ClimbKili was good and reasonably new although I think our tents have now been replaced. They were fine but just coming to end of their time. I would add a self-inflating ground matt as this makes the whole sleeping experience more comfortable and they are light and do not take up too much space, but this is not essential.
The food was excellent and plentiful although inevitably towards the end of the trek the variety does begin reduce. We were always well fed and had enough carbohydrates for the exertion ahead but you will be gald to get back down and have something different. Take your own snacks for during the day – sweets are best as they can’t melt.
We did see other companies who I had researched and whilst I am sure that on the whole they provide a great experience I did not see anything that would appear to justify the additional cost that some of them were charging. On one occasion at lunch on a high pass some companies had erected mess tents and were serving a full sit down hot lunch whilst we were outside enjoying our pack lunch. Was this worth the sizeable price difference? Did we feel like a full hot lunch? In my case the answer to both is no but this may not be the case for all.
The porters on Kilimanjaro are protected by local laws and they are no longer allowed to carry unreasonable loads although they did shift a great deal. Our porters were all excellent and did everything with a smile and good grace. They seemed genuinely pleased that we had summited and although the cynics may suggest this was more about their tips – wait until you get to the end of the trek and judge then!
Why ClimbKili – they more than filled all my hopes and expectations. They were safe, engaging, encouraging and successful. You could pick another company, but why would you?


–Andrei Volgin – US

Celebrating my 60th birthday with a Kilimanjaro summit! Thank you very much the climb was wonderful; it was well run and I am grateful for your services.


–Walker Moore – US

After forty years of traveling the world I wanted to treat my self to an adventure of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Not only did I want to climb Kilimanjaro, I wanted to take a twelve foot cross to the top, no one has ever attempted to do this. After much research I chose ClimbKili. I was impressed from day one of how they took care of their clients. They went above and beyond to meet our needs. The guides and porters was extremely courteous and helpful. From the very beginning they knew all fourteen team members names and within hours we became family. When a couple of the team members struggled a guide always stayed with them encouraging them to continue on. Climbkili is first rate and have worked in forty seven countries I know a good team when I meet one. And with their guidance we did get the cross to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Dean Hoskins

–Dean Hokins – US

all of the folks who came with us (Ports, guides, cooks, etc.), tents, food, everything was wonderful (couldnt have been any better)!
Thnaks again for a great adventure. Likewise the Safar (4-day) we did after was great as well.


–Rupert Flowerdew – UK

Many thanks for everything! I really enjoyed my experience and the guides, porters, chefs and everyone else from Climb kili were fantastic. I’ve attached a picture of me on the summit :)


–Di & Dave Naylor – US

Thank for organising such a great trip. We were extremely happy with all aspects of the climb and especially our guides who showed leadership and professionalism at all times. Our guide was knowledgable on all topics which was very reassuring. The food was great in every way although with mountain sickness which suppresses your appetite.Please find a photo attached. We were happy with the people we were climbing with as we were all within the same age group which made it fun.
We were very happy to make it to the top and Climb Kili was instrumental with making our dream come true and summiting Mt Kilimanjaro.Thank youKind regards


–Nick Wulfekuhle – US

Excellent trip with experienced guides via Lemosho Route. Climb Kili staff ensured everything was where it should be. No problems and great team experience.They accommodated an extended family of 8. All made it to the top, including 71-year old uncle.
3-day safari package could not have been better. While we climbed, other family took 6-day safari and loved it.
Incredible experience. Highly recommended.


–Angie – US

My sister and I recently climbed Kili in June 2013. Thanks to Climb Kili, it was an unforgettable trip to the top and back. The Climb Kili crew was fantastic from the very first day, until our last day in Tanzania. I would join up with them if I were ever to return to the mountain.Lilian in town was very helpful in making sure we got we needed. Peter was a great safari guide who could drive anything. The crew on the mountain were fabulous. Our guides Emanuel and Chichi were great at making sure we were always prepared for what the day would bring. Our waiter, Babu Sistusi, didn’t have to go to the summit with us, but he did, and for that he will always be in our hearts. And the rest of the crew and the porters were truly the backbone of this trip, and I will be forever grateful for their efforts.This was an epic adventure with all the stars aligning perfectly — clear weather, beautiful scenery, new friends, no altitude sickness, and a breathtaking (wheeze) view from the top!


–Katie Badger – US

My sister and I recently climbed Kili in June 2013. Thanks to Climb Kili, it was an unforgettable trip to the top and back. The Climb Kili crew was fantastic from the very first day, until our last day in Tanzania. I would join up with them if I were ever to return to the mountain.Lilian in town was very helpful in making sure we got we needed. Peter was a great safari guide who could drive anything. The crew on the mountain were fabulous. Our guides Emanuel and Chichi were great at making sure we were always prepared for what the day would bring. Our waiter, Babu Sistusi, didn’t have to go to the summit with us, but he did, and for that he will always be in our hearts. And the rest of the crew and the porters were truly the backbone of this trip, and I will be forever grateful for their efforts.This was an epic adventure with all the stars aligning perfectly — clear weather, beautiful scenery, new friends, no altitude sickness, and a breathtaking (wheeze) view from the top!


–Heather Martin – US

The staff that went with me on Kilimanjaro was wonderful. I have to say that they were incredibly professional and all around wonderful. Specifically the food was really really good. I was really impressed with how tasty it was as well as the variety that was offered to me, especially since I am gluten free. Everyone was so friendly and warm and always willing to go above and beyond. I have to say that I also felt very welcomed by Ola, who picked me up from the airport and was very helpful in telling me about Arusha. Lastly, the guides, August and Serafine. They were wonderful. Very knowledgeable and competent. I always felt safe with them. I will definitely recommend ClimbKili to others. I have a few friends who are thinking of climbing in the near future.Thanks again for everything!


–Jacob & Erin Watson – US

We just wanted to say how impressed I was with ClimbKili. Everything was so smooth and seamless, and we really did have that “trip of a lifetime” experience. Also, we were hoping you could pass some praise on to our staff in Africa. We had so much fun with our guides, Dustan, Raymond, and Jackson. They made us feel so comfortable and safe. Also, Simon, our cook, and his brothers Fredrick and Filbert were awesome. I can’t believe how well Simon fed us and how well his brothers took care of us. Also, we were totally impressed by our porters. If you could pass that along to them I’d appreciate it. You guys have a great company, and we really appreciate you giving us such a cool time.Keep up the good work,


–Christine Gerolamo – US

YAY!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO excited I made it to the summit, although I have to tell you, after experiencing all that I did on the mountain…… the summit, was not the be all and all. It was the journey of those 8 days, and the people, that made my experience, one that I will cherish forever.Goodluck, G Love and Romli were BEYOND Fantastic! I feel so blessed that these individuals were chosen to be with us. And I don’t think it was coincidence.. I believe God made this all happen for a reason. Each of these men had a terrific attitude and I loved their vibe. Sometimes certain people just click with each other and that is how I felt about Romli. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I spent the most amount of time with him, or perhaps we just jived as individuals.Mr. Delicious (David) cooked a MAD meal on the mountain. That man could make pure delicious meals! My belly was always satisfied and I definitely felt hydrated.We also had the experience of being with Joaquin, whom we nicknamed, Babyface. That man has a heart of gold. I loved waking up to his voice and morning tea each day! What a treat!All of our porters, whom we became friends with, were wonderful. After dinner each night, when Anne, Suzanne and Chris went to bed, Peter, Lisa and I would go into the kitchen tent to hang out with the crew. It was such a delight to get to know them as people… even though they took care of us.All of our guys told us that you take such good care of them and that they truly love working with you. That warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. I have never traveled to Africa. Upon my arrival to Tanzania and the drive from the SG Resort (which was fabulous.. THANK YOU) to the mountain, my eyes had never seen ANY of that before. What an eye opening and humbling experience.All in all, what I remember most about the mountain was:
• Babyface waking us up each morning
• Snoopy hanging out in the kitchen tent and preparing our water
• Our guides, walking with us, each day
• Sharing stories of our lives with our guides
• My guides taking care of me when the Diamox made me sick (I ended up not taking it because I suffered serious side effects on Day 2)
• Saying “Jambo” and “Mambo poa” to all the porters passing us on each day’s journey
• Romli and Goodluck helping me on the Baranco wall
• Singing and dancing with Goodluck and G Love on summit night, while we were waiting for Chris, in order to keep warm (one of my absolute favorite memories!)
• Goodluck patiently guiding me on Summit night
• Goodluck and Romli taking me and my sister down from the summit (I was weak and tired at that point)
• The songs our crew sang to us on our last morning
• Abeaudi playing guitar for us on our way home
I can sit here and right all day and night, however my experience is one that can only be seen with my eyes and felt with my heart. I’m sure you have had similar experiences and I love that you have.
I feel sooooo very grateful that this whole experience happened! THANK YOU for having this company, for hiring these people, for sending out the daily reports because my family truly loved and appreciated it and THANK YOU for corresponding with my father personally when he needed a bit more assurance. That was awesome of you!


