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Mount Kilimanjaro Tours & Safari

Climb Kili is the premier trekking company for climbing Kilimanjaro and Tanzania safaris. Our Kilimanjaro guides have been assisting adventures from all over the world climb Kilimanjaro for nearly three decades. At Climb Kili, we pride ourselves in providing the safest Mt Kilmanjaro treks with our certified equipment and professional Mt Kilmanjaro Guides. Make your reservation for a Kilmanjaro tour today!

What Sets Climb Kili Apart?

Updates & News

  • Kilimanjaro Coronavirus Covid-19 Information

    Kilimanjaro Coronavirus Covid-19 Information

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    Can I climb Kilimanjaro and Safari: YES. While Coronavirus Covid-19 Information for Kilimanjaro and Tanzania can change, all Climb Kili operations are fully functioning. Safety is and always will be our highest priority for our clients and staff. As the Read more ›Read More »
  • Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route

    Kilimanjaro’s Lemosho Route

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    Also referred to as the Whiskey Route, Kilimanjaro’s Machame Route is a popular path on Mt. Kilimanjaro. Because of its popularity, it sees a lot of hiking boot activity during September. Hiking the Route during the Rainy Season During the Read more ›Read More »
  • Kilimanjaro the Wonder of Africa

    Kilimanjaro the Wonder of Africa

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    While some people believe Alaska and northern Canada feature some of the last vistas of pristine wilderness, they forget that Africa has its own wondrous areas as well. That is why we at Climb Kili take pride in being a Read more ›Read More »


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