Three Reasons Why Climb Kili is Rated the #1 Company Providing Tourists with the Opportunity to Climb Kilimanjaro

Climb Kili has just turned 30 and TripAdvisor noticed. Now rated #1 by TripAdvisor as the best place to plan your next trip to climb Kilimanjaro, beginners and the extreme adventurers can rest assured that their trip of a lifetime is in great hands. We have earned our five-star rating from great sites like TripAdvisor through our commitment to safety, our wonderful clients and the community that make our adventures possible. Come share our dream and experience a once in a lifetime trek to climb Kilimanjaro with the best team in the business, Climb Kili! Below are some of the reasons to schedule your next trek with us.
1. Small Groups For a Personalized Climb Kilimanjaro Memory
You want to remember the trip of your climb to the top of Africa’s highest peak. At Climb Kili we know that a once in a lifetime adventure is better with friends and more meaningful in a small group. Customers prefer the small groups and personalized attention to detail that we provide. Our team offers small group sizes and even single person climbs at no extra charge! Spend your time making memories with friends not remembering names through a personalized trip with Climb Kili.
2. We Are Pre-Planning Pro’s!
The best vacations are planned well. We know that the success of our past 30 years was in part due to our fantastic trip coordinators. When you book with us you’ll be contacted by a trip advisor who will stick with you throughout your journey with us. They give you information about weather conditions up until the day of your trek, a checklist of what to bring; plus information reports to friends and family back home while you climb Kilimanjaro. We take care of everything for you and your entire group of adventurers!
3. Safety; We Are the Best in the Business!
If you are planning to climb Kilimanjaro, then you must be prepared for just about every type of emergency. At Climb Kili, we regularly perform maintenance on our first-aid kits, portable oxygen, hyperbaric chambers and mobile communication devices to ensure the safety of our adventurers. Safety is first priority for us, which is why we have a flawless track record!
Climb Kili wants your climb to the top of one of the tallest mountains in the world to be safe, memorable, and most of all, fun! Plan your trip today through a Climb Kili team coordinator to learn why Climb Kili is Trip Advisors #1 choice for travelers who want to climb Kilimanjaro and participate in the adventure of a lifetime. For over 30 years we have helped teams and solo hikers prepare for one of the greatest adventures on the planet!