–Brian Braum – US

The guides, Meckson and James, were fantastic. They obviously know what they are doing, but I was impressed with how closely they pay attention to us without being obtrusive. My favorite example being when I commented to my hiking partner at one point about ‘keeping her on her toes’. Meckson, who was listening in, was unfamiliar with the expression and/or didn’t care, stopped and wanted to know if she had blisters on her feet necessitating walking on her toes! The man takes his duties seriously.One difference between Climbkili and many others I saw was the chemical toilet, which is a huge comfort on the trail. I’m a boy-person and tend to be less obsessive about toilet facilities than girl-people, but even so I recognize the importance of it. I was lucky to not have any stomach issues, but cannot imagine how annoying it would have been to suffer diarrhea on the mountain over a drop toilet throughout a cold night (as other groups had). I mention this specifically because I sense the majority of guides and companies are probably quite comparable and this really set you guys apart.It was a great experience, thank you. My only regret is that I couldn’t keep my cigar lit at Uhuru Point!


–Maria V – US

Greetings from New Jersey! :)Climbing Kilimanjaro was my #1 on my bucket list and has been my dream for the past 5 years.
For so many personal reasons, successfully climbing it has been one of my biggest accomplishments.
It was also the HARDEST thing I have ever done- physically and mentally.The two hardest parts for me on the trek were the freezing cold nights and of course summit night/day.Again- i climbed with Climb Kili. when you book your trip, You rarely will speak with someone unless you call to ask questions but the majority of the transaction is email with Tiffany who always would respond promptly to my emails and pretty much everything went according to plan
.I was very happy with their services. for one they send you a welcome packet once you put your down payment. the checklist they provide is great . they give you a wool hat, pens, sticker,small notebook,luggage tags,exercise plan and information. you get the itinerary and contact numbers once you are paid in full. From the time I arrived to JRO until the time we left, we were well taken care of. emmanuel – the driver was waiting for us at the airport. he was friendly was reliable. he kept us informed of our itinerary at the start of the trek, the end of the trek and pre and post safari! Emanuel, my head guide was so amazing and made my experience a great one! it was with his help- that i reached Uhuru Peak! i am forever grateful for his care and guidance. the assistant guides Mr G and Chi Chi Baba were awesome as well. Singa- our waiter was a joy. Magambo- the cook made delicious meals for us every day.The rest of the crew was so pleasant and friendly and so hard working. I wish them all the very best! John , our safari driver was also awesome! we got to see so much! the only animal we didn’t see was the rhino- i was told they are the hardest to find. otherwise we saw so many animals and close up! even a male and female lion mating! :)we took a plane from arusha to the serengeti airstrip to start the safari. we went to serengeti, ngorongoro crater and tarangire national park. the sopa lodges at tarangire and ngoronogo crater were amazing! kilima valley luxury tent an Kilima Valley in serengeti was interesting and a very cool experience. The staff there was beyond friendly :). We also had a chance to visit a Masai Village- you pay $50 per safari truck and the villagers show you around. That visit was about one hour. My favorite part was seeing the Tanzanian children. they have the best smiles!If I had more time, i would have stayed and seen Zanzibar. So i recommend that if people have time and money to add that- i think it would be awesome to end the trip on a relaxing beach. Zanzibar is like the caribbean for east africa! :)Thank you Climb Kili!!!! and thank you Tanzania!
I had an amazing time


–Lindsey Carlson – UK

Thank you Climb Kili for providing such great service to my husband and I during our trek and safari. We opted to do the seven-day Machame route and were fortunate to have Good Luck and Francis as our guides. Our entire group was able to successfully summit with the expertise of our guides. Our crew was extremely professional and personable which made our time in the base camps more pleasant. The food was amazing and plentiful. Following the trek we did a five-day safari. Our driver/guide was extremely knowledgeable and allowed ample time to take photos of the vast wildlife. I highly recommend Climb Kili to those considering a trip to Tanzania, they definitely went beyond my expectations!

alex c

–Alex C– Canada

First off, I had a wonderfully, fantastic, terrific time. Your staff were great. And I would highly recommend your operation to anyone considering climbing Kilimanjaro and Meru, or taking a safari.Secondly, Goodluck, Goodlove and Jephter were great guides. There were certain things about each of them that stood out for me- Both for me on Meru and for Kim on Kilimanjaro, Goodluck carried our backpacks on the summit days. He was clearly very knowledgeable about the mountains, and we felt safe and confident with him as a guide. Goodlove was a very personable, always smiling, friendly and outgoing guide. His presence was very welcome. I understand he is going for his guide exam and I wish him all the best. He is a real asset to your company. As for Jephter, another warm, friendly and knowledgeable guide. It is clear that he is respected among his peers in the safari and it showed. His insight and deep knowledge of the park and the animals inhabiting it was impressiveI also got to know a couple of your other staff by name such as Lillian, Emmanuel, Douglas (the cook on the Meru climb) and Shwamba (the Porter on the Meru climb), as well as others by face (such as the servers on the Kili climb) and those working behind the scenes. They all contributed to making our 14 days spent with ClimbKili unforgettable. A great adventure.Thirdly, your porters seemed well equipped with the proper footwear and clothing for the hike. Kudos to you for making this happen. I certainly would not want to be associated with an operation did not take care of its staff.Fourtly, the hotels in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater were impressive. Thank you for putting us up in them. The flight to the Serengeti was well done too.Thank you once again,


–Dr. Charles Ketcham – US

The trip went great–really seamless with transfers and the safari. On the climb we were hooked up with a group of six for the first 4 days until we broke off at Barranco to skip a day. Vincent got us to the top with no problems. I’m glad we joined others because we made some great friends and are exchanging pictures.
It was the trip of a lifetime and I would gladly recommend Climb Kili to anyone.Thanks for the great adventure.


–Roxanne Markovina– UK

Back in the reality of freezing cold London and I just wanted to take the opportunity to drop you a line in relation to the recent Kilimanjaro climb Bana and I went on with Goodluck.
I have to say, it was the most incredible experience I have had (and one of the toughest!) and I would say the climb and being in Tanzania really was life changing.
Firstly, you matched us with an amazing group of other climbers. Definitely friends for life and some of us have plans to meet up again for future travels. I have attached a photo of the group before we hit the mountain!
And then there was GoodLuck and his team. They were all so fantastic! I would climb Kili again and would definitely want the same group of guides. Anyone who gets to go with this team led by Goodluck is guaranteed to have an amazing time and make it to the top! We all made it, safe and well with really little effects from the altitude overall.
Personally, I have a bit of a fear of falling when it comes to large rocks and snow/ice (it snowed the evening we summited so a bit of an extra challenge for our group!) and the guides were amazing and I had complete trust in them the whole time. Goodluck had us all at ease the moment we met him (Hakunamatata), always telling us not to worry, and concentrate on one day at a time. He had everyone in his team so organised and treated us and his team so well.
I did also want to make special mention of one of his Assistant Guides – Francis. This man was the best! He made my journey up the mountain so much easier especially summit day and going down the mountain. It is difficult to find a way to thank people like this who really help make such an incredible experience even more so. I am not sure if they realise how big a role they play!
Apart from the guides themselves the chefs, porters, water guy, everyone, were so brilliant. Always a smile, nothing ever too hard, we loved them all and knew we would miss them. Our entire group felt this way!
And of course Tiffany, so helpful with all of the information provided pre-climb to make sure we were organised and also for being patient when at one stage it was looking like just myself joining the group.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend ClimbKili to my friends wanting to climb, and when I eventually do it again myself I wouldn’t even consider any other company. Sorry, I should also mention the Safari with John was great too. Bana and I enjoyed our time with him, very lovely man!Warm regards


–Danny Lucey – US

Recently I returned from my trip to Tanzania, thoroughly enjoying my climb and safari from climb kili. I had outstanding service from start to finish. Good Luck and Francis did an outstanding job helping me and the other couple I joined reaching our goal of making it all the way to the summit. In my case, they went above and beyond considering the only draw back from my entire trip was the fact that the airline (DELTA!!!) lost my luggage on the way to Africa. Luggage which included necessary gear needed for my climb. My luggage showed up the next day at which point the Kili staff, a porter and Good Luck helped get my bags to me. I was geared up and ready by the second camp. By the way, make sure you wear your boots on the plane and carry at least one outfit on your carry-ons. Following the advice of the guides, the outstanding -and plentiful- food, I was able to summit with little to no difficulty. Following the climb I enjoyed a great safari led by an informative and very knowing guide. Saw lots of great animals. All in all, it was a tremendous trip and I am so glad I did it with climb Kili. I would recommend them to anybody and if I were to do it again, I would use them any day of the week.


–Andrew Dubois – US

I did want to take a minute to express my gratitude to the team. Everyone was professional and courteous. It made the trek great. The experience was incredible. Once in a lifetime for sure.More than that I wanted to thank Damion. He was amazing. He helped me through some altitude sickness and gave me the courage to reach the top. I truly fulfilled one of my life long dreams because of his help. Don’t let him he go. He is an amazing person and I will recommend your company because of him.Thanks so much,


–Ted Ley – Australia

We had a great trip! Thanks again for making this an experience of a lifetime!


–Kate Giller – US

I had a great experience with climb kili. I found the guides Dastan and raymonde to be very knowledgeable and professional and good communicators. I asked a lot of questions and they did a great job responding to them all. Simon’s food that he prepared was unbelievable and he also was very personable. We did our best to get to know the porters as well and again they were personable. I will certainly recommend climb Kili. Thank you!


–Arleigh Halterman – US

I had a great time! Attached is one of my favorite pictures of myself (left) and Peter Maa who made it up with me, this is at base camp immediately after our summit.
I thought the whole crew was really great. Nothing but positive feedback. Very thoughtful, professional, friendly, and safe.
Thanks again, I had a great trip.


–Justine Lien – US

The expereince was one of a kind, and the guides were amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip.


–Ayal Joshua – US

My wife and I, along with 3 other companions successfully summitted Mt. Kilimanjaro on the last day of February, 2013. ClimbKili was our operator and they did a fantastic job in making our trip a success. There are many operators that provide climbing services ranging from low cost, bare bones service to luxury rose petals and pillows. We shared camps with some of those operators and it looks like many do try to give comparable service to their climbers. I cannot comment on the level of service they give but I am sure that they do their best. I can comment on the operator we used, ClimbKili, and they were absolutely wonderful.
I did a lot of research in deciding on an operator. One of the tools I used was TripAdvisor. I listed all the reviews and counted all the good reviews per operator vs. the bad reviews per that operator. I then narrowed the list down to the five that had the most good reviews along with the least bad reviews. The top of the heap was ClimbKili and now I do see why.
ClimbKili’s staff stateside was very helpful in planning our climb and day safari. Tiffany and David answered all our questions and provided all the tools for planning the trip. The staff in Arusha was equally helpful. Lillian stayed on top of all the logistics, Emanuel got us back and forth from the airport and Aladdin was our expert guide for Lake Manyara day safari. And then there was the wonderful staff that joined us for the climb.
I cannot say enough about our head guide Raymond and assistant guide Veda, about Simon, the chef extraordinaire who cooked meals that drew open jaws and about all the guys who helped us with the equipment, pitched our tents, served us, gave us washy-washy and cleaned up after us. They were all amazing. As head guide, Raymond managed the climb like a true leader. Due to his leadership, the whole group was successful. He was able to gauge the group’s daily condition and allocated staff members to help with the group when it was needed.
In terms of preparation for the trip, proper clothing and equipment are key so pay a lot of attention to these elements. Good sleeping bags, rain gear, warm clothing, boots and mittens should be chosen with care. My wife and I are in our mid-fifties, we are physically fit and work out constantly but we enhanced our workouts in preparation for the trip. We combined a few elements:
1. We live in South Florida so obviously no mountains but we do have beaches with lots of sand and hiking on sand with boots and a pack is a challenge. We did a few 10 mile hikes starting four months before the trip.
2. We got ourselves the Elevation Training Mask and used it on the hikes and also twice a week at the gym on the stairmaster and the treadmill at 15 degree incline, again with pack and boots. Maybe not the perfect way to do altitude training but definitely a challenge.
3. Running on the beach, once a week and weight training at the gym, three times a week, actually, this is our usual routine.
4. Tabata exercise which is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). I believe that this element was critical in making my climb not too difficult and actually enjoyable.
I think that these elements combined helped with our success (at least for my wife and I). I am sure that the Diamox was also critical. Bottom line, the only effects of AMS were felt on the 3rd day after descending from Lava tower and even then, Raymond suggested that it was probably due to the rapid descent not from high altitude per se. That was resolved in 30 minutes with 3 Advil and some rest.
A couple of tips:
– Organization of equipment in the duffel bags, day packs and the tent can really add to a more pleasant experience so always have a plan to manage the equipment
– Wet wipes. Get small ones for the day pack and really large ones for the end of day body wipe
– A pair of camp shoes like crocs to relieve the feet after a day’s hike
– Get down mittens, glove liners and hand warmers
– Toe warmers are also helpful
– She-wee or comparable for the ladies, pee bottle for the guys
– Merino wool base layers
In conclusion, Mt. Kilimanjaro is a serious trek, people can die up there but with a good operator, and again, ClimbKili was perfect, proper equipment and good physical prep, you are good to go.


–Jeff VanPevenage – US

Great trip and climb kili was excellent. Value was 110%.I would definitely recommend climbkili to anybody


–Neil Gondek – Canada

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my life and I congratulate you and all at Climb Kili for your superb professionalism. The climb far exceeded any expectations I had. The entire program from arrival at JRO to departure was run without a hitch. Even when my bags were delayed in Amsterdam, Emanuel assured me that he would pick-up the next day and deliver to the Christina House, just as he said he arrived the next day with all my gear. The schedule was executed and so much attention paid to detail that all my concerns and worries were immediately alleviated. The camping side of it was incredibly well run and organized. Zinga (spelling) was there to greet us each morning for our hot tea, or water and prepared the dining tent in a way that we all enjoyed the atmosphere regardless of the mental state we may have been after a hard day or sleepless night. Very organized by some truly amazing Tanzania staff members. Emanuel, Johnny, Oliver, Vincent and ChiChi had our well being each step of the way. All members of the team were monitored throughout the trek with safety being number #1. Regardless of who was able to summit, everyone was treated with respect and informed well in advanced of the day’s objective. There was NO UNKNOWNS!
I never heard of a complaint about anyone or another member….there was caring,concern and celebration when there was success. The welcoming party on the last day was memorable, especially the man playing the guitar and several of the porters/guides dancing and singing. I stood there with a tear in my eye embracing the moment. A special touch to end a incredible journey with a group of people who became family for those 8 days on the Lemosho Route.
I would not hesitate to recommend Climb Kili to anyone who is seeking an adventure of a lifetime. My goal was to summit, learn about the country, culture and people. All three were met. It was a most enjoyable and memorable trip.


– Kirk Schreck – US

Trip was awesome! We talk about it on a regular basis and it has fueled our appetite for more adventures. Guides were amazing! Thank you for all of your help.


–Ross and Lorna Uibel – US

I want to thank everyone involved for the fantastic time we had in Tanzania. Words fail to really express what I want to! Everything from the very beginning to the end of this whole experience was top notch. I really appreciate the helpful answers to my many emails full of questions…we
were very prepared for the mountain because of the information and all the information in the packet. We had rain every day of the climb, even all day on some days, and snow/hail at Barafu after we had summited, but we still were warm and mostly dry and able to enjoy our experience fully. All of the arrangements: the scheduling, lodgings, drivers, Lillian, Good Luck and his crew…everything and everyone was excellent!I can’t imagine having a better crew to look after us on the mountain. Good Luck did an amazing job in organizing everything and in making sure each of us in our group was taken care of and happy. I am certain that his years of experience were the main factor in our successful summit. Anton and Douglas were our main guides for my husband and I, and I can’t begin to express how much I appreciate them. They were both so attentive to our needs, and always ready to give a hand up, especially Anton on the Barranco Wall when my short legs couldn’t quite make the big step up to the next rock…and the next…and the next! Both Anton and Douglas carried our daypacks much of the time so we could have the energy to climb. Never thought I’d have to use the “old people” card! The Machame route was more difficult than I thought it would be, but because of the attentiveness of our guides, we were able to experience the most scenic of the routes, and enjoy the incredible sense of accomplishment at the end. I have grown very fond of both Anton and Douglas. The most amazing kindness of all was when two of the guys (I didn’t get their names, but Barbara did) carried Barbara piggy-back the last day because her toes were too bruised from the long descent to wear her shoes!! She got to the Mweka Gate two hours before the rest of us did! All of the porters were friendly, helpful, and worked so hard to haul all the “stuff” that made our experience so positive. I so appreciated the porta potty after using a public toilet once! eeeeew When I saw the size of the loads that the porters carry, I was glad I had packed light! The cook, server, water guy, maintenance guy, and every other “guy” did their jobs to perfection, always ready with whatever we needed, often before we knew we needed it! I can’t believe the delicious and varied meals we enjoyed, knowing the food was all carried on someone’s back/head every day, and I only saw one burner on a propane tank. Wow. If I could find the words, I could go on for hours praising these wonderful men.Though the Safari was a totally different type of experience, I have nothing but the best memories and highest praise. Mussa was exceptionally good at finding hundreds of animals for us to see, every day! He was never in a hurry to move on, giving us all the time we wanted to watch and photograph everything in sight. His knowledge of the area and the wildlife is amazing, and his rich baritone voice a pleasure to hear! He took very good care of us: always fresh bottled water at our seat, yummy boxed lunches every day, patiently putting the “lid” of the land cruiser up and down as the weather changed, sometimes several times in the day, and very timely “rest” stops! The whole safari experience was much more than I expected: every animal I ever imagined seeing, and then some, and not just one or two, but several every day. The accommodations were great…the tent camps were something I had never heard of, and were a real treat! The hotels were very, very nice, and not just because we had been in a tent for a week in the rain! Very nice tents, by the way…they stayed dry inside in spite of all the rain and mud.
Kudos to ClimbKili for being such a great company! I don’t know how anything could have been better for us. Thank you for making the trip of a lifetime possible!


–Kirsten Twining – Australia

Climbing Kili was a great experience. Overall, the service by the Climb Kili team was great, which was relfected in the fact that all our team made it to the top.
Hope you all have a great 2013.


–Campbell Stewart – US

My brother Colin and I hiked up mt Kilimanjaro with climb kili on the machame route. I would recommend this company to anyone who asked. Tiffany was fantastic setting up the trip for us. Anderson, our guide, was the “pole pole” master which helped us both summit. Patrick his assistant and everyone else was extremely helpful and went above and beyond for this experience. This company provides its own lavatory and believe you me it is worth the extra money. Tiffany also set us up with a safari and that was awesome as well. My brother and I climbed kili for charity and we couldn’t be happier with our choice of carrier. The sense of accomplishment and pride one feels when you see the sign can last you a lifetime and one I will not soon forget.


–Ross Waller – Australia

We are still tickled by what a good trip we had!


–Justin Reznick – US

First up, the climb was incredible, the staff were exceptional! Chris, Marita, Gail & I all had a fantastic experience with zero complaints! I want to reiterate that the quality of service that Climb Kili provided on the hike was above and beyond and I will be recommending your company to may future clients!


–Meggie Meidlinger – US

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I had a wonderful experience climbing Kilimanjaro and with ClimbKili! It was unforgetable! So thank you. You all put together a great experience!
Hiking Kilimanjaro was a trip of a lifetime! ClimbKili was definitely the way to go. They took great care of us! All the guides and porters were more than amazing! They were the reason I even made it up to the top. I would recommend them with anyone!


–Sherri Rudinsky – US

Our experience with Climb Kili was outstanding! Tiffany and the administration staff were very flexible and able to tailor the trip dates to our needs. Our guides Frederick and Sigi where extremely knowledgeable, confidence inspiring and quietly motivating (with a constant reminder, “pole, pole”). Our cook Emanwi and all the porters made it an extremely rewarding experience. I highly recommend the Climb Kili team to anyone!


–Barton Jones – US

We were a group of six (2 men, ages 66 and 27, and 4 women, all age 27)
from the US and Canada and had an excellent experience climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with Climb Kili. We took the seven day Machame Route up Kilimanjaro starting December 17, 2012. It is accurate to say it is a trek from the Equator to the North Pole.
A. Before the Climb: Climb Kili provided informative, complete and accurate written materials reviewing the route and listing needed gear for a successful trip. They also chose a first rate, very comfortable and convenient hotel, the Impala, in Arusha. We were met by a driver at the Kilimanjaro airport and transfers from and to the airport were timely. Climb Kili’s representative met our group at the hotel a day in advance of our departure to the mountain to review our gear, particularly sleeping bags, and supply any needed additions.
B. During the Climb: We were met by Climb Kili’s bus at the hotel including the very experienced head guide, Seraphine Matto, for a smooth trip to the Machame Gate. There we were met by the other experienced guides and the rest of our very friendly Climb Kili support team – a total of 28 including the 3 guides. It was apparent from the start that our guides were experienced and the entire Climb Kili support group were friendly and helpful. We slept two to a mountain tent, each tent in excellent condition. We ate in a walled dining tent and the food was plentiful and very good. Water was also plentiful and pure. We were served morning tea in our tents along with hot water for washing. We also had our own toilet tent. Climb Kili’s guides were very knowledgeable, helpful and informative. They also functioned as a well-coordinated team and met all of our needs and concerns. The pace they set for the climb was just right and we all reached the summit.
C. Lessons Learned: Even though it was the “short rainy season”, we should have paid more attention to keeping our gear dry at the start by using garbage bags or other waterproof stuff sacks inside our duffels that the porters carried. Gortex parkas were much more useful than insulated non- waterproof ski jackets. Use of layers for body, hands and head were the best way to ensure comfort and warmth going from the heat of the rainforest to the cold of the alpine level. We all were taking Diamox and that helped ward off altitude sickness and made it easier to sleep at altitude. Ibuprofen was also a must.

ScreenHunter_02 Jan. 22 10.20

–Nick Cifuentes – Australia

I didn’t have any problems with reaching the Kili summit – I felt happy and comfortable the whole way and enjoyed the incredible landscapes and the whole experience of a night-time ascent and dawn summit. Possibly I would have been fine no matter who I climbed with as I was physically well-prepared and have plenty of experience of cold-wet camping in remote areas. However, the ClimbKili operation was excellent from the time that we booked our trip (they send a fitness plan, journal, hat and will also arrange safaris/accommodation in Arusha) to the post-climb debriefing back at our hotel after we had showered and relaxed, everything was wonderful.Each day it was a joy to take the ‘pole-pole’ pace across the amazing Kilimanjaro landscape and chat to our guides and fellow trekkers. In the places where some people might need assistance from the guides (such as ascending the Barranco Walls) they were really good at keeping our little group from being separated by other porters or climbers and making sure everyone got over each obstacle. This really helped anyone who was feeling tired or was finding the trail difficult.Despite differences in experience and acclimatisation to altitude, everyone in our team of seven made it to the summit by about 8am. I really think that ClimbKili’s high summit success is as much due to the care on the way up which leads to everyone being well-rested, confident and comfortable on summit night as it is to choice of routes and days spent acclimatizing.On the mountain all the important things were very good; sleeping tents, mess tents, toilet, guiding, porters and I think everyone that hired gear/jackets was happy with it. We got good food every day and as much water as we needed including warm water (and soap) to wash twice a day and hot water to put in water bottles to warm up our sleeping bags or to dry damp items. When we got back to the exit gate, unlike other groups that got packed lunch bag, we had live guitar and singing, a big, hot banquet and certificate presentation with cheering before piling onto the bus back to Arusha. The only thing that went wrong was that the bus to take us back to Arsuha was a couple of hours late because of a puncture, but except for one person who needed to get to the airport that day, it was no problem at all.Advice for people planning to Climb Kili: make sure your waterproof stuff is really waterproof. Stand in the shower with your jacket and rain pants if you have to – the rain can be very heave at times and arriving at camp soaked through was pretty unpleasant for those people whose gear didn’t perform as they expected. Also make sure that either your duffel/gear bag is waterproof or that everything inside is in a dry sack as your porter may also be walking in the rain for a few hours!

ScreenHunter_01 Jan. 15 15.13

–Johanna Parkin – UK

It took me ages to decide on which operator to go with and I did tons of research on them all and went with Climb Kili. It was the best choice ever – they tick all the boxes and I can’t speak more highly of all the Guides and lovely Porters for their knowledge, very hard work and upbeat warmth, friendliness and humour. Our group all felt in very safe hands with Emmanuel the lead guide, he is an absolutely brilliant guide and an incredibly nice guy and took our health and safely all very sensibly.
The food was exceptional, so nutritional and tasty – apparently you’re supposed to lose your appetite at altitude but I seemed to have the opposite problem with all the delicious and healthy meals! No-one got sick either – and we all ate everything (meats/veges washed in the purified water etc).
I really was impressed with the whole Climb Kili outfit – they sent a really detailed and informative Welcome Pack about the mountain and what to expect out beforehand and the ground staff at Arusha (Lilian) was lovely – helping me deal with Ethiopian Airlines after they lost my luggage. Anyway, Climb Kili were a fantastic team (from the guides to the booking team to the ground operators to the friendly transit taxi drivers who collect you). All in all, great operators and if you’re like I was and was spending hours online comparing the pros and cons of each operator, I really can’t see any cons with Climb Kili, they were brilliant and I would thoroughly recommend!
I’m only just going through my photos now, but here is a nice one of Emmanuel and ChiChi Baba that I attach.


–Candy Lee – Canada

Just arrived back to Canada from a 7-day trek on the Machame route with Climb Kili. Found they were a fantastic operator and priced reasonably. Very knowledgeable and energetic/friendly guides who were very concerned for our safety but also very committed to getting us to the summit. Same with the porters- happy to see that they were appropriately outfitted after hearing all the horror stories of lower-cost operators skimping out on pay and then subsequently being horrified at seeing underdressed cold porters from other companies on our route. Our guide even told me that ClimbKili sends him on regular week-long training sessions which I think is almost unheard of… understandable that other guides were asking ours about jobs at ClimbKili during our trek! I recall researching all the different tour operators a few months ago and feeling very overwhelmed by choice, particularly since I was a solo female traveler…ended up being very happy with my choice. Hope this review helps any other solo travelers out there in the same boat!

Climb Kili Review

–Nikolay Bogdanov – Bulgaria

We are not only happy with the ClimbKili team but we are extremely satisfied by the job they did.
First of all I would like to thank you for the preparation work. Based on your recommendation for the equipment required and the individual fitness program we were able to prepare ourselves well in advance not only physically but most important mentally. We understood above 4000m how important were every single detail from the trekking equipment.
The guide Dustan and assistant guide Netody did great job with their recommendations during the trek, with the motivation that they gave us and with the quiet atmosphere they created around whole group ( 6 tourists and 25 local staff ).
I am strongly recommending ClimbKili around all my friends in Bulgaria and Central Eastern Europe who are mountain lovers and may consider Kilimanjaro challenge.
Whish you all the best and keep managing same perfect operation.
Thanks again

lou (2)

–Lou Leuzzi – US

Unbelievable journey and outstanding team of people with the leadership of Goodluck. He was exceptional as was his team. Again absolutely amazing.All the best and looking for the next adventure!


–Irene Franz – Austria

Thanks to Climbkili…it was perfect!!!!
It was an experience I`ll never forget – Kili – wonderful, the people – everytime helpful and friendly!!! Goodluck and Francis I want to mention…did a perfect job!!!!! The weather could have been a bit friendlier but because of your list we got weeks before I was well prepared!!! I wasn`t freezing the hole trip…but I was after my seconde dive in Zanzibar…I couldn`t stop laughing while shivering :-) about this fact!


–Bobby Emmet – US

We had a super time….The fact that we all made it to the summit made the trip so much more special…Cannot say enough how good Climb Kili was to us…They did everything they said they would & more…The weather was great in that we never once got rained on…Our guide, Goodluck was fabulous & he arranged for the porters to make a cake for me on my 44th birthday on the mountain YEA!!!….I read a book called Kissing Kilimanjaro by Danile Dorr along the way & in my tent every night….It was an excellent ready & I recommend it to any future Kilimanjaro climbers…. my Kilimanjaro adventure ranks up there with one of my all time greatest….Thanks again


–Ross Conwell – Australia

I recently completed the climb of Kilimanjaro with Climb Kili.
Our group was small (5) and our Lead Guide Damien , along with Sosten and Rodger , plus our fantastic band of porters could not have done any more to make our climb a success.
Motivating, encouraging , and sometimes firm when required was the recipe for our successful summit on Sun 30th Sept.
From the moment i booked the trip with Climb Kili , i found each member of their staff – Tiffany in the USA, and Nixon in Tanzania very helpful and the fact that update emails were sent from each camp at nite to our families back home on our progress was very re-assuring .
This was a “once in a lifetime ” trip and i would not hesitate to recommend Climb Kili to anyone thinking of doing this amazing adventure.
Thank You

Kilimanjaro Summit

–Bob Ford – US

Having just returned from my trip to Mt Kilimanjaro I was excited to write a review and share my thoughts on the company we selected to guide us on Mt Kilimanjaro. “ClimbKili” gets a A+ in our book. If there is such a thing as a 5 star guide they would get the award. From the briefing on the day prior to our starting the climb to the time we were dropped off at the hotel we were treated great. Every morning we were awaken to coffee, tea or in our case hot coco. This was followed by hot water to clean up with prior to start our day. Every meal was top notch and more food then we could ever eat. At the end of each day we would find our tents made and bags inside prior to our arrival. We were give more hot water ever evening to clean up prior to dinner.
The guides and porters were GREAT. They would not allow you to do anything but relax after a hard days climb. We got a briefing about the upcoming day each night at dinner and they checked our heart rate and oxygen each day sometime twice. They sang and laughed alongside us the entire way. You only had to look as far as the camp next door to realize you were traveling first class and your treatment was the best in the campgrounds.
One of the things that gave us the most comfort was the fact that ClimbKili has a office in the USA. When we called or had a question the response was immediate. Tiffany was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. We found out quickly when you are in Africa it is a real blessing to have a company that understands the concerns you may have when traveling abroad.
In addition to the climb they arrange a safari prior to the trip as well as a trip to Zanzibar. All went great! They are truly a one stop shop with the best guides and staff you will find.

Raab Kili Summit

–Michael Raab – US

After extensive research, my father-in-law, brother-in-law, and I hired Climb Kili to help us with our Kilimanjaro trek. The three of us made the summit, which we would not have been able to accomplish without the wonderful Climb Kili office staff, guides, and porters. They arranged everything, so we could focus on reaching the summit. Our guide, Emanuel, was thoroughly experienced, briefed us every day on what to expect, and made sure we were in good health. The equipment was superb, the meals fantastic and plentiful, and the entire crew of porters wonderful. Most of the other groups we camped with were jealous!Anyone looking for a Kilimanjaro Guide should ask directly for Emanuel. His knowledge of the mountain, as well as flora and fauna, is excellent! He set a perfect pace, regularly checked our blood oxygen levels and heart rates, and helped as a translator throughout the trek. My team wouldn’t have reached the summit without him!We’re all doing well, and miss Tanzania.


–Lynne D – US

The guides were wonderful on this trek and the food was absolutely delicious! I do a lot of backpacking myself, but have never eaten so well as I did on the Kilimanjaro climb: fresh fruits & vegetables, delicious soups, filling meals. Amazing people; incredible scenery. I’d do it all again!


–Horatiu Puscas- Luxembourg

I was very happy how Seraphine, and his two aide guides Francis and Augustine ( I hope I spelled their names right) handled the organization and implementation of our trek. They took good care of us. The food was excellent. So all in all it was a wonderful and very enjoyable experience. For sure I will recommend them to my friends.Thank you for your help and prompt handle of the requirements and many requests :-) for our trip.
Best regards,


–Dan Komara – US

My friend Dave and I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho Route on October 15. Our lead guide, Damien, and his team of porters, cooks, and assistant guide were fantastic throughout. The trek was very difficult due to the altitude and I certainly would not have made it without their assistance. ClimbKili’s services were reasonably priced as compared to other operators, our experienced staff was well prepared for whatever challenges the mountain presented, the food was well/safely prepared and tasty, and their overall services exceeded my expectations. Our hotel and lodge accommodations were good and subsequent 2 day safari was very enjoyable. ClimbKili also seems to have higher ethical standards than many other tour companies, as none of our happy crew were overworked and everyone had more than enough supplies. I highly recommend ClimbKili to any other adventurers who are considering summiting the highest free standing mountain in the world.

Mary Anne

–Mary Anne- Spain

I just now got back from the trip and wanted to thank you for all your help every step of the way. My family really appreciated your email updates.All of us climbers can´t say enough good things about the Climb Kili local team and of course our guide Godlove. He just all around does his job amazingly well, is great with the climbers and with his team, and we were in very good hands literally every step of the way. It was such an amazing beautiful experience and with Climb Kili it was totally relaxed and fun since all the details-gear-food-etc. were taken care of. We summited after a beautiful picnic on Stella Point and returned to the mountain base greeted by a buffet celebration and singing. Highly, highly recommended!


–Andrew Cheung- US

Thanks, we had an awesome time on the climb. Jonas, Mike, Lloyd, and the whole crew were awesome. We really couldn’t have asked for a better group to help us get to the summit!

Kilimanjaro Summit

–Jay A – US

I’ve been back several days now from my Machame Route climb and am still reveling in the experience of reaching Uhuru Point – the highest point in Africa and one of the world’s “Seven Summits”. And being alone at the top with just my guide made it even more special. The trip was a great adventure for me and I’m really grateful for the personalized experience that ClimbKili provided. From the initial inquiry with David back in January, to the pre-trip support and date adjustments with Tiffany, to the on-mountain experience with Godlisten and the entire crew, everyone took care to make it a successful adventure and a great learning experience to boot. I really enjoyed the chatting time I had with Godlisten as we climbed together. And I appreciate his initiative and the crew’s flexibility in suggesting I condense two days into one and summit a day early due to the good pace I was making. It was a heads-up move that had multiple benefits for me on summit day and the days afterward. A special surprise was the traditional singing and the special lunch that met me as I came down off the mountain at the Mweka Gate. It was a great touch, and a great way to celebrate the bonds of teamwork after all the hard efforts on the mountain.It was a trip I will long remember – Asante Sana to everyone at ClimbKili


–Shakeel Kassam- UK

I never got a chance to thank you for the wonderful trip you planned for me back in Dec 2011 for the Kilimanjaro climb and 1 day safari to Ngorongoro crater.
Let me start of by saying that the 8 day Lemosho route was once in a lifetime. Emanuel , our lead guide was very professional and instrumental in helping me reach to the top along with 3 other folks in our party. The cooks, porters and support staff were wonderful and had camp and hot meals ready for us. It was a tough climb, but you guys did a wonderful job.
The 1 day Ngorongoro safari with Abel was also amazing. He made sure I saw all the key highlights in the park including Lions, Elephants, Rhino, Buffalo and others. He was very entertaining as well. I have a attached a few pictures. Thanks again for the wonderful trip,

Jim Taylor - Climb Kili

–Jim Taylor- US

We recently finished our trek to the top of Kili on the 8-day Lemosho route. I would highly recommend climbkili for anyone planning a trip. making the arrangements with tiffany were easy. And our guide and his staff were great. Everyone was very friendly and experienced. The food was terrific and planned according to the day, elevation, etc. The gear was good. Watching the other tours on the mountain, I can say that I was happy we went with climbkili. There are certainly bigger and fancier tours, but we were able to take our time, as a group, slow-slow, adjust our schedule as needed, and it really had a nice family atmosphere. And we made it to the top; without gasping and panting like many of the other groups I saw.


–Anne Crawford – US

Oh my goodness, BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Derek and I are still trying to put into words how incredible you, your staff in Tanzania, Saraphine, Aladin, and the whole ClimbKili crew are! The whole trip still seems like a dream. We have to look at pictures to believe that it was real!Kilima Valley was exceptional. Anderson, Lucas and the entire staff were wonderful! The accommodations were truly remarkable, and one of the best showers we had the entire trip! The experience of sitting by a fire just outside the gates of the Serengeti seeing a zebra and wildebeest migrate in the distance while watching the sun go down all the while being protected by Steven with his bow and arrow is something I will never forget! Thank you thank you for the recommendation! We are so happy to have stayed in a tent lodge and don’t know how any others could be better than Kilima Valley


–Scott Pierce- Australia

We had the most amazing experience over there!
Jeff our safari guide is an absolute legend and has the best eyes in Tanzania!! We called him the eye spy world champ haha. Just a great bloke too and made the experience a lot of fun.On the climb Goodluck, Armani and Evansie we brilliant also. Very supporting and made it fun as well. Not to mention our waiter, cook and porters who all got involved as well making it a very inclusive comforting experience. We spoke to a lot of other people using other companies and they never even met their porters and they were very jealous of our service level. We ended up having jerseys made for the whole team which they wore with pride every day and made it an awesome site to see over 20 of us all trekking up the mountain dressed as a team.Thank you again for all your hard work in the lead up to the trip and I have to say we definitely feel like we were with the best and most organised company on the mountain and when we were seen by and spoken to by other climbers and porters we were envied. We had a great time and managed to keep high spirits through singing and interacting with our team all the way to the summit.
Thank you,


–Ali Biggs- US

I actually JUST got back home after nearly 3 months of traveling. It’s nice to be back but I already miss the road!I’ve attached a photo of Erin and I at Uhuru Peak. It was an absolutely incredible experience and I cannot thank you and the rest of the Climb Kili team for everything. Emanuel, Dustin, and “Chi Chi” were fabulous guides! I’ve been singing Climb Kili’s praises since the moment we were off the mountain.Thanks

Kilimanjaro Summit August

–August Naumann- US

My wife and I have nothing but great things to say about your staff. We would also like to say thank you to Climb Kili for providing a vacation of a lifetime. From the first phone call to taking my wife and I to the airport on our last day, Climb Kili went above and beyond. We could not have asked for a better to service to climb Kili. This was a vacation where we did not have to worry about any of the details. Everything was taken care. We climbed via the Machame Route and everything was smooth. We then went on a short 2 day safari and saw every animal we wanted to see. Climb Kili’s staff treated us like one of their own. Our guide made sure we reached the summit. The staff on the mountain took such great care of us that we wanted to adopted the whole group. This was a trip of a lifetime and I would not change any of the details.

Ela Skowron

–Ela Skowron – Poland

I just came back from one of the best trips ever. I and two other members of our group of three reached Uhuru Peak mainly thanks to the hard work and professionalism of team ClimbKili. Right from the start everything was like it should be, all the arrangements made via emails were delivered on the spot, we met our guide Emanuel the day before the trip, he explained everything about the climb and what we should expect, brought the equipment we’ve ordered and we (3 solo travellers) had a chance to get to know each other. Because there were only 3 of us we’ve joined our crew of 11 and formed one big group. We had our amazing meals in the “kitchen” tent in which was always warm and we felt welcomed all the time. The way the guys were looking after us was first class. Every time we were reaching the camps our tents were ready with our stuff inside, food was always on time and delicious, the information given us by our guides were accurate, they always told us what to take with us in our day bags and how to prepare weather/temperature wise. In spare time we played cards which was a brilliant way to pass the time. On summit night some of us were not feeling well and weren’t sure if we would all make it to the top. It was then decided that actually 3 guides will be going up with us so each of us had a guardian angel, it was very reassuring and took the pressure off sticking together as a group as everybody could walk at their own pace (which luckily didn’t happen).The whole experience was amazing and I would like to thank again the team of ClimbKili for making it possible.Thank you all and keep up the good work!


–Roger Rezac- US

I recently summited Kilimanjaro June 1st 2012, and couldn’t have got a better experience. I climbed with a friend and I have nothing but good things to say about my experience and the staff at climb kili. the porters and guides were very professional and made for a fun and unbelievable climb. Our guides, damian, good luck, and francis, were exceptional and deserve a special thank you.


–Alex Shiffman- US

The trip was fantastic, there’s not much I would have changed given the opportunity. My only comment would be that we were a little bit rushed when we reached Uhuru Peak. Perhaps it was because one or two of the other hikers were really feeling the effects of the altitude and the guides wanted to get them moving back down. Other than that, everything was great. Attached are a couple of pictures, feel free to use any of them.

Tom Lally

–Tom Lally – US

There are many choices when it comes to selecting a trekking company to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and Climb Kili is one of the best. My experience from the booking process to the celebration meal at the hotel was a remarkable
experience. Our guide, Damian, was incredible throughout the climb as were the support staff. They were always attuned to my needs and well being, which was reassuring given the challenge of successfully reaching the summit. I would highly recommend Climb Kili to anyone looking to experience
the thrill of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.


–Peter, Ann & Brian – Scotland

We would like to thank everyone from Climbkili for a fantastic trip to the top of Kilimanjaro. This experience was made special by all the guides/porters and not forgetting the cook that got us to the top .The whole group singing us in to camp made us feel the only climbers on the mountain and genuinely done. A big thanks has to go to our lead guide Emmanuelle and our main walking guides Goodlove and especially Patrick for this efforts on the summit night, who guided Ann for 4 hours with altitude sickness to the top with encouragement and experience making the climb a total success for us all. The people that guided and helped us everyday where the reason Climbkili are special and were much appreciated by us all. We would also like to thank our new walking friends from America Dave, Veronica and Peter who made out trip so enjoyable.

Tiffany J Machame Route

–Tiffany Johnson – US

For my 30th birthday, I wanted to do something very special. However, I never would have imagined how life-changing a trip could be. I decided to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro! After much research, I found the best company to do it with, was the one! You are putting your life into someone elses hands, so this is quite a decision. I could not have been more pleased with this group, from beginning to end! The staff is unbelievably well trained, friendly& knowledgeable on how to successfully climb this mountain. They all treat you like family& are the most warm, giving, considerate human beings, I have yet to encounter. I was beyond surprised at how tasty the food was& how well fed& taken care of we were. Our guide Damian, has 20+ yrs experience, & handled any particular situation with professionalism and consideration. This goes for all the guides/staff they hire. No matter how small or large the group, Damian had the ability to individually focus on each of our needs and/or obstacles. There was not a moment I felt unsafe or discouraged. Their success rate of reaching summit is far above other companies. If their is any message I would like to convey, it is to choose Trust me, u will be satisfied! My life-changing experience would not have been so unbelievably amazing, had I not chose them. So thank u, for helping my dreams come true.


–Paul Guterman – US

I booked a 7-day Machame Route trip with Climb Kili based on the Trip Advisor reviews, and am happy I did. Tiffany Watson in the U.S. office was always helpful and quick to respond to questions, and the Arusha staff was teriffic as well. Couldn’t have asked for better guides than Seraphine and Auguste: both were encouraging, friendly, highly professional, and looked out for everybody. Also, the cooks and porters did an incredible job of moving everything and preparing great meals every day.The terrain is generally either loose dirt and gravel or uneven rocks, so take it slow and always know where your feet are going next. How would you rather spend your vacation: getting to the summit, or watching CNN in a hospital room in Nairobi?The first few days are pretty moderate, and are intended to get your body used to the alttitude. However, don’t get fooled into thinking Kilimanjaro is an easy climb; the night you start for the summit is quite difficult. While the procession of headlamps up the mountain is eerily beautiful, it can also be quite discouraging; try looking at the boots of the person in front of you instead and take it a step at a time. It isn’t a race so rest as often as needed, and save some energy for the descent and hike to the next camp.The guides and porters work incredibly hard getting you to the top

New Kilimanjaro summit sign - Renata

–Renata Levine – UK

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for the great experience you created for us in Tanzania.
– The guides, the cook and the porters (and everyone who helped us get up the mountain) were amazing. The attention and care they gave us were more than I expected, especially during the summit climb. They really did everything they could to make it as easy as possible for us.
– There were some mishaps with the rental equipment, but the guide figured it out and fixed it right away.
– The cook did a great job with my dietary restriction (gluten), I was very content.Safari:
– It was perfect! The guide was extremely knowledgeable and engaging.
– The Wildlife lodges and the food were amazing!
– Our 4-day Safari was perfect, I would not want to do more and could possibly do 3 days, but I understand we could not have seen all the places we saw that way. Thank you for customizing this for us.Thank you again and it was a pleasure working with you!

Oleg Lava Tower

–Oleg Kovizhkin – UK

The safari, climb, and Zanzibar were great! I was the only passenger on my safari trip which was nice. I think staying at lodge is a better option than staying in a tent especially at the rim of NgoroNgoro. I have seen all the animals and visited a massai village. About the climb the service was good I still remember our lunch on the first day and all other climbers were envious to us as well as our celebration lunch on the last day with live music (guitar). The guides were helpful (in getting extra equipment and giving advise on the summit day), the food was great (I have never expected that such food could be cooked on the mountain). All four of us have made to the the top. Zanzibar: it is a very quiet and relaxing resort. The ocean was warm. Because of low tide one can swim in the ocean before 10am and after 3pm otherwise enjoy strolling along the shore looking for shells.

Chris Taylor - Kilimanjaro Summit Sign

–Chris Taylor – US

I was able to throw an entire trip together to Tanzania within 2 weeks with the help of Tiffany and others at One day in February, it just hit me that I needed to escape and do something I’ve always wanted to do, Climb Kilimanjaro. After researching a few companies, I settled on and never looked back. Tiffany and Co. at ClimbKili allowed me to customize my trip to fit my fitness level, time restraints, and also assisted in any other activities off the mountain. I was able to customize a 6-day climb on the Machame route and 2-day safari in a matter of days, and all I needed to worry about was finding a plane flight.On the mountain, Emanuel, my guide, was incredible. I always felt like I was in great hands, and he and his crew made me feel right at home, and were so friendly, safe, and kind. I can’t imagine a better climbing experience!Thanks ClimbKili!!

Daniel Dorr

–Daniel Dorr – Author: Kissing Kilimanjaro

Climb Kili not only has an impressive list of past clients and groups, they have an impressive focus on safety and a number of accreditation to back it up. It’s impressive to see an organization that only offers safe climbs, a 7-day Machame and an 8-day Lemosho. No fast, 5-day Marangu route here.

Steph Magumba

–Stephanie Magumba – Australia

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget. Being at the top of Uhuru peak was an amazing feeling! Experiencing the climb with Climb Kili was absolutely great. Everything from the guides, porters, and food was everything I expected and more. The guides and porters were very nice and always had positive energy; which was helpful to us climbers when times were tough. I would definitely recommend Climb Kili to anyone.

Mike Ross

–Mike Ross – US

Dear Climbkili staff,
I just finished a trip up to the top of Kilimanjaro with Climbkili. From start to finish, the trip was awesome! Our guide, Damian picked us up from the airport and from that point on I knew the trip was going to be great. From the first day to the last, Damian made sure we were enjoying ourselves. He was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met, and was very fun to talk to. He was also very concerned with our safety, and made sure my father and I were never put into a dangerous situation. With his expert knowledge of the mountain and how to go about climbing it, we were able to make it to Uhuru Peak without even feeling any signs of altitude sickness. He would always say “We have all day on the mountain, so why should we rush to get anywhere?”. Following Damian’s pace on the mountain, we were able to really enjoy the hikes to each camp, and could really appreciate all the beauty of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Damian was also very concerned with the safety of his staff and always made sure the porters had the correct clothing and weren’t carrying too much. Damian was without a doubt the best guide we could have asked for.
We also went on a one day safari to Lake Manyara, and that went just as well as the climb did. We were able to see a ton of animals, and our driver, Abel, was very knowledgeable on all of them. He got us very close to all the animals, and made it so we could get VERY great pictures of all of them.
The trip was great! I will definitely recommend Climbkili to anyone looking to climb or go on a safari in Tanzania.

Sara S

–Sara Skinner – US

thank you for you support through out the whole process. From beginning to end I felt like Climb Kili took great care of me. Thanks again for all your support – I would defintely recommend Climb Kili to anyone in the future!


–Carlos – US

I am finally getting back into the swing of things after a such an amazing adventure. From air to land to see! Everything was fantastic! Everyone was very helpful and kind!
The climb was an unforgettable journey. The sights and just pushing myself both physically and mentally! That last was definitely a test of ones mental and physical state. I will have to say I would not have come close to achieving the summit without the help of the supermen of Kilimanjaro, the Guides, Cook, the waiters and especially the porters! They are amazing men! The safari was a journey of sight! From seeing those beautiful animals in the wild to the endless plains of the Serengeti. Truly something to be experienced in a lifetime.
I would like to dedicate my picture of Kili to those supermen! They make that climb look so easy and though I am sure it is not an easy job they always seem to have a smile on their face. Thanks again for all your help and everyone in Tanzania was amazing and made this trip unforgettable!


–Erik Weihenmayer – Blind Adventurer, achieved 7 Summits

Recently I returned to Kili and put together a climb of Kilimanjaro in which five blind people from around the world stood on the summit, including the first blind African, Douglas Sidialo. Our guide Nicson organized a first class expedition. He and his staff are very professional and kind. His knowledge of the mountain and various routes is extensive, and his logistical expertise is impressive. And on top of it all, the food he and his staff prepared was the best I’ve ever eaten on any mountain. I highly recommend him.

Tammy Kilimanjaro Summit Sign

–Tammy V – US

The climb and the safari was a great experience. I understand I saw more lions (which is what I wanted to see) than normal – about 12 in all. Damien and his team were perfect for the trip. Very knowledgeable and listened to our feedback. The pace was perfect. I would definitely recommend Climb Kili to others who are looking to take a trip to Tanzania. Thanks for everything. The memories will last me a lifetime.


–Frank Kautzman – UK

Thank you! The trip was fantastic. The climb Kili crew were the best. Emanuelle, Jackson, Goodluck, goodlove, ChiChi bombom, Patrick, and so many others. They made the trip! The crews attention to safety was excellent. The route was amazing. The length seemed to prepare me well for acclimization and it was interesting the entire way. The kili team singing as we came into camp each day was a nice touch!Thanks again for the excellent experience. I will be recommending climbkili to anyone considering Kilimanjaro.Asante!


–Erin McGough – US

Our trip to Kilimanjaro with Climb Kili was fantastic! We decided to go with Climb Kili in large part due to the great customer service from Tiffany. My friend and I had some major timing / dietary constraints, and Tiffany was extremely responsive every step of the way to help us plan our trek up the Lemosho route.
The climb itself went well. The guides spoke fluent but somewhat broken English, were knowledgeable, and provided great company for our 6 trecker crew. The porter/guide to trekker ratio was very high, so you will be well taken care of. Food on the mountain was outstanding.
I would highly recommend Climb Kili for anyone looking to make trek up Kilimanjaro. I was very happy with the service I received and with the price I paid.


–Beverly Strauser and Betty DeLano – Canada

My twin sister and I do everything together and we believe if it weren’t for the well planned group with Climb Kili and the support from Tiffany answering all our queries and our guide Peter and the wonderful porters, we think the outcome may have been different. As it was, we had a marvelous experience enjoying reaching the top of Africa and relaxing on the Safari. My sister and I send the very best to you are yours.


–Adrienne Tabo – US

I just wanted to give my feedback too on my experience with ClimbKili.I had a wonderful time, definitely a trip of a lifetime. The Climb Kili crew was fantastic from the very 1st day, until our last day in Tanzania.Going into the trip, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I expected that I would have some sort of an adventure, but I didn’t expect that it would turn out so perfectly. The Climb Kili crew on the mountain were fabulous, the weather was perfect, I didn’t suffer any altitude sickness, my sister and I made a new friend in Rhonda Swanson, and we all made it to the top and back.Thanks to Climb Kili, it was an unforgettable trip. Emmanuel Moshi was a great guide. He always made us feel safe and well prepared. Chichi was great at setting the pole-pole place. And our waiter, Babu Sistusi Mtui….well, what can I say? He will always have a place in our hearts. He didn’t have to go to the summit with us, but he did, and he watched over us like a guardian angel. And it wasn’t just these three guys. Magambo Mgetta’s cooking was amazing at 15000′ and kept us healthy. The rest of the crew and the porters were truly the backbone of this trip, and I will be forever grateful for their efforts. Also, Lilian down the mountain was so sweet and helpful in making sure we got we needed.I just had dinner with a friend who really wants to climb Kili, and I told him that he should sign up with you guys. Because really, I would go with Climb Kili again in a heart beat. I hope to return to the mountain some day with Climb Kili.Until then, happy trails.


–James & Lisa Noble – US

Thanks again to you and ClimbKili for a fantastic climb. We are not practiced climbers by any stretch of the imagination but your team in Tanzania made it easy and fun. They were super professional to work with and our guide, Good Luck was great! Everything went completely smoothly and we will be recommending your company in the future to people we know headed to Tanzania. I appreciate you staying in constant contact with us throughout the process, your service was super!


–Alan Sansom – UK

After researching over 20 climbing companies (seriously!) we settled on Climbkili for their quick and thorough response, commitment toward the local community, safety, and reviews. Since this was our first trip to Africa, we can’t compare it with any other tour company, but we have nothing but great things to say about our head guide, the assistant guides, the porters and staff. We didn’t have time for a safari, so sorry I can’t provide any information on that, but as for the company, its values, and the climb itself I was thoroughly delighted.


–Nick Kerr – US

I just wanted to write to you and say that I had an amazing time on Kilimanjaro and that the Climb Kili staff were fantastic. I would especially like to point out the terrific work of our guides, Mr. Goodluck, Mr. God Bless, and Mr. Steve. I think that they were the best and most qualified guides on the mtn on summit day and they were invaluable in our summit bid


–Matt & Rebecca N. – US

What a perfect Honeymoon ClimbKili organized for us. We wouldn’t change a thing about our trip. It is a well organized with only the best guides and staff and the small details made our adventure easy to enjoy. Damion our guide, was not only an excellent guide, but we are happy to call him our friend. Our cook was excellent and we loved the special touch of having a table to sit at every meal. We would not hesitate to recommend ClimKili to anyone!


–David Clifton – US

We chose Climb Kili after extensive research conducted by my daughter who has been living in Moshi, Tanzania. Climb Kili had an excellent guide, Adidas, a strong safety focus, and positive treatment of porters. My daughter, son, and I successfully reached Uhuru Peak for sunset on May 26, 2011 via the Machme Route!!! Adidas decided we should do an afternoon rather than a midnight approach to the summit because of weather conditions which proved to be a wise decision. I know I would not have made it without Adidas and his crew! The food was tasty and wholesome, there was constant encouragement and attention, and their morning song and dance energized us for the day’s climb. All this contributed to a once in a lifetime experience as a family. After the climb my wife joined us for a safari of Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Serengeti. It was amazing to view the diverse wildlife and the unbelievable scenery. The crew was friendly and accommodating, the driver was responsible and skilled, and we were thrilled to be able to yell “stop” as often as we liked to see one more animal!


–Alan Thompson – US

Fantastic company with the greatest guides anyone could ask for. My guides, Freddy and Hilary were awesome guys, super nice and motivated us the entire way to the peak. Always asking us and making sure we were good. Cook was great too, always much more food than I could even eat. Big tent to myself, we had a toilet tent while other companies did not provide this, and a mess tent to eat in, while other company clients were eating outside in the cold wind. The Climb Kili representative in town was great too, who even took me out to lunch at a local restaurant the day before the climb. Airport transportation was smooth on arrival, along with the transportation to the bus ticket office for my ticket to Nairobi. And Tiffany the program manager was wonderful as well, the reason I chose this company in the first place. She answered all my questions and provided immediate responses even a month out before I paid or reserved anything as I was shopping around companies. I definitely recommend ClimbKili as the way to go!!

Jenny-Tomlinson-Climb Kili Revie

–Jenny Tomlinson – US

Summiting Kilimanjaro was a life changing experience. The guides were unbelievable. I had personal attention when I needed it. Selim encouraged me when I was tired, pushed me when I needed to go further, and celebrated with me when we reached the top. I couldn’t have made it without him. The whole trip was a great success because he knew that I could summit – and made sure that I did. The logistics were handled perfectly. From pickup at the airport to hotels to tents and meals on the mountain; everything was flawless.


–Neil Duncan – US Marine Veteran

It was evidence that with the right planning and right preparation and right execution anything can be done. I knew it was attainable. It was proof that you can bounce back from a failure in anything. You can regroup, recuperate, replan and use your previous experience and be successful.


–Andrew Butterworth – Australia

The guys at ClimbKili were unreal! They gave us great service from planning to summit. I wouldn’t dream of going with anyone else, especially after having used them and seeing their crew in action on the mountain.


–Christian Kraabel – Norway

Back from Kilimanjaro, and exceeded all my expectations – an unforgettable experience, not only due to the physical magnitude of the mountain and the trek, but also due to the kindness and friendliness of the people who made it possible. The employees and Didas, our guide, were more than just helpful and fun to travel with, they were invaluable, and it has been a pleasure getting to know them. As a vegetarian, I was a little worried about the food I would be eating during the ascent, but my worries were quickly put to rest, and I ate great food for the 6 days we were on the mountain. Didas was instrumental in setting the pace for our group, and seemed to know exactly how best to handle every leg of the journey accordingly, whether we be tired, feeling the affects of the altitude, or ready to push on despite reaching a camp. During the ascent, when some of us had trouble making it to the top, he was infinitely helpful and caring, and in the end we all made it to the summit and down again in good health. The porters were awesome – caring, careful, and friendly, and it was great to arrive at a camp every evening and have a tent set up for us – they work harder than most people I have ever met. Amazing! I can’t do anything else but recommend them to the fullest extent – and hope I can revisit the mountain someday and ascend with them again.


–Chun-Ja Mhun – Korea

This was a personal altitude record for our entire group and I do not know if it would have been the same unless we had the attention from my guide Emanuel that my health was fine. Emanuel’s encouragement provided what we needed throughout the night during long climb to summit. I will be grateful we continued and I consider Emanuel a large portion for my achievement.


–David Kimball – US

Didas is the best, I wanted to say hello, Didas guided me and a good friend up Mt. Kilimanjaro in June 2004. It was an amazing experience!


–Robin Thayer – UK

Everything went according to plan, from when I first spoke with you and received the kit of information that contained everything I needed for the hike and safari to when we said our sad farewells to our new friends from Tanzania. An unforgettable holiday I will cherish for a lifetime.


–Jacob Berg -Switzerland

I had such a great experience climbing Kilimanjaro. Summit day was the toughest but most rewarding day of the climb. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it to the top, but with some determination on my part and some motivation and from the experienced Climb Kili guides, I pushed through and summited Kilimanjaro! Thanks Climb Kili for making my first high altitude climb a success!


–James Wilcox – UK

Just wanted to say your troop is A+. Our full moon summit night lit up the face we climbed and we all hit the top. Thank you.


–Tosh Rymer – US

When I decided to climb Mt Kilimanjaro, I went in to it truly not knowing what to expect. I can definitely say that it exceeded my expectations. Climbing Kilimanjaro was one of the best experiences of my life, and we received first rate care at a fair cost. The guides made sure that all of our needs were taken care of and the cooks made sure that we always had a nutritional and good tasting meal. Whenever I tell people about the adventure, I always say they should go with Climb Kili.


–Scott Perry – Canada

Initially I was drawn by your ethos. I appreciate a company that looks after its own and it made my trek more enjoyable knowing that the porters and guides that worked so hard to make my trek comfortable were taken care of properly.


–Nicole Moreau – France

I would recommend to do yourself a favor and do a safari of the Serengeti. To be honest I enjoyed that more than climbing. The Serengeti was an incredible experience. I explain it that the mountain was more a personal challenge and it’s hard to recommend it to somebody that doesn’t already want to do it, but the Serengeti is one of those things I’ll never forget and I doubt anybody else will. Thank you for making both the Serengeti and the Summit a success.


–Cecil Groetken – US

I was impressed by the amount of services offered by your team. And I was impressed by your commitment to your employees and environment—and the climb was epic! Thank you for an unforgettable week on Kilimanjaro!


–Gordon Harris – UK

Jambo! Just an incredible journey. We chose the Lemosho route as I wanted to know if this would be suitable for my grandchildren and it was. I will be bringing them back in two years to share the experience that we thoroughly enjoyed. Until we see you gain, Asante Sana.


–Brandon Fisher – US

Each day is a different adventure, with five completely different ecosystems there is always a new perspective around each corner. I found each day to be exhilarating and did my best to take in the amazing views– waterfalls, monkeys, senecio trees, “tiger” rocks, fast moving clouds, and of course, the snow capped peak, Uhuru. The sunrise on the summit day was breathtaking– truly a once in a lifetime feeling to experience the euphoria at the top. I worked hard in preparing to climb Kili, and worked even harder on the mountain. I was not prepared for the emotional rush I felt once I reached the top– I was able to truly rejoice with my life, reflecting on my good health, friends, and loved ones at home. I felt a greater depth of happiness in accomplishing a goal that requires a conscious living of life. I highly recommend any who are considering climbing Kili to go for it. It’s a once in a life time experience, and the Climb Kili group helped make it the incredible journey it was. Climb Kili guides: The guides were extremely well organized. Each day flowed seamlessly; the camps were set up each night upon our arrival. The food was delicious– to be eating fried fish and drinking clean water off a tablecloth at 12,000 feet was fantastic. Climb Kili hand picks their guides from those that work best with their clients, building positive, trusting relationships. The Climb Kili guides have the highest success rate of assisting their group to summit– the current success rate is 100%, and the guides are willing to work to best accommodate those needing extra support.


–Talmadge Price- Switzerland

Tiffany from prepared the trip of a lifetime and exceed our highest expectations while keeping the price affordable. Good Luck Charles was an AMAZING mountain guide and all nine climbers in our group summited! The mountain is breathtaking (in more ways than one) and the safari through the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater is unreal (don’t miss it). We talked to several other groups during our week on the mountain and we truly feel they provided far and away the best value and their flexibility allowed us to climb Kili, cruise the Serengeti, and run with the locals in the Kilimanjaro Marathon (all in only 13 full days in Africa). I highly recommend this going to Kilimanjaro if you’re the adventurous type looking for an unforgettable experience, and I’m confident you will not find a better tour operator than for this trip.


–Marianne Shumway – US

I truly appreciated the climb for just women. It gave my friends and I an opportunity to meet other women from other parts of the world who have like minded interests and could feel comfortable in a new found friends!


–Sue Curtis – US

I chose your safari while my husband climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and we equally had a tremendous experience. The beauty of this land is that which poems are made of. I felt safe and welcomed with the Climb Kili Safari group I joined. Thank you again for an unforgettable time in Africa for me and my husband. Please extend my gratitude to Marilyn scheduling an extended Safari for me while my husband climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.


–Thomas Wilkinson – US

Dear ClimbKili, Thanks for the great trip. You made everything so easy and convenient. The guides and porters were all great and were better than I could have ever expected to make my Kilimanjaro experience so much fun. You guys rock!! Thanks,


–Fedde Kuester – Germany

I’ve climbed with great guides and companies in the Alps and Himalaya, but none better than Climb Kili. I just wished you have a similar operation to assist me with Aconcagua! Thanks again for a great warm up climb for my next highest continental peak.


–Russell Penrod – UK

I guess I’m biased since I selected you guys to guide us up Kilimanjaro, but at the time we were picking a guide service, no other company we found, provided the level of detail and support that you did. We chose the 3 day Safari after the climb and were fascinated by the amount of wildlife right by the road. Everything was delivered as expected throughout the climb and though it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park, we all made it up to the peak and down without incident.


–Robert Bell – Canada

My most memorable event (besides the summit) was having the porters sing to us as we came into camp and returned from the summit. The included pictures doesn’t quite capture it, but I wanted to acknowledge what this meant to me. What an emotional and magnificent trek. Thank you to each and every Climb Kili crew that made this trip successful for us.


Charlotte Cook – UK

After sharing my pictures of Kili and the Serengeti to my extended family I believe they are already booking their holiday through you?!? I couldn’t encourage them more in their quest for an adventure as I know they’ll love it!


Brandon and Kathryn Guinn – US

Our trip was wonderful and the staff certainly made it that way. All the guides, porters, cooks, etc. were wonderful. Frederick and Eli were great; we can’t imagine having better guides. I’ve attached a couple of our favorite pictures.


Andrew Butterworth AUSTRALIA

The guys at ClimbKili were unreal! They gave us great service from planning to summit. I wouldn’t dream of going with anyone else, especially after having used them and seeing their crew in action on the mountain.


Shree Sinha – US

August was fantastic as a guide, and I can’t thank him enough for making sure I could summit! Here’s a picture of us together on Uhuru.


Leandro, Cresio & Carlos – Brazil

I would like to say that we had an amazing experience on the mountain last January.I can’t tell you in words how much happy we are. I’m attaching my favorite picture to your summit hall of fame.
Thank you very much


–Neil Gundavda – US

Summited the Machame route and my trip was great! Adidas was fantastic, and was extremely flexible. I’d definitely book another safari with you again and would have no hesitation in recommending you guys